Get Twitter Followers: Building a Foundation

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A big question I see and hear out there is how do you have so many Twitter Followers?  How do I get Twitter followers?  It’s a good question.  If you’re interested in follower growth bring your patience, this isn’t going to happen overnight.  Well it could happen overnight, but I beg you not to buy followers.  There’s nothing to gain by it except a number.  There’s zero inside that number.

Twitter recently crossed the 200 million monthly active users plateau.  That was a mouthful.  Look at your local news programs and most reality TV shows and you’ll find Twitter handles galore.  In case you missed it, even the Pope Benedict XVI started tweeting this month.  He has a healthy follower count of 1.29 Million.

For our purposes, I’ll assume you’re not the Pope or Justin Bieber. Get Twitter Followers

Twitter Housekeeping

Please put up a profile picture immediately.  Nobody wants to tweet to an egg.  Why is this so hard for some?  Likewise, complete your profile with keywords and a little bit about yourself.  You want other users to know about you.  This also makes you searchable.

Be Active and Consistent

If you’re serious about building a following you need to tweet every day.  Yes, I said every day.  At the very least you should generate 8-10 tweets over the course of the day.  Just about every post and article on the planet has a tweet button that allows you to easily share something of interest.  Being active doesn’t mean tweeting every two minutes.  A good rule of thumb is to tweet once every 20-60 minutes during your local time working hours. Find a spread that you’re comfortable with and that works for you.  Now if you’re in a conversation with someone, don’t wait 20 minutes.  That would be slightly awkward.  That’s an acceptable time to tweet at a quicker rate.

Follow People that Follow People

As long as you keep following people you will get followed back, assuming you’ve stayed the course with the steps above.  I know this isn’t sexy, but if you’re just starting out and have less than 2000 followers, this is part of the process.  You want to follow people that follow people because they are more likely to follow you.  Seth Godin is not going to follow you, me, or the Pope.

Seth Godin

Follow People that share your Interests

People are more likely follow you if there are common interests, and you have something to talk about with them (I mean tweet).  If you are highly interested in Sports don’t follow people that are interested in anthropology.  As your following grows you can be more flexible, but early on stick to similar interests.

RT and Mention People you Follow

Social Media is about communication, sharing, and helping others.  If your mindset is to give others something of value, you’ll be in good shape.  Be proactive about mentions and RT’s.  Most people really do appreciate the gesture.  Make sure you’re doing this every day.  It’s extremely important, and lends to building rapport with others.

Added to a List – Take Action

Whenever you’re added to a list take action.  It takes a little more effort and thought to be put on a list, and it’s very complimentary.  It’s likely the other members on the list are active and share similarities. Go to the list and hit “Members” up top.  This will show you all the members on the list that where you were just added.  Go through this list and look to follow as many as you can.

Twitter Lists

Put Users on a List

Please start implementing Lists into your plan immediately regardless if you’re a veteran or rookie.  Creating and managing focused lists will make your Twitter experience efficient.  As your Twitter account grows it can get away from you very quickly.  I know all too well.  Building lists pinpoints people that are important to you and people that could become important to you.  Without lists these people can slip through your fingers, and fall deep into the Twitter pool.

Set expectations and have patience

Don’t get caught up in the minutiae of people not following you back.  You can’t take it personally, that’s what happens with numbers.  In the beginning, in order to keep your counts balanced, you’ll need to unfollow users that aren’t following you.  Following a 100 users a day is a good starting point.  We’ll talk about detailed execution and some Twitter tools that are a must in the next post.



Great advice Steve - I certainly agree with your approach when it comes to following the followers - great excample using Seth. I did however stumbled on setting up a list. I'm at just under 3,000 followers and there's no way at this point I'd be willing to invest the time. I actually purged my list about a year ago and started all over because I hadn't been managing it well enough and it got populated with ... well, with people I didn't want there, so I started removing them. Since then I've been monitoring the list much closer and occasionally go on purge binges when I find people are getting pitch-crazy. All that said, I find I really enjoy Twitter - MUCH more than Facebook.


Thanks for this TIps Steven. Hope i will get more and more followers .... You as usual Social Media King to collect Shares :)




this article is so helpful to me!  Right now my Klout score is 70.  That's because of my Facebook activity.  I only have about 400 followers on Twitter because I don't know much about it.   This article has information about members and lists and things that I just didn't know anything about.   I noticed in your profile you said you got started with LinkedIn.  Are you still big on LinkedIn?   If I want to get clients for my WordPress Web Design business, would you say LinkedIn or Twitter is better?


Have  a Merry Christmas!


~ Jupiter Jim 


Hi Steven,

thank you so much for sharing this valuable information.


Wow, tweeting something every 20 to 60 min seems a lot, but then again, considering how fast the twitter feed moves it makes sense.

I like scheduling 8 posts a day for Twitter with Hootsuite and I think it is the consistency that counts until I feel ready to do more.

Following 100 a day, that would mean you reach 2000 in less than a month and then you can't follow any new people until you have near 2000 followers.


I am looking forward to your next post.




GeeklessTech moderator

 @jupiterjim Hi Jim - Merry ChristmasIf you're in a really good active WordPress Group currently, I'd continue to spend time there and build those connections.  If not, I'd start spending more time on Twitter.  Especially for your business, there will be ton of prospects on Twitter.  It does take some time, but Twitter drives a lot of traffic to blog/sites.  If I can help further Jim, please let me know.




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GeeklessTech moderator

 @Yourinda Hi Yourinda - Yes each tweet definitely has a short shelf life, and the platform runs at a frenetic pace.  The first 2000 is the toughest.  There is a lot of follow and unfollow to get to that mark.  I'll go over execution and tools used in the next post.  Is this for everybody, absolutely not.  If you're user looking to build a robust Twitter presence this is the foundation.Have a great holiday Yourinda and thanks...


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