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New Things You Can Do With Generative AI in Search

New Things You Can Do With Generative AI in Search

access_time August 30, 2023 remove_red_eye 733 views

We can find a huge range of information & perspectives on the Web. Within the broad range of content, we want this to make searching faster and easier. The generative AI-powered Search experience (SGE) allows you to get up to speed on a new topic. It also lets you uncover quick tips for specific questions and helps you to find products and dig deeper — by providing article links. However, a constantly working process is going to improve your experience in both small & big ways. These are the three recent updates making SGE more helpful.

What can generative AI do?

It augments the ability of workers to draft & edit text, images & other media. In addition, it is able to summarize, simplify and classify content along with producing, translating & verifying software code also. Moreover, it helps to improve chatbot performance.

How can generative AI be used in the real world?

It is possible to use Generative AI to simulate different risk scenarios depending on historical data & the calculation of the premium accordingly.

Things to do with generative AI in search:

These are the things you can do with generative AI in Search.

  1. Get a better understanding through images & videos:

We can understand something easily when we see this. That’s why images are brought to even more AI-powered overviews. For instance, if you find something like “tiniest birds of prey,” you can reference how the bird looks like & get all the related information from the internet. People can see videos over the next week within some overviews where you can see something in motion, like a demonstration of a yoga pose.

  1. Get your AI-powered overviews more quickly:

You may be looking for a place nearby to have your lunch. Or you want to know how to upgrade your apartments on a specific budget. So, you may want the information quickly. That’s why a major update is made that reduces the time to generate AI overviews by half. In addition, it is continuously improving. As a result, you can get faster responses over time.

  1. Learn more when something catches your interest:

The design of SGE allows you to explore helpful information on the web. Besides, you can get links helping you to search results along with each AI overview. You can see publish dates added to the links. These let people understand how recent the information is from the web pages. New ways are continuously getting tested for those who want to find web pages supporting information in AI overviews.

How to try these new generative AI-based features:

These features are available in Search Labs. You need to enroll in the search labs for accessing and trying out the features. These are available on the Google app for Android, iOS & Chrome desktops.


This article informs you about the  new things you can do with Generative AI In Search. Search ads will be available continuously in dedicated ad slots throughout the page. It is possible to find the experiment and test it out in Search Labs in the Google app (Android & iOS) or on Chrome desktop.

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