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Borophene Shines Alone As 2-D Plasmonic Material

access_time November 30, 2017

A group of researchers from the Rice University has created a two-dimensional thin sheet of boron—a material illustrious as Borophene

How to Use Your Android Phone as a Webcam on Windows 11?

How to Use Your Android Phone as a Webcam on Windows 11?

access_time March 17, 2024

If you are a student, you might know how important a webcam is when it comes to talking about attending

Gmail New Shortcut Features

Gmail New Shortcut Features

access_time January 28, 2019

Google will be soon rolling out new shortcut features to use on Gmail. These features are aimed at making editing


Microsoft Surface Book 2 Hands on Review

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Hands on Review

access_time October 25, 2017 remove_red_eye 5460 views

If you are looking to buy a laptop, Microsoft has come out with its newest and latest version – Microsoft Surface Book 2. They had unveiled the Surface Book 2 after a two year period of their original Surface Book Laptop. The Surface Book was widely used and was one of the most powerful laptops. This made Microsoft go all out and create a high–end  laptop – The Microsoft Surface Book 2.

This gives rise to a future in computing technology, whereby the people will seek more powerful and faster technology as well as the creators will be pushed to their limit to meet the demands of the computer savvy generation.

When the Microsoft Surface Book 2 is compared with their Surface Book, it is five times faster, has a 17-hour battery life and a new USB-C port. Even if you compare it with the MacBook Pro, it offers a 70% higher battery life.

The Surface Book 2 is a 2-in-1 PC. The Windows 10 has been pre-installed, thus making it possible to use it as a tablet when you detach its base.

There will be two models of the Microsoft Surface Book 2 laptop – 13.5” screen and 15” screen. The combinations of the processor, storage and memory will vary.

The 13.5” Surface Book 2 can be pre-ordered on 9th Nov at the Microsoft website. It should be ready for delivery on 16th Nov. As regards the 15” Surface Book 2 laptop, no date has been confirmed. The 13.5” model costs $1,499  and the 15” will be $2,499.

The cheapest of the 13.5” comes with the Intel Core i5-7500U chip while the other models comes with the latest Intel Core i7-8650U Kaby Lake chip. The Surface Book 2 comes with either 8GB or 16Gb RAM, making the Surface Book 2 a laptop that will be sought after. Both the 13.5” and the 15” have the same processor, memory and storage, but the 15” will naturally have a larger screen, be a bit heavier and bigger. In terms of graphics, the 15” Surface Book 2 laptop is slated to be five times faster than the Surface Book with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060. The 13.5” surface Book 2 comes with either Intel HD Graphics 620 Integrated GPU or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050. The Surface Book 2 laptop will also have a 30-day trial for Microsoft Office. The buyers will also get a pre-installed version of Windows 10 Pro, which will contain Mail, Calendar, Photos, Movies, TV. The PixelSense Display is a 10-point multi touch display with a resolution of 3,000 x 2,000 (267 ppi) on the 13.5” variant and 3,240 x 2,160 (260 ppi) on the 15” variant. The Microsoft Surface Book 2 comes with a 8 mega pixel rear facing camera and a 5 mega pixel front facing camera that consists of an infrared sensor which supports Windows Hello.

The PixelSense Display in  Microsoft Surface Book 2  can be used with the Surface Pen and Surface Dial. In addition to this, you can use the Microsoft’s Mixed Reality headsets with the Surface Book 2 to immerse yourself in a mixed reality experience.

If pricing is not the factor and you are looking to have a mixed reality experience, then the Microsoft Surface Book 2 is the right laptop for you.

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