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Your Favorite Moments with Google Clips Camera Loaded with Artificial Intelligence

Your Favorite Moments with Google Clips Camera Loaded with Artificial Intelligence

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Google Clips, a tiny camera compatible with iOS and Android that seeks to capture moments without complications

The presentation of Google has ended and brought us several surprises. Yes, the company introduced Pixel 2 and it was awesome. But it was even more unexpected the whole range of products revealed this day, highlighting the Pixel Buds and Google Clips.

When Google said he wanted to jump right into the world of hardware meant it, last year we saw the first tracks and this year we see how the new commitment expands on this market: a camera called ‘Google Clips’.

With this light-weight smart Google Clips camera and headphones that seek to compete directly with Apple, without making the leap to become wireless, the company makes clear that they have become a product company, rather than services, just like the guys of Cupertino.

Google Clips seeks to be the company’s simplest device focused on taking family photos and videos right at the moment. Google says they created Clips with parents and pets in mind, so we will only see a button, the lens and a clip to adjust it to different places, nothing more.

Google Clips

Google Clips: Quick, ready-to-share photos and videos

Google Clips is a tiny ‘point and shoot’ camera that is compatible with iOS or Android through its own mobile application. In this application will be stored everything that we are going to capture. Thanks to Google recognition capabilities, Clips will be able to put them together to create small video clips ready to be shared on social networks, email or save power Google Photos.

The lens has an aperture f2.4 and wide angle of 130 degrees, but it has not been known how many megapixels the sensor is. We have digital stabilization and the key of this camera is in its synchronization with our smartphone, since that is where we can use many of its functions.

Google mentions that Clips is enhanced with machine learning, which will allow you to “learn” over time who we photograph more and will recommend the best shots. In addition, will have facial recognition to go making people albums to make it easier to identify moments.

Since the camera does not have a screen where we can see what we are taking, here our smartphone will serve to show the image in real time, where even the camera will “know” if there is obstruction and send us a notification to solve it.

There is no internal memory and you cannot add memory cards, everything is through our Smartphone.

Google Clips, price and availability

Google Clips does not yet have a definite date for its release, but the company says it will be “very soon”. The price will be $ 249 and will include unlimited storage in Google Photos.

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