4 Killer Brainstorming methods to produce Magical Content

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It is optional to write great content.  You can choose to put time and energy to create solid content a build a prosperous brand.  Or you can take it easy and write subpar content, a path that leads to nowhere.  It is a sheer waste of time and resources.

There is only one way for all content marketers to boost SEO rankings, gain traffic and/or leads.  You need to have original and unique content which looks great on your blog or website.

 Content Tree

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Original content is the key to getting exposure for your site through search engines.  Google has made it plain and clear that they do not like duplicate content.  Google prefers and wants to reward high quality sites that contain original content.  So not only does great content make for a better reader experience, it also improves your sites rankings.  This can have a positive impact on your business.

Regardless of the reason for having a content site, it’s important to do it ethically. In this blog post, we’ll break down some tips for developing great content.

Method 1: Google News

What: Google selects the most up-to-date information from popular publications and publishes the same in its news website. It is a news aggregator which publishes news with the help of an automatic aggregation algorithm.

Google News

Why?: Google News has become a hot web property. Immediate uptrend in the traffic would be seen once the website is included in Google News. If you have written quality content, you will notice a big rise in your website traffic.

Ingredients: With features like personalized news, e-mail alerts, mobile news alerts and various news categories, Google News is the right app, if used efficiently, to bring in traffic to your website.

Its significance in content generation: It provides us with a wide range of articles on a same topic enabling us to use the same in writing our articles. We can use the updates to generate new ideas for creating our own content. It is a great app to create content

Method 2: Q & A Forums

What: There is a dearth of information available on various Forum Discussions websites which carries information on various topics. People gather on a same platform to discuss on certain topics of their interest.

Dearth of Information

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Why?: Its useful for getting answers to any queries that are related to you Internet Marketing concern.

Ingredients: The key features include creation of forums, active participation by all and finding the right solution to all our queries.

Its significance in content generation: There are a lot of discussions that take place on this platform. It helps us in getting new ideas to create new content based on the most discussed topic. It could prove to be more viral.

Method 3: Google Alerts

What: Google Alerts is a tool which help us in getting e-mail alerts of our selected topics with our selected frequency of receiving the mails.

Google Alerts

Why?: It keeps us updated on all the happenings of a particular topic which is of our interest.
Ingredients: We just need to feed the required information on the home page of Google Alerts. Select the appropriate options which best suits your needs and you will start receiving updates on your e-mail at a time period selected by you.

Its significance in content generation: All the recent happenings on a particular topic are recorded in Google Alerts. It is easy to find the same and we could use the articles in Google Alert to create our own content.

Method 4: Scoop.it

What: Scoop.it is a FREE publishing-by-curation platform. They provide a service making curation a simple and new form of expression on the Web.


Why?: A set of advanced functions with this tool enables us to enrich our content, schedule our posts, share to multiple social accounts and organizing as a team.

How it works: Ingredients: You could create a topic which you know well with relevant keywords, share the topic, develop your own community and customize a topic with the help of scoop.it

Its significance in content generation: There is a mine of topics on this website which could be used in effective content generation.


Closing thoughts:
Writing great content is never easy, but it becomes much easier when you write something that you’re passionate about and know what you are writing. The wonderful thing about content is that it’s timeless. You can write something today, and three years from now it will still be out there being viewed and shared, which brings traffic back to your site.


Author Bio:
Sanket Patel is the Founder of Blurbpoint.com. Leading SEO Company since 2006 specializes in Advance Guest Blogging Services, SEO Services, Link Building, Online Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and many more. He deeply researched upon Panda/Penguin ultimate recovery process which is working successfully.


Hi Clint,

I have used Google Alerts and it works well for me.  I have not tried Scoopit Yet.   Where have I been???

Thanks so much for the heads up 



I love Scoopi.it I don't use it as nearly as much as I should. I also use it to update various Facebook pages that would fall into complete neglect without it :)... that's possibly not a great use of scoop.it or Facebook....

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I've started using Scoop.it recently and I'm wondering how to effectively use it.  Before sharing the article I find in Scoop.it in my blog, I actually revise the default description in there from the original content.  I make sure also to include a Read more link which points to the original source I scooped.  How do you use scoop.it?  Do you write articles based on the ones you find there like some type of summary article, or do you curate?


@donnamerrilltribe Thanks Donna, Yes scoop.it is a great site for the content curation and also it provides you so many ideas to generate awesome content. Hope you find it useful!


@SarahArrow Sarah, Organize useful content in front of scoop.it audience. Use it same like pinterest but here you have to make boards of  "Content" 

You can find out well organized boards and get the idea to generate magical content. Thanks for reading!


@ImAHotMom You can use it for curate the content and also its like a platform where you can find all your related content at one place.

Generate a well organized board of your related niche and try to scoop maximum content based on your topic. Let them do the rest by scoop.it audience. They will like it, share it etc. 

In terms of generating content, I suggest you to find our the various boards related to your topic. Analyze those content and use it to generate your idea. You can find it many more!

Thanks for reading out! Hope you pass it along with your network.

Clint Butler
Clint Butler

@ImAHotMom You can actually use Scoop.it in a couple of ways.  One, is to help you find content to curate.  Now I don't have a blog where I do that but here is an idea you might like.  Once a week you can find five to ten different articles there that you like within your topic.  Then create a blog post for that week as a reading list.  You can also email that list out for your subscribers.  Your doing their research for them and they will love you for it.  The second is to use it for ideas.  Thought leaders in your niche may have picked up on a topic that you missed, then you can write about it on your own site.


@Clint Butler I agree with you. Scoop.it is very useful part of content generation, just we have to use it in a right way.

Thanks for your feedback..:)