Left for Dead, Is Digg making a comeback?

I know. I can’t believe this isn’t a post on Pinterest or Facebook Timeline either. Yes, Digg was left for dead after a user revolt in August 2010. That’s when Digg released v4. The release was a disaster, with a bevy of technical issues. Digg has yet to fully recover.

What is Digg? – Digg is in the category of Social Bookmarking. It is a site where users discover and share content. That content is voted on by the users. The voting plays a major role in the positioning of the story. Better positioning usually leads to more shares and views. As a user you have the ability to submit a story that you find on the internet. You also have the ability to give thumbs up to a story, or “Digg” the story.

The Social Bookmarking Space – The other two players are ahead of Digg today in terms of traffic. Reddit has an Alexa ranking of 119, and StumbleUpon ranks at 136. Digg is back at 190. While I know Alexa is not gospel, it serves as a good barometer for traffic. StumbleUpon tends to cater more to evergreen content that isn’t time sensitive. Reddit and Digg both have an environment that features breaking news, and the user base is a touch geeky and focused on technology.

Digg Today – The interface is attractive. The ease of use and navigation is superlative. The site is very well organized, which is something not often seen. Digg is integrated with Facebook. So if you wish, your Digg activity will automatically show up on your wall. You can also post/tweet individual stories from Digg with FB and Twitter share buttons. Recently, Hootsuite added Digg integration to its arsenal, giving users a Digg dashboard. Below are the sections within Digg.

Top News – The section where you’ll find the most popular stories. Stories are promoted to this section based on popularity. If you submit a story, this is where you want it to eventually land.

News Wire – All stories regardless of topic show up under NewsWire. There is a Trending tab within this list, and you can also sort in range by number of Diggs.

Newsrooms – This a beta feature that has been well received by users. The newsrooms are topics that you can follow. The top newsrooms include: Technology, Apple, Science, Google, World News, Entertainment, and Facebook. Below is breakdown of top stories within

My News – Is where you’ll find a list of stories based upon the people you choose to follow. Below is breakdown of top stories of people I follow. Digg’s aim is to give you as much content as possible in a uniform matter.

The Future of Digg – I think the comeback is in process. While Reddit and Stumbleupon are great for driving traffic, their interface leaves something to be desired. I think they’ve left the door open. Reddit feels like spending time in someone’s unfinished basement. If you are a big Pinterest fan you probably won’t enjoy Reddit. It’s heavy on text, and super light on photos. I really enjoy StumbleUpon, and it’s a little bit of different animal, but for the last few months I was using the old interface. The new interface is far from user friendly. Following/Unfollowing is a challenge. It’s just confusing. Digg absolutely provides a better overall experience for the user. Sharing, finding information, commenting, and following are just a breeze. I think Digg is well positioned and doing the right things to complete the comeback within the next 12 months. I highly suggest you give Digg a shot yourself.

I always love to hear your comments. Have you experienced any or all three? Which is your favorite? Please share your pros and cons.