Blog Topics: 5 Ways to Uncover Ideas

You haven’t posted in weeks and the self induced pressure is on to create a blog post.  You had an idea the other day, but How to find blog post ideasyou didn’t log it anywhere, and now that idea is foggy.  What are you going to do? Where are you going to find blog topics of interest to both your readers and yourself?  Sound familiar?

Hopefully you’re overflowing with topics and ideas to investigate that lead to colorful and informative posts.  Answering questions of your readers through posts should be your vision.  For those times when your idea tank is on empty, below are 5 ways to generate ideas and fill up the brain.



It seems like Quora came out 20 years ago.  The Q & A platform debuted in the summer of 2010 as the brainchild of two former Facebook employees Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever.  Last week Quora launched a blogging platform that allows you to post within Quora.  Until last week I hadn’t spent much time in Quora since it started.  However, over the last few weeks seemed to be getting e-mail alerts daily with new followers, coupled with the new blogging platform and Quora has some buzz.

There are over 300K topics to choose from in Quora.  There is something for all tastes.  Go in there for 30 minutes and you will find some ideas for blog posts.  Some of the Topics with the largest amount of followers include:

Technology Trends

Healthy Eating

Social Media

Dating and Relationships

Business Models



RSS Feeds / E-Mail Newsletters

If you haven’t registered to a least 10 Feeds or E-Mail lists in your vertical you’re making a big mistake.  I’m a bigger fan of e-mail lists because many times that will come with free e-books just for signing up.  Many of these e-books contain content that is better than on that blogger’s site.  It’s a great to learn about what others are blogging about in your field and some of the methods they employ.

Yes, you will run into people that will just push product and services constantly through e-mail.  Just unsubscribe at the bottom of the e-mail if you’re not getting any value.  I’m currently subscribed to many more than 10 and a high percentage of time I take away something of value with each piece.

Tip: Use an e-mail address that is solely for this purpose.  I created mailinglist at and all incoming e-mail comes into my iPad separately.  I don’t it have mixed in with my other high volume addresses.   This makes it more manageable and not so overwhelming


LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn discontinued their Q & A section today January 31, 2013.  No problem.  Go into your relative LinkedIn Groups and you’ll witness a lot of conversations taking place.  Make sure the LI Group is active.  You’re allowed to be active in 50 groups at once.   Find 2-3 that work for you and participate.  The ideas will be cascading down your face.


Inbox Q

This is a handy tool that allows you to find people asking questions on Twitter.  You set up your campaigns (keywords) of what you want Inbox Q to find for you.  You can answer directly from the application if so inspired.  It gives you an idea of what people are asking on Twitter for your topic which should stimulate some ideas for a post.

Inbox Q


Your own Posts

Take a look at your own posts.  They’re right there on your site.  In my case, I have a lot of experience on LinkedIn but have only published one post on LinkedIn.  That’s three demerits.  You probably lacking in content for a topic that you are well versed.  Please share that knowledge with us.  In the next two weeks I’ll publish a LinkedIn post derived from Quora, E-Mail Newsletter, LinkedIn groups, and Inbox Q.  I hope you will as well.

What methods do you use to generate post ideas?  Please share with us.