Guest Blogging Do’s and Don’ts

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Guest blogging is fast becoming a powerful tool to get more traffic to your site as well as bump up your search engine ranking. Guest blogging can also be a fun way to share ideas and content with people who have similar interests. It is also being use commonly for businesses, as a way to link-share and gain business interest and customers for all parties involved.

Guest Blogging Tips

Here are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to contributing to a blog and accepting guest posts:

Do be timely. It’s important to establish a guest blogging schedule or timetable that everyone agrees to.

Don’t be selfish. Most guest blogging relationships are a 2-way street, unless one party is offering payment to the others. Offer to reciprocate if someone guest blogs for you.

Do invite guest bloggers who will benefit from the relationship.

Don’t just ask anyone and everyone to guest blog in order to get more traffic. It won’t be beneficial in the long run.

Do contribute quality content as a guest blogger. It won’t help anyone’s hits or search ranking to host a poorly written article.

Don’t just write about anything – to write the perfect post for your guest blog, carefully consider your audience and gear your post towards them.

Do come back and check for comments. Being an active guest blogger is appreciated, and your host blogger may not feel comfortable answering questions directed specifically to you.

Don’t forget to be polite to the readers of the site you are blogging for.


Building Relationships through Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can be a onetime relationship, or it can be ongoing. Either way, it’s possible for both parties to benefit from the swap or post. Guest blogging can be a fun experience.

If you do decide to approach other writers about guest blogging, there are a few matters of decorum that you should consider. Don’t be overly complementary or sickly sweet. Just lay out the facts as to why you think you would be a good guest blogger for their site or vice versa.

If they see value in the relationship, great, if not, move on to the next one. It’s also wise to start small. Start with blogs that have about the same readership as yours or a little less or more. Of course, we all want to guest blog for the big sites because it will equal a larger increase in readership, but it’s often best to get your feet wet with smaller blogs first.

You can also send writing samples or topic ideas with your guest blogging pitch, this way, the blog writers can see what kind of content you can contribute to their site before they make a decision.

Happy guest blogging!

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 Hi Stephen,

Thank you for sharing Megan Totka's article about guest blogging. I have not participated in guest blogging, however I have been invited be a guest blogger. I have not taken the plunge yet. Your guidelines are helpful. I think it is best to start out with someone who is fairly equal in social status, then move from there. Guest blogging seems like a great way to develop new relationships. I have been considering it for awhile, so after reading this post, I will change consideration into action. Thank you!

Raena Lynn


Interesting article, I recently saw a statement about getting people to pay to guest blog given the number of SEO type of posts that are being offered as guest posts...what do you think about that as an idea?


Too often, blog owners take on poor content, from authors who do not truly benefit the blog audience, simply for the sake of having something to publish. That's the wrong way to go about things (and the fast way to grind blog growth to a halt).  A guest blogger is LITERALLY a guest, that you are allowing to take the podium, for a moment, in front of YOUR audience. And every nuance, hiccup, screw up... or word of wisdom they make reflects on you!


Making sure to promote your post on social media resources after the post is written is crucial! You should spend about as much time advertising your post throughout the web as you spent writing the content. Do this, and you'll find that you have great success with guest blogging!