In Your Pocket: Tips for Making Momentous iPhone Videos

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There once was a time when to make a good quality video you had to have the very latest camcorder. However, nowadays you need nothing more than an iPhone to produce impressive footage, whether you are filming your child’s birthday party or a video testimonial for your business.

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The problem is that the quality of iPhone videos vary greatly, even though they are shot on the same device. So how can you make sure that your videos look professional? Here are some top tips to keep in mind.

Keep It Steady

The first thing to remember is to hold your iPhone steady when you are filming. You could do this by resting your hands on a hard surface, or even filling a sock with dried beans and using it as a support. Shaky footage is never good to watch, so keep your hands as steady as possible.

Hold It Horizontally

As well as holding your iPhone firmly, you should hold it horizontally. You may be tempted to hold it vertically because this is how you most often use your phone, but the resulting footage won’t look as good.

Make Sure You Have Good Sound and Light Conditions

You don’t need professional lighting and microphones to make a good video. However, good lighting will make a huge difference. For that reason, try to film your videos outside, or at least with a lot of lighting inside. Low lighting will look grainy and will be unpleasant to watch.

As for sound, try to avoid noisy areas near to roads or in public places like restaurants where the noise levels can distract from the main subject. iPhone microphones are very sensitive and will pick up all of the background noise, so try to shoot in quiet areas.

Focus First

Tap the screen before you start shooting video on your iPhone. This will allow you to properly focus on the main person in the shot. If you want to change the focus during the filming, simply tap the screen again.

Edit Your Footage

Do yourself a favour and buy some editing software that you can use to edit your iPhone videos on your computer. Alternatively, edit your footage right on your iPhone. Either way, make sure you do edit it because the resulting videos will look a lot better with a bit of care and attention.

Once the video is finished, upload it to YouTube to show your family and friends, or even the world. They can then download your video using software like that found at sites like If your footage is more professional and therefore more enjoyable to watch, more people are likely to download it.

Film Better Videos on Your iPhone

Follow these simple tips to make your iPhone videos much better. They are simple to follow, but they are all very effective and the overall result will be much more satisfying. iPhone videos are ideal because you may have your iPhone on you all the time, so you can capture those spontaneous moments. But follow the tips above and take a bit more time and care over your videos, and you can create iPhone videos that people will actually want to watch.

Make sure you remember to respect IP when downloading.

Steven Young is an iPhone enthusiast who makes many videos. He also enjoys teaching others how to make their own videos with their iPhones.