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12 Best Productivity Apps Android in 2022

12 Best Productivity Apps Android in 2022

access_time March 3, 2020 remove_red_eye 3316 views

Are you eager to check out the best Productivity Apps Android in 2020?

If you want to check out the best Productivity Apps Android in 2020 means, there are thousands of options readily available. But, in this hectic modern life, you can’t really try them and pick the best for your Device.

In that case, you’ll shift your focus to online articles. At present, you can find thousands of articles referring to the same apps, but most of them are outdated. So, we’re providing this latest & updated productivity apps list of 2020.

Usually, to try all the best apps, people, download & Install all the list but this will find themself into cluttering their phone with all the apps they don’t use.

The best solution for that is? Install only the best apps that will help you become more productive and apps that you are comfortable with.

Generally, no app will make you productive. As a person, you need to have the right mindset to become more focused on your goals.

With the help of these apps, you can make yourself comfortable and become productive. So, let’s get into the list of 12 best Productivity Apps Android in 2020.

Best Productivity Apps Android in 2020:

In this best Productivity Apps Android post, I’ll cover 12 of the best Productivity Apps Android you should get your hands on in 2020. Each app has its own features and specialties that can help you in different ways.

To-Do List Apps:

To-Do List & Collaboration apps are vital in this digital atmosphere to enhance your productivity. Along with that you, it will capture your creative thoughts as well.

Wunderlist, A Best Productivity Apps Android:

Wunderlist is one of the best task management apps for Android with fantastic reviews. I like this app mainly because of its user-friendly nature. It’s quite easy to share and easy to follow up as well. You can create a conversation about your to-do list and even collaborate with your family, friends and co-workers with ease.

In case, if you are having any sort of storage problems, you have to upgrade the app. This simple app is free to download, and it’s available in both the Google Play Store and Apple store as well.

Wunderlist app usually takes a folder approach to organization. That’s why you can easily organize your work in different categories.


  • Easily create lists you need to do every day.
  • Access your to-do list from any device.
  • Attach photos, pdfs and more to your lists.
  • Because of its functionalities you can easily Organize projects and collaborate with family and friends.
  • Start Conversations about your to-do’s.

Price: Free.

Download: Google Play ore.


Todoist is another fBest Productivity Apps Android which is best to manage your tasks. This exclusive app can help you capture and organize your tasks, and you can build lasting habits with due dates as well. Because of this app, you can prioritize all the tasks by assigning them to others.

This app can be integrated with all the best tools such as Gmail, Amazon Alexa, Slack and Google Calendar as well.


  • Easily create lists, Emails in tasks and even change colour code.
  • Because of its functionalities you can Quickly manage tasks with friends.
  • Because of its functionalities you can Easily assign and delegate tasks to colleagues.

Price: Free

Download: Google Play Store.


Trello is an Best Productivity Apps Android to organize your projects, tasks and more for fun. In this app, you can note everything, from a simple shopping list to multi-person project you can do everything. This special tool offers a wide range of scalable project management features that lets you easily organize just anything.

The best part is this app is absolutely free, so you can quickly download it and take advantage of it. Visual imagery and photos options are the other best options in this tool.


  • Because of its functionalities you can easily Tackle all the to-do lists with ease.
  • Create cards, lists, and boards within seconds and stay productive.
  • Add checklists, due dates, labels and payment reminders.
  • Free up your brain from remembering with planning every detail.

Price: Free.

Download: Google Play Store.

Note Taking Apps:

Note Taking Apps are always vital to remind you what your schudle is and when to do things. Because of these productivity apps you can accomplish your productivity goals.


Ever Note always stays in the top when it comes to Note Apps. This app can be called as your second brain as it is that much helpful. You can note everything in Evernote from taglines to stories, blog posts and more.

Generally, humans always think about different things, so sometimes they forget their ideas and plans. In those cases Evernote will help as you can write the idea soon after it strikes your mind. This is available on all devices, and it’s great for note-taking.

You can use this app both for work and personal purpose as well. This tool also has a web clipper. It is a smart tool for capturing ideas, links and thoughts you love on the internet.


  • Use the Web Clipper to capture ideas, links and articles you love on the internet.
  • Organize your day by planning it with Evernote planner.
  • Take notes, create notebooks with photos, audio, video and more.
  • Sync all your notes automatically across the devices such as phone, tablet and computer.
  • Because of its functionalities you can Quickly share and discuss your ideas and memos with other people.

Price: Free & Premium.

Download: Google Play Store.

Google Keep:

Google Keep is one of the best Productivity Apps Android in 2020. It’s a unique tool from Google to instantly capture what’s on your mind and get a special reminder for it later.

This is similar to Evernote, and it speaks a voice memo on the go as well. You can quickly grab a photo of a poster, document and receipt to find it later. This tool is good at capturing thoughts or lists for yourself and sharing it with your family and friends.

With this app, you can record sticky notes from books and even use this for reminders as well. As google connects all sites, this makes sense to use its Google Keep mobile app for sticky notes.


  • Because of its functionalities you can easily add notes, photos, lists to Google Keep.
  • You can record a voice memo and keep it transcribed to listen later.
  • Quickly share ideas with family and friends.
  • Add labels to code notes to be organized and productive.

Price: Free.

Download: Google Play Store.

Time Tracking Best Productivity Apps Android:

Time Tracking Apps helps you to track your time because of it you can manage your time.  You can find out how much time you are spending on each application or phone digitally.

Rescue Time:

Rescue time is one of the best Productivity Apps Android in 2020. This app helps you to plan your work according to your time because of its functionality. Usually, spending too much time on your phone often wastes your valuable time and because of that you might lose something valuable as well. So, its always best to track the time and manage it perfectly to balance life cycle.

So, to Rescue your time, the best app for Android is RescueTime App. This app monitors how much time you’re spending on each app and helps you set long term goals for yourself. This will automatically increase your productivity as you’ll be aware of how much time you are spending on social media or on games.

With this tool, you can take back your time without wasting it! That’s why this app is on the list of best Productivity Apps Android in the 2020 post.


  • This app tracks all your digital life and increases your productivity.
  • You can set screen time goals and quickly control your phone usage.
  • Easily track all your daily goals front and centre to help you build better habits.
  • Log all offline activities from your Device.
  • Go to do-not-disturb mode automatically during your focus time sessions.

Price: Free.

Download: Google Play Store.

Digital Scanning Apps:

These digital Scanning Apps help you to simplify your document scanning work and editing work. Hence, you can increase your productivity from these apps.


Usually, to be productive in business, you have to go through lots of documents. Some of those documents aren’t electronic copies so it will be a problem.

To resolve this issue and to increase your productivity CamScanner Android app is helpful for you. This special app lets you scan and quickly upload your documents to search them quickly.

You can send it to print directly from your phone or even attach it to the emails and do more with this exclusive app. In this app, you can also adjust its dimensions and change the format of the document as well. With all these features, we can say CamScanner is one of the best Productivity Apps Android in 2020.


  • Quickly Scan your documents and digitalize it.
  • You can digitalize all kinds of documents such as receipts, notes, discussions, invoices, Certificates and more.
  • Because of its functionalities you can Quickly optimize scan quality.
  • Optical character recognition feature recognizes text from the image.
  • Share PDF and JPEG files.
  • Advanced Document editing with a quick search.
  • Because of its functionalities you can easily Sync across the platforms with ease.

Price: Free with in app purchases.

Download: Google Play Store.

File Storage Apps:

File Storage apps are always useful in every running digital world. If you’re searching for best file storage apps to save your projects, then check them below.

Best Productivity Apps Android DropBox:

DropBox is one of the best and earliest cloud storage based document sharing platforms. This app has changed the way people work and share information with its powerful features.

The best thing about this app is it’s dead easy to organize uploads and comments on the files, and it has a clean user interface. With this app, you can get tons of cloud storage options to store all your uploads and documents.

Dropbox helps you to access files over your phone, desktop and all devices. You can quickly send, review and edit the files on this platform. Therefore, this can be named as the best Productivity Apps Android in 2020.


  • Automatically upload photos and videos in cloud storage in the background.
  • Because of its functionalities you can Quickly access any file on your account.
  • Send large files by copying and pasting a link to anyone. This is working because of the advanced feature.
  • Scan documents to your cloud photo storage using your camera.

Price: Free with in-app purchases.

Download: Google Play Store.

Best Productivity Apps Android Google Drive:

Google Drive is the most popular way to store files mainly because of its flexibility. This isn’t new on the scene but at present lots of people are attracted towards Google Drive mainly because of its cheaper pricing.

Along with cheaper pricing, it has better collaboration features, so it’s no surprise that’s why people are turning towards Google Drive. Usually, having your essential uploads on cloud storage is always necessary for your business.

Because of that, you can save time and even avoid depending on others. Google Storage drives work perfectly with all the Google Suite, so there will be no stress of handling the files.


  • Safely store all your files and access them from anywhere in the world because of its special feature.
  • Because of its functionalities you can Quickly search for files by its name and content.
  • View your content in a suitable format.
  • Because of its functionalities you can easily Share files easily with others.
  • See file details and activities and enable viewing of files office.

Price: Free & Premium.

Download: Google Play Store.


One Password is one of the best password protection apps to secure your passwords. You can simply connect all your accounts at a single place because of its special feature. So, you can choose the right password to log into to your app automatically with ease.

Because of its advanced features, you don’t have to click on recover passwords. All you have to do is remember one master password, or you can even use FaceID to log in to your account quickly.


  • Easily create strong, unique passwords for all your digital accounts with 1password.
  • Quickly access your information on all mobile devices and computers.
  • Unlock your accounts with a single tap using fingerprint because of its special feature.
  • Stay organized by keeping your accounts safe mainly with its advanced features.
  • Because of its functionalities you can easily Share passwords securely with your family and friends.

Price: Free

Download: Google Play Store.


Grammarly is one of the essential apps to auto-correct your English in a better way. This app will offer you lots of suggestions and increases your productivity. Along with that it also helps you improve your grammar and sentence structure. Along with that, you can check all the unclear antecedent, errors and so on with Grammarly.

These apps suggestions are spot on, mainly because of its advanced algorithm and these are very easy to implement within the text if you are composing anything. With this app, you don’t have to forget anything ever.


  • Correct all your grammar errors and make your content evergreen.
  • It gives suggestions on all your content.
  • Makes your content more engaging than ever.
  • Checks plagiarism in premium accounts and makes your content error free.
  • This will check all the missing subjects because of its advanced functionality and give suggestions to them.

Price: Free & Premium.

Download: Google Play Store.

Social media productivity apps:

Social Media Productivity apps are always vital in this digital atmosphere. Hence you have to use these apps because they help you to check out all the stats of your visitors and other information. This information helps you to accomplish your social goals.

Hootsuite Mobile App:

Hootsuite is one of the social relationship software that is mainly designed to empower businesses and digital marketing individuals to strengthen their social presence. This particular tool helps you to post updates, on all the popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on.

Usually, logging in the several social media accounts several times per day can quickly drain your energy but with hootsuite its perfect for you. In general cases, logging several times even frustrate you. So, this particular tool is the best option for you to free up yourself by scheduling your posts and tracking your accounts.


  • Because of its functionalities you can easily Schedule your posts on all popular social networks.
  • Sync 35+ social media accounts.
  • Follow important topics with ease.
  • Assign different tasks to your team.

Price: Premium.

Download: Mobile App.

These are the best Productivity Apps Android in 2020. Hope you all liked this list, have a look at this post regularly to find out more Productivity Apps Android.

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