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Best Gaming Chair 2022: The Best PC Gaming Chairs

Best Gaming Chair 2022: The Best PC Gaming Chairs

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Looking for the best gaming chair may not sound like a concern when you’re creating the best PC, but it absolutely should be. If you’re going to be sitting anywhere for hours on end – especially now with so many of us doing our jobs and other work from home – you need to make sure you’re relaxed. This is a wonderful time of year to pick up a discount too since there are discounts everywhere.

Seriously though, your back will thank us for checking out the choices on this list. Picking up one of the best gaming chairs will make a major difference in your experience. As well as quality construction products that will render any amount of time spent gaming even comfier, the likes of additional lumbar support also work to boost your balance and give your back a rest.

In addition, the best gaming chairs can allow you to change the height, tilt, and more to make sure your seat is customized to you.

The problem is, deciding where to start can be difficult. If you want a bucket-style gaming chair or an ergo design one, we’ve gathered the best gaming chairs 2020 has to bring. Here are our top choices for your review.

The Overall Best Gaming Chair

Secretlab Omega

Secretlab Omega

The Secretlab Omega is the strongest chair for gaming we’ve seen this year and has made spending too much time at home much simpler. You can sit in it all day for work, then grab the recline lever and relax in front of the TV or keep put at your desk and get gaming. Height settings, 4D armrests, and various recline and rock back feature makes this the overall best gaming chair on the work play market.

We agree that it’s far from inexpensive, but given how much time you could spend on it, particularly if you’re working from home now, it makes sense to invest in a high-quality package. All Secretlab’s newest chairs come with a memory foam attachable headrest and lumbar cushion that will make you roll your old chair to the curb and never look back.

Secretlab doesn’t only do any basic colors. Move over to the official website, where you can pick from a wide variety of licensed types, including Game of Thrones, Batman, Warcraft, Cyberpunk 2077, and more. Patterns aren’t written on them. They’re totally shattered for a classy finish that makes other advertised chairs appear tacky and garish.

Best Budget Gaming Chair

Brazen Puma

Brazen Puma Best Gaming Chair

Looking for the right chair to break the bank? Most Brazen chairs suit the bill. The Puma is one of their top loving choices, and it’s also really cheap. That doesn’t say it’s either inexpensive and disgusting – like other Brazen items, it’s remarkably good quality.

And if it’s a little shorter than you would think, it doesn’t take away the Puma’s ease. Equipped with a combination of leather and cotton mesh over padding, it’s cozy for lengthy stretches of time, whether you’re playing or working.

Moreover, putting the chair together is simple and quick to adapt. Okay, so branding’s in your ears. But if you can see beyond that, the Brazen Puma is one of the strongest gaming chairs to save money without losing comfort.

GTRacing Pro Series Gaming Chair

GTRacing Pro Series Best Gaming Chair

You’ve probably seen how crazy chairs will get their awesome racing style and comprehensive ergonomic design, and then you’ve probably seen their wild price tags. The GTRacing Pro Series GT099 Gaming Chair takes all of those luxury chairs’ considerations and styles but arrives at a much lower price. For around $150, you can grab this chair and start playing in style.

It has the authentic racing chair look with a tall back and rolls for fast movement on caster wheels. When you want to rest, you can recline back to 170-degrees, or you can sit upright to remain focused. You can lift, lower, or bend the adjustable armrests to better match with the desk for an ergonomic fit. And while the GTRacing Pro Series GT099 is a little deficient in back-cushioning, a lumbar and neck pillow can help you anytime you want to lean back. If you think you need more cushion or spend long days at your desk, instead, you could check out large and tall gaming chairs as they seem to have more cushion to accommodate heavy users.

OFM Essentials Racing Chair

OFM Essentials Racing Chair

If the GTRacing chair isn’t your thing, don’t worry—this OFM chair is another fantastic and inexpensive choice. The seat itself is covered with several tasteful color highlights from mesh cloth. This makes the chair remain calm, and the mesh enables the chair to relax through long sessions.

We really always like flip-up armrests—strangely absent at this price point from some chairs—so you can keep them out of the way if you decide to scoot closer to your desk. It’s also made to compliment (or contrast) your gaming rig in four common colors, and this one here is Nvidia green.

X Rocker 2.1 Wireless Gaming Chair Rocker

X Rocker 2.1 Wireless Best Gaming Chair Rocker

Not all seats are for PC gamers. The Ace Bayou X Rocker pedestal chair is a perfect choice if you want to play with your favorite console (or even use a lapboard for living room PC gaming). This wired chair features Bluetooth 2.1, and its two speakers and integrated subwoofer provide audio.

If you don’t want to experience a rumble on your rump, you can attach a headset (or load your controllers) through side ports. Note: if you’re using this chair, you’ll want to get an optical RCA adapter. This model even goes a little over the $100 price point mark, but it’s still significantly cheaper than comparable ones. Less than $200 isn’t too much to spend on such a loaded gaming throne!

Best Ultra Cheap Gaming Chair

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Devoko Ergonomic Best Gaming Chair

You don’t even need to waste a lot getting a chair that looks like a bucket seat torn from a racing car. The Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair feels like a high-end gaming chair. It just costs $99. Although it’s cheap, this chair is spacious and constructed on a durable frame designed to stand well against long gaming sessions.

You also have much of the adjustable ergonomics with a handheld lumbar and neck cushion. Just the absence of padding or adjustability on armrests are a few missing features of this chair. With how little this chair pays, we look beyond the few drawbacks of this Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair.

Best Ergonomic Gaming Chair

ErgoChair 2 by Autonomous

ErgoChair 2 by Autonomous

ErgoChair 2’s architecture introduces innovative features yet to be seen by many of the most popular brands. One of these characteristics is that Autonomous contains in-structure meshing content. This is contrary to other big leather gaming chairs. The mesh is breathable, leaving you after playing for many hours in a pool of sweat. The mesh fabric keeps you cold, allowing significant evaporation on any built-up moisture. The chair also includes an adjustable lumbar support system to provide exceptional back pain relief and incredible back and spine support. This chair also fits well with the standing desk.

Devoko Ergonomic Racing Style Gaming Chair

Inexpensive ergonomic gaming chairs are commonly synonymous with poorly-designed fabrics. The chair’s ergonomics becomes unacceptable. The Devoko Ergonomic Racing Style Gaming Chair, however, provides the customer with the best of all worlds—the chair is fairly priced and ergonomically beneficial. To achieve warmth, heavy padding is built into the frame, thus staying seated for hours.

Corsair CF-9010007 WW T2 Road Warrior

Corsair CF-9010007 WW T2 Road Warrior Best Gaming Chair

What separates this ergonomic gaming chair from the others is a tall ergonomic chair. This is the product of a deep seat and extra tall back included in the build to accommodate the entire spine. The gaming chair adjustable armrest has 4D adjustability. This ensures you have absolute control of armrests placement for optimum comfort. The seating also has cold foam cushioning to keep the customer refreshed when seated for hours.

Furmax High Back Racing Chair with a Footrest

Furmax High Back Racing Chair with a Footrest

The Furmax High Back Racing Chair with a Footrest feature gives users maximum support by using super-thick padding in the whole ergonomic gaming chair configuration. In comparison, lumbar and neck support cushions are also present to support your vulnerable areas and maintain proper balance when enjoying your gaming hours. You can play all your favorite games being ensured that the chair is supporting your back and neck. Nonetheless, the feature of this ergonomic gaming chair is the footrest. This footrest allows users to improve their gaming experience and deliver outstanding comfort.

Secret Lab Titan Series

Secret Lab Titan Series

Hidden Lab’s ergonomic gaming chair construction includes high-quality components. Like flat PU casters and cold cure foam to make the chair incredibly comfortable. Nonetheless, these high-quality items do not impact the ergonomic gaming chair’s cost, as the price remains fair. The flexible lumbar support system offers excellent back support and makes it an entirely customizable chair.

Best Racing-Style Gaming Chair

AK Racing Core Series EX Gaming Chair

AK Racing Core Series EX Best Gaming Chair

You don’t have to spend a lot on the perfect gaming chair. The AK Racing Core Series EX proves that. A solid metal frame and cozy foam ensure it’s made to last, and this seat can go down the line for years. AK is also a well-respected company when it comes to gaming chairs – you know you can count on a reliable product.

It’s better than budget-level entries, yes, but if you can spare it, the Racing Center is worth investing extra cash. The build quality is a few steps above cheaper ones, including the all-important lumbar support. This model looks better in a more subdued, formal appearance. You can choose between black white, red, and blue accents to go with the leather surface.

Like several other recommendations for the best gaming chair among our choices, the Racing Core also features flexible armrests and means to change the height, tilt, and seat. That means you can adjust it.

Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL4000

Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL4000

Vertagear is a fresh yet well-respected company when it comes to choosing the right gaming seats, and the SL4000 is one of the best for customization, including a name that makes it a little pretentious. It helps you to tinker with seat height, various armrest settings, back 170 degrees, and more.

Customizability distinguishes the finest game seats. First-round, no seat is flawless, so being able to fine-tune it to fit you is crucial, definitely worth the faff setting up this particular model anyway (we would consider seeking help if possible, as the backrest can be fiddly screw-in). And while there’s a newer SL5000 variant on the market, we’re still huge fans of this cheaper option. If not broke, don’t patch it.

Moreover, build-materials are excellent. Packed with a stain-resistant, easy-to-clean PVC leather exterior, it’s extremely durable and looks substantial. It looks amazing. The classy Vertagear logo and rear stitching lines make the SL4000 sound much more luxurious than it actually is.

Noblechairs Hero

Noblechairs Hero Best Gaming Chair

If you choose a better quality chair and pay more for it, the Noblechairs Hero is a sound alternative. Crafted to function as a traditional chair for the office and gaming chair, it has spade comfort thanks to superior construction materials. Avoiding garish paint and racing-style bucket seats also makes it feel sleek.

Offering a strong back and seat to promote proper balance, the Hero is just what you need to spend endless hours on your screen or console. The armrests can be modified to accommodate you for long periods.

While you’re hunting for a flashy chair with lots of gimmicks, maybe not. But for someone who fancies a reliable, well-made chair that will last for years and support your back? It’s the best gaming chair around.

DXRacer Master

DXRacer Master

The DXRacer Master is a chair for people saving money, but it justifies the price by being an incredibly spacious, comfortable chair. The DXRacer Master can also be modified with interchangeable parts (sold at an extra cost) such as mesh seats and backrests, leg rests, and even a revolving arm that bolts onto the base and can accommodate anything from a laptop to your tablet.

However, choosing not to invest in these extra parts won’t compromise the chair itself because DXRacer’s features go all out. Built-in lumbar support and flexible headrest are fantastic features, along with four-dimensional armrests. Microfiber leather is particularly good, and most of the chair is made of aluminum, making it feel solid.

Clearly, the DXRacer Master was designed to last, and its understated style is perfect if you’re not in the glamorous styles of most other gaming seats. Still, all this comfort will cost you: DXRacer Master is still $80 more than Secret Lab Omega, our favorite chair. But if you want to go out with all the bells and whistles, it’s worth considering.

NZXT x Vertagear SL5000

NZXT x Vertagear SL5000

It’s not the cheapest gaming chair you can buy, but if you’re trying to repair your

neck, the SL5000 is your chair. The dual cushions can be calibrated to support the lumbar and cervical spines simultaneously, so you can comfortably relax back into this chair. The backrest is completely autonomous and flexible, which also reduces the neck and back pressure. The 4D adjustable armrest supports a wide range of width and height changes to help support the wrists and sides.

You can’t deny the standard of the chair’s materials. The entire exterior has stain-resistant PVC leather construction with extra-thick foam padding. The chair’s base is aluminum alloy. Plus, the SL5000 stands out from regular gaming chair colors of red and black or black on black. The royal purple is eye-catching and vivid, and the paint also lines the wheels within – this is perfection.

Including it’s wildly simple. The only discomfort we have is the seat cushion leaving much to be desired due to the extra comfy backrest. Otherwise, it’s a lovely, comfortable chair worth the cash.

Best Leather Gaming Chair

DXRacer Classic Series

DXRacer Classic Series

For those hemmed in by the bucket seat nature of several of the best gaming chairs, the Classic Series should be your next call. It’s a much more expansive product that’s as welcoming and relaxed as the competition; indeed, DXRacer has cottoned to the idea that one size doesn’t suit everything (thank goodness).

Besides a wider, deeper form you can gladly snuggle into, the Classic Series plays host to a welcoming, segmented back. A large cushioned headrest also integrates into the body, although a long-lasting aluminum foundation reveals some punishment. A leather-style vinyl cover and lots of adjustability complete this optimistic laundry-list.

In other words – this specific DXRacer chair should endure several years of gameplay, taking you into the PS5/Xbox Series X age and beyond.

Brazen Panther Elite 2.1 console chair

Brazen Panther Elite 2.1 console Best Gaming Chair

The Brazen Panther Elite 2 is a bigger chair than the Brazen Pride and Stag chairs, but this is the perfect size for adults – and a decent fit for those who like the concept of built-in speakers (connected with a 48.4in/123cm, 3.5mm audio cable). It’s also made for positioning only as it’s too small for tables in front of TVs, so it has a loungey feel to the place it brings in.

There’s a combination of PU leather-like and cloth fabrics, so it’s not especially breathable and telling the truth, it’s nowhere near as soft as other chairs on this list, with a pretty rough feel to adding a cushion.

Thanks to the broad bass subwoofer, which you can really sense in your back, the audio packs a bigger punch than its teen-focused twin. A separate built-in vibration mode matches on-screen motion with rumble features you can sense more in your lower back. However, you might find this a novelty that wears off pretty quickly, particularly when cranking it up produces an audio rattle that can even impact the speakers’ audio. Sure, it’s a good thought, but implementation will definitely be better.

Noblechairs Epic Real Leather

Noblechairs Epic Real Leather

Calling the Noblechairs Epic Real Leather is no exaggeration. From the cross-thatched embroidery to its namesake’s genuine leather, if you’re looking for a no-compromises game chair, this is it. Plus, the set-up is remarkably fast and quick. And once the set-up is complete, the Epic Real Leather is a paradise to sit on – and you can customize your place anyway. Please do us a favor and read the directions before setting up. Synthetic leather is also an alternative to save money.

Corsair T2 Road Warrior

Corsair T2 Road Warrior

Known for producing common and high-end PC parts and gaming peripherals, Corsair is now making a mark in PC gaming chairs. This results in one of the finest gaming chairs we’ve ever seen. The Corsair T2 Road Warrior is a top-to-bottom breathable PU leather with microfiber neck and lumbar pillows. You can play in both comfort and style. And with its rollerblade-style wheels, you can drive it on any surface without thinking about scraping the board.

Vertagear Gaming Series Triigger 350 Special Edition

Vertagear Gaming Series Triigger 350 Special Edition

There’s a certain segment of the PC gaming world that wants the very best of all at any cost. These people will be enamored of Vertagear Triigger 350 SE. It features over 350 single components with a combination of aluminum, mesh, leather, and high-end plastics to create the ultimate PC gaming chair. If you have the money to spend and can’t stand to have anything less than the best, you may want to look at this chair.

Best Mesh Gaming Chair



Want a chair that doesn’t seem like an arcade home? NeueChair is just what you’re looking for. A delicate style gives it a highly skilled air, complemented only by a metal base and mesh back. In this scenario, Secret Laboratories have removed racier bucket seats and angled cutouts, and it’s a step that pays off.

Speaking of the mesh, it’s a ventilation dream. Since you’re not leaning on a pleather slab that absorbs heat and melts you into a puddle of clammy sweat, it’s relaxing even during summer games or functions.

The classy appearance of the NeueChair means it’s one of the finest gaming chairs in an office, too. Want a new work chair or workspace? This is an outstanding option, as it also boasts lumbar support, grippy armrests, and a hard-wearing metal frame for good measure.

Best Gaming Armchair

Cougar Ranger

Cougar Ranger Best Gaming Chair

Everyone’s ultimate dream is to get a gaming sofa in a racing theme, and although we’re not quite there yet, Cougar at least brought us a racing-style armchair. The Cougar Ranger is a gaming reclining armchair. It includes padded lumbar and neck protection, although the real chair padding is much stiffer than a comfy recliner would find.

The Cougar Ranger’s normal setup essentially makes you sit attentively. Of course, like a recliner, you can even lay in this chair, and it can tilt back to 160 degrees when you will only chill and enjoy live streams or Esports matches.

Best reclining gaming chair

Arozzi Verona Junior

Arozzi Verona Junior

If you’re a kid or well below the average adult, Arozzi has you covered. The racing-style chair of the Verona Junior is made for persons under 5-foot, 2-inch tall, which suggests you can rely on this chair molding to your body’s proportions—and you can actually hit the floor with your feet without having to reach your keyboard upwards.

It’s possible to curl up into a larger chair, but sitting with your body contorted in such a position for long periods will stress your joints, particularly your back. That’s not long-term safe. A narrower chair allows shorter individuals to hold their lower back better, keeping a neutral spine stance. The provided lower back cushion literally rests right at your lower back, so the chair helps keep you up—no sore back muscles struggling to hold a dancer-like pose for eight hours a day.

The shallower seat back helps you to sit in the chair all the way back, meaning extra protection for the hips and other joints that could have been achy with age if you’re a short adult. Also, the Verona Junior reclines to an incredible 165 degrees so you can sleep fearlessly.

Best Big and Tall Gaming Chair

Secretlab Titan XL 2020 Series

Secretlab Titan XL 2020 Series

We’ve always liked the Secretlab Titan enough to be our favorite pick, and it seems right that the same chair’s XL-version is our top choice for the best big and tall gaming chair. The Secretlab Titan delivers the same fluffy comfort and softness as its smaller compatriot, but it’s built on a much more robust frame that allows it to carry up to 390 pounds.

An expanded seat and a wider backrest are all for this chair. The Secretlab Titan XL provides a range of upholstery fabrics, but we prefer SoftWeave Fabric because it brings just the extra softness and improved breathability.


So these were some of the best PC gaming chairs of 2020. Whether you’re looking for the best budget gaming chair, the most comfortable gaming chair, or the best gaming chair for back pain, we’ve got you covered. We have mentioned different types of gaming chairs in the above article since different people have different preferences, and there’s a gaming chair for every one of you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best gaming chair?

A: You can find various gaming chairs in the market, but according to us, the Secretlab Omega is the overall best gaming chair of 2020. The Secretlab Omega is the strongest gaming chair we’ve seen this year and has made spending too much time at home much simpler.

Q: Are gaming chairs worth buying?

A: You would not want to spend the whole day playing games on a lousy chair that makes your back hurt or just isn’t that comfortable. The main reason to purchase a gaming chair is its design. This doesn’t mean gaming chairs aren’t convenient. A number of mid-to-high-end gaming chairs are quite comfortable, and that is why you should buy one.

Q: Are gaming chairs bad for your back?

A: No. Instead, gaming chairs are great for your back. They’re the ideal sitting disease cure. If you’re working or playing games for a couple of hours or longer, gaming chairs offer comfort to straighten your stance. They stimulate your core muscles, improving your feeling.

Q: How long do gaming chairs last?

A: Renowned gaming chairs last from 1-5 years. Reputable brands have accurate guarantees. You should hope gaming chairs from these brands last as long as the maker says. Cheap chairs under $200 normally last a year.

Q: How much weight can a gaming chair hold?

A: Many regular gaming chairs have a maximum weight of 250-300 pounds. These chairs often appear to be slim-fitting, suited to typical sizes below 6’0′′. Heavier consumers of larger weights should purchase a big and tall gaming chair. They have bigger seats and backrests.

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