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25 Best Face Swap App for Android and iOS

25 Best Face Swap App for Android and iOS

access_time August 12, 2022 remove_red_eye 1156 views

Pictures of face swapping are new trends on social media. A face swap app helps to interchange your face with another person in the photograph. It can often result in hilarious images but only when you do this properly. That’s why it is essential to use the best face swap app for Android or iOS devices. The article lets you know about the applications in 2022.

What is a Face Swap App?

A face swap app enables you to exchange your face with others. People find the images something of a fun meme. The applications are AI-generated and can take image & video manipulation to another level. You might want to learn about free hookup applications which properly work. It has become the new social media trend. Therefore, it is while you get into the action too.

Why is a Face Swap App Needed?

It helps to interchange your face with another face from a picture of a person or a celebrity. If you want to replace your face, these applications are helpful.

What is the Importance of Face Swap Apps?

Face swap apps help interchange one person’s face with another.

These can take image & video manipulation to another level.

Top 25 Face Swap Apps:

  1. Snapchat:

It is one of the most used face swap apps applications which enable you to interchange your face with friends with a simple filter. As Snapchat is not an application, it can provide you access to several features and Snapchat tricks. Although you don’t purchase into the platform’s trends, you must find the filters effective. This feature makes it an effective, versatile application.

However, it is not like other applications, as you need to do some digging while using the filter. First, you should move to the Explore section if you don’t find the filter in the camera interface. Next, your job is to look for the ‘Face swap’ option and add it to Favorites. Then, you can share the pictures clicked using the filter immediately with your friends. Besides, Snapchat allows you to install it for free on Android and iOS.

  1. Cupace:

This face swap android application is an excellent photo editor application featuring Paste Face. It can enable you to take the face in an image. After that, it helps to paste this on top of anyone else’s face. Cupace can extract faces from any picture, making it beneficial, even if you don’t want to go ahead with an application. Now, add it to any inanimate object.

Cupace enables you to cut a face from a picture. Hence, your job is to select the image where you are willing to paste it. After that, you should paste it onto that picture. If you are willing to make the method easier, the application enables you to magnify the picture. It ensures that the face cutout is very accurate. Your crop will be saved in the application as soon as you crop it. If you are willing, you should paste it into many pictures. Cupace allows you to download it for free on Android devices only.

  1. B612:

B612 is a simple image editor face swap online application with the help of which you can interchange faces in images and videos. The feature is suitable similarly as it works on Snapchat. Just choose the Face Swap effect within B612. After that, you can interchange faces with your friends or celebrities. It can give your friends and you some laughs while you’re at it. In addition, B612 is a fun image and video editor for Instagram Reels. Moreover, you can download it for free on iOS and Android devices.

  1. Face Swap Booth:

This one should be your choice if you are willing to use storage of faces to interchange anytime. Besides, it lets you add faces that you can include manually or let the application auto-detect them. In addition, it is possible to use various faces to interchange around various people and have fun. Furthermore, it is possible to swap with pre-loaded celebrities.

It comes with advanced editing tools, funny face masks, etc. Unfortunately, although it can be available for free, it’s fairly limited. Therefore, making an in-app purchase of $2.99 for the Premium version is essential. Thus, you can save unlimited images and faces, remove ads and watermarks, etc.

  1. Reface:

It is a deep fake application, but still, you can interchange your face with celebrities on videos and GIFs. Its earlier name was Doublicat. Besides, it can allow you to make quirky face swaps and share them with your friends. In addition, it is possible to get several GIFs and image collections that you can use to create new GIFs. Moreover, the developers try to add new templates daily. Therefore, you will not miss out on any upcoming content while using it.

  1. Face Swap App by Brain Craft Ltd:

What makes it unique is that it can detect faces automatically. As a result, the task becomes easy for you. In addition, it is possible to flip, rotate, and edit faces. Thus, you will get more control. With the help of its manual control, you can deal with group photos easily.

You can download it for iOS only. In addition, you can get an option to fine-tune skin color tone, effective while adding a few glamorous touches to the images.

This face swap app supports Facebook completely. Therefore, you can interchange your or your friends’ images. After that, if you want, you can blast these on social networking platforms. You can install it on iOS for free.

  1. Copy Replace Face:

Do you want to be a little creative? It is an excellent choice to make your images look standout. It helps to customize the entire appearance. For example, you can get an option to copy the face as the whole or parts of it, including eyes, lips, nose, etc. It becomes effective while crafting a unique-looking face. Moreover, this enables you to layer many faces on top of each other. Unfortunately, the download is only available for iOS.

  1. Reflect, a Realistic Face Swap

It is a highly rated application that makes most AI interchange faces with precision. You can manage the color and smoothness of the skin automatically. Thus, it becomes possible to produce a better-looking image. In addition, you can get an option to adjust the level to interchange. It indicates that you can select an option to go for a full-on modification or tone down the level to experience some realistic appearance.

Moreover, it comes with a built-in meme creator. Therefore, you can make exciting memes to share on social networking sites. It is available for both Android and iOS for free.

  1. Photo Face Swap:

It is another application for a similar purpose. What makes it unique is that you can use the application hassle-free. In addition, it features a Face Bomb Effect. It can put a face on all people in a picture.

  1. MixBooth:

Instead of interchanging faces, MixBooth mixes up these into one. You can add your photos and photos of other people. It can easily detect them and mix them up. Besides, MixBooth can mix with strangers or celebrities. In addition, you can download it for free on Android and iOS.

  1. Face Swap Live:

It uses those images which you have on your phone. Hence, you may take a selfie before applying the effect or put an existing one. However, you don’t need to worry as many effects are available. Select from the default ones or find a specific image. In addition, it works with both videos and stills. But regarding the accuracy, it falls a bit short.

  1. Instagram:

Instagram incorporates the preferable features from other applications. However, you may find issues locating the option to interchange in Instagram. If it is, then go through the instructions.

  • Your task is to launch Instagram.
  • After that, click Add to Story in the top-left corner under the profile picture.
  • Next, click on Camera.
  • While at the bottom, scroll the page to the right to see Browse Effects.
  • After that, look for the face swap.
  • Now, you should browse through options and choose a filter.
  • Then, click on the filter to use it.

You should know that Instagram enables you to do it without downloading a new application. You can always use different creative ways to add more to your Instagram story. In addition, it allows you to use filters for videos, images, etc.

  1. Face over:

It serves more as a photo-editing service compared to a photo-taking application. Therefore, it indicates that you can use it easily because it allows you to copy and paste directly from one picture onto another person’s head. In addition, it enables you to resize and trim the images to boost the picture quality.

It allows you to upload images directly and perform interchanging from multiple photos. Besides, you can get it available for $6.99, allowing for unlimited face swaps, no ads, and other premium features. In addition, the application is available for iOS only.

  1. Funveo:

It is called Banuba on Android. Rather than focusing on the feature, Banuba offers you access to plenty of face-altering filters and masks. But Funveo focuses mainly on the alteration of aesthetics. It is possible to upload images directly or take live selfies and videos. In addition, Funveo is accessible and handy for those willing to get the advantages of social media without consistent notifications.

Moreover, it is possible to send the images directly through a contact list except using any third-party social media platform. You can download it for free on Android and iOS. Subscription is available for iOS.

  1. Face Swap by Microsoft:

This cross-platform application developed by Microsoft works automatically. All you have to do is to snap a quick selfie. Then, your job is to look for a celebrity’s photo or anyone else’s that you want to use. After that, allow the application to do the remaining work for you. Suppose you are willing to make things even better, interchange many faces in a single photo.

It can find one automatically in pictures and place a new face over them. However, it doesn’t indicate that you will always get the perfect result. Therefore, it is essential to arm yourself with patience. Keep on trying until you feel confident to share an image on social media.

  1. Face App 4.2:

It supports both iOS and Android. But you can’t get the essential features meaning it couldn’t replace them. Remember that the free version provides only basic beautification tools. But if you are willing to gain access to all options, you should upgrade it to the pro version.

  1. Face Swap 4.3:

It supports only android devices and can offer multiple options. Select a motion face as you want and add it to the video. Besides, you can copy a face many times within a single video clip using the Face Clone feature. In addition, it features some decent photo editing tools. These help to boost the colors, add stickers and text overlays or apply filters to your pictures. Moreover, it lets you share your innovations on famous social media platforms within a few taps.

  1. MSQRD 4.3:

This face swap app on Android comes with plenty of entertaining features. For example, it can turn into a cute animal, a movie superhero, etc. Besides, it allows you to broadcast live videos on Facebook with a mask to cover. In addition, it has a rich filter gallery enabling you to create each 30-second video. Moreover, sharing images and videos you record and edit using MSQRD on the social network is possible.

  1. Face Swap Live 4.0:

You need to invest $1.12 money to use it. Remember that it is available only for iOS. It allows you to use it in real-time. As soon as you begin recording a video, it will do all the work for you. Besides, it can turn you into your favorite celebrity by interchanging faces. In addition, you can use the lite version. The file-sharing capabilities are excellent.

  1. iSwap Faces:

It can be your perfect choice as you can perform it easily within a minute. Hence, you are not required to choose the eyes, mouth, or nose. It can do everything for you automatically to make the procedure easier.

You can take an image in it or open up one from your gallery. After that, you can choose any of the available tasks. It is possible to share everything directly on social media platforms. You can download this exclusive iOS application.

  1. Face Changer:

It allows you to edit and have a lot of fun using rare & unexpected filters, masks, and stickers. If you can provide the correct light and placement, it can interchange faces immediately for you. Moreover, it allows you to generate short videos and share them on social networks after the interchange. You can download it on your android device for free.

  1. Faceapp:

Have you remembered that some months ago, Instagram and Facebook got swarmed with old photos of your friends, family, etc.? In this regard, you need to know that it was the reason behind it. Besides, it is a famous application coming with some unique features.

It lets you take a picture of yourself or from the camera roll. After that, you can apply these to make your appearance older, younger, etc. For example, it is possible to change hair color, add spectacles, change gender, etc. Machine learning and AI are useful in this case. In addition, it is available without ads and comes in a premium version. Moreover, it can put life to your images by making them smile, laugh, etc. You can download both free and paid versions on Android and iOS.

  1. MRRMRR:

You may think it is a typing error, but it is an excellent application to replace faces. Besides, MRRMRR is famous among iPhone users for its multiple unique features. As soon as you come in front of the Camera, it turns you into another person, like from Joker to Barack Obama.

The face detection technology can trace your facial features and expressions in real-time using several edits and techniques. In addition, it enables you to save and share the replaced images and video. Moreover, it offers many options giving four categories, including masks, emojis, filters, and effects, all in real-time. Remember that it can be used freely on iOS but not on Android.

  1. Face blender:

With the help of this selfie poster creator application, you can make fun images. Hence, you only need to replace your face with any picture. Moreover, you can find it user-friendly because it detects the user’s face on the template. Furthermore, it manages the orientation and angle to fit it into the frame.

You can click a photo and choose a template to blend your face on the template. But if you find the template unsuitable, you should add a few photos from the image gallery. You will get multiple templates to select. These can turn you into a runner, a pop star, or a celebrity. If you use Android, then it is free to use, but not on iOS.

  1. Photomontage:

It is a good photo editor which enables you to generate top-quality images. Unfortunately, the application can not detect images automatically. But its user-friendly interface can make it an expert within minutes of its usage.

You should upload a picture and use the rubber tool to remove the face. Then, import another picture and move it behind the real one. It is possible to manage any inaccuracies through the application’s tools. Moreover, photomontage allows you to share these pictures with your friends. Furthermore, it will enable you to edit photos manually. If you use Android, it is free to use, but not on iOS.


You must enjoy it while finding yourself turning into your favorite superstar. It is entertaining not only for you but also for your followers on social media. We recommend several faceswap applications. First, choose the face swap app you want to use. Then create accounts on social media, which becomes even more entertaining.

Frequently Asked Questions:

You can use any of our recommended ones for fun.

  • What app can you put your face on celebrities?

Face Swap Live, and Face Swap Booth are a few using which you can interchange faces with celebrities. Therefore, it is possible now to switch to any celebrity with an image search.

  • How do you blend two faces together?

If you are willing to blend two faces, use MixBooth. You can download this on both Android and iOS.


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