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Best Electric Scooter for Kids- Buying Guide

Best Electric Scooter for Kids- Buying Guide

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Riding  environment friendly, e-scooters is an excellent way of enjoying and having fun with your kids. If we compare it to kick ones, then it can be said that you don’t need to push off the ground while using it. Multiple choices and brands are there in the market. And that’s why it is more challenging for you to select the best electric scooter for kids. But before buying the right one, you need to make sure that you have checked the buying guide. Here, we have listed the top nine e scooters for kids. Let’s have a glance.

List  9 Best Electric Scooter for Kids

  • Hiboy S2 Lite
  • Razor Power Core E90
  • Razor E100 Glow Kids Electric Scooter
  • Segway Ninebot ES4
  • Swagtron Swagger
  • Segway Ninebot ZING E10
  • Mongoose React Electric Scooter
  • Viro Rides VR 550E

Top 9 Best Electric Scooter for Kids

  1. Hiboy S2 Lite – Best electric Scooter For Kids Overall

Hiboy S2 LiteDescription: Are you looking for an best electric scooter for kids? Then, Hiboy S2 Lite is an excellent option that you can give them as a surprise gift. In addition, Your kids can the utmost comfort and a stable ride by using this product. What makes the product remarkable is its Sophisticated but minimalistic style. Moreover, the super cool and large front headlight makes the product unique.

The battery enables you to cover up to 10.5 miles after getting charged. For regular commuting, Hiboy S2 Lite is an incredible one. The weight of the product is merely 21lbs. This product’s portable design allows the user to fold it within a second. As a result, it helps the kids take it anywhere.

Moreover, you can store it wherever you want. It contains a charger too. The user manual helps the beginners to learn how to use it.


Awesome Features: 

Specially designed for teens and adults – This product comes with a 250W motor that increases the speed up to 13 mph. The maximum range it can cover is about 10.6 miles. The maximum load it can carry is 180 lbs.

Elegant and unique design- Hiboy S2 Lite has a cool light at the front that comes with a fantastic design. The remarkable design makes the product exceptional from other scooters.

Portable – This kids e scooter is made of aluminum geometric design frames. The weight of the product is only 21 lbs. Teenagers love to choose the product as it weighs very light and can be folded with ease. This Hiboy S2 Lite comes with a dual braking system. The four lights enable you to drive at night. Besides, a ring bell is there on the handlebar.

Best gift for kids – It comes in different colors and sizes. These ones are perfect as a Birthday or Christmas surprise for toddlers.

Size: When you fold it, the size becomes 43.3×17.7×11 inchesBut usually, the size is 43.3×17.7×42.5 inches.

Charging time: It takes three hours to get fully charged.


  • Perfect gift for toddlers
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Elegant design


  • Not long-lasting
  1. Razor Power Core E90 – Premium Choice

Best Electric Scooter for Kids Razor Power Core E90Description: This Razor Power Core E90 e-scooter is mainly an upgraded version of this brand’s previous E90 model. In addition, this model designed for kids aged eight or above comes with a few developed features compared to the previous one. The speed is merely 10 miles per hour. It is one of the best electric scooter for kids.

The maintenance cost of Razor Power Core E90 is free. And these don’t have any chains. This product comes with a simple design and is exceptionally lightweight. The maximum weight it can carry is only 22 pounds.

Awesome Features:

Performance: You can enjoy your ride for up to 80 minutes by using this model. The unique kick-to-start hub motor can offer a stable and mellifluous ride to the users. It comes with an upgraded torque that can take your performance to the next level.

Wheels: The Razor Power Core E90 contains rear-wheel drive. It can give you more stability, traction, and control. You only need to kick off and push the throttle first. It gives you the feel of smooth acceleration. The range of the speed is up to 10 mph (16 km/h).

Construction: It comes with an all-steel frame and fork. The flat-free and airless rear tire make the product very durable. The energy of the Power Core hub motor is 90 watts. It offers a more efficient and maintenance-free ride. The product doesn’t provide any alignment, chain, or belt to adjust.


  • Durable
  • High-perfomancing motor


  • Not exact for the riders who weigh more than 120 pounds.
  1. Razor E100 Glow Kids Electric Scooter – Editors Choice

Best Electric Scooter for Kids Razor E100 GlowDescription: Razor E100 is perfect for toddlers aged eight years or more that. The product is equipped with the bigger front pneumatic tires. The size of the pneumatic front tire is 8″ (200 mm). It offers enough grip on the rough surfaces and permits the rider to enjoy a smooth journey.

The maximum speed of the kids e scooter is ten mph. The speed range is ideal for a young child. But these are not perfect for those who have a little bit of riding experience. The product has a top speed above 10 miles per hour, which is not safe. However, You need to charge it for at least 12 hours. The Razor E100 has a quiet chain-driven motor that makes very little noise. The product weighs more than 30 pounds.

Awesome Features:

Performance: There is a blue LED on the deck. As soon as you twist the throttle, the LED comes in ON mode. It makes your ride fun and enjoyable. You can enjoy a fun ride for up to 40 minutes by using this e-scooter.

Motor: this best electric scooter for kids has a kick-to-start motor of power 100-watt. The motor offers to speed up to 10 mph that is 16 km per hour. It is perfect for teens who want to experience a thrilling ride.

Brake: The brake type of Razor E100 is hand applied. And it has a twist-grip throttle that makes the ride safe.


  • Twist grip throttle
  • Hand-applied break
  • Perfect for kids aged eight and up


  • A few customers reported that the chain came off many times.
  1. GOTRAX GKS Electric Scooter for Kids

Best Electric Scooter for Kids GOTRAX GKSDescription: This GOTRAX GKS Electric Scooter is the most demanding one due to its outstanding design. What makes it so unique is the new Safe Start Technology. This technology ensures that the motor won’t work until the kid places both feet securely. When they keep their feet in the deck properly, it will start running. Besides, it comes with hard rubber wheels of size 6-inch. These wheels can make your ride smooth on paved areas. As a result, the product becomes perfect for bumpy sidewalks and streets.

The GOTRAX GKS Electric Scooter comes in four two-tone color combinations— red, pink, green, and blue. The superior quality frame of the product makes the product durable enough. It weighs only 17lbs that indicates your child can carry whatever they want. The model can load a maximum of 154lbs. The maximum height of the product is 5ft.

Awesome Features:

Two Ways to Have Fun – This one allows you to use it in both ways- as an electric and kick scooter. Here, you need to put your one foot first on the front button. And then, you need to kick push the scooter over 1.8mph. After that, you have to place the other foot on the gravity sensor. Thus, one can accelerate to 7. 5mph.

Enjoy A Safe Ride – If you want to make sudden stops, you need to follow a few steps. First, you need to lift your foot from the gravity sensor. After that, you need to put your foot on the rear brake. It ensures the user to make a safe stop.

Easy to use – GOTRAX GKS Electric Scooter is perfect for users aged 6-12 and up to 154lbs. And the product is very easy to assemble. It allows you to install it with ease using a few screws.

Battery: These contain a 50. 4Wh Li Battery. It is UL Safety Certified. The product comes with a 150 Watt 6″ Motor. The maximum speed is up to 7. 5mph. It is adorned with an aircraft-Grade Metal & V0 Fire Retardant Deck.

Construction:  It doesn’t come with any external cables. But it has an exceptional lightweight shell and a mind-grabbing design. Besides, it comes in a few color options that make it demanding.

Long-Range Riding Distance: It allows it to cover distances of up to 4 miles per charge. The high battery capacity of 25.2V helps in this case.

Wheels: The 6″ tenacious wheels make it perfect for use on bumpy sidewalks and streets.


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Four color combinations
  • 6″ Hard Rubber Wheel


  • Poor battery life
  1. Segway Ninebot ES4

Segway Ninebot ES4Description: This e scooter for kidscomes with lithium-ion batteries. It provides the additional force which can control the acceleration. And thus, it can give a smoother ride. Moreover, it offers a cruise control option that makes your ride comfortable. Now, you can enjoy a better grip using the textured anti-slip handle.

The maximum distance you can cover by Segway Ninebot ES4 is 18.6 miles/ per hour. However, it comes with a 28.0 Miles Range. It is equipped with 8″ front and 7.5″ rear large Solid Non-Pneumatic Tires.

Awesome Features:

Dual Batteries: These ones can boast up to 800W of power using the extra Lithium-Ion battery. The upgraded motor is helpful in this case also. The maximum speed of 18.6 mph allows you to cover long distances. It can endure a max load of 220 lbs.

Portable Folding Design: Ninebot Kick scooter weighs very light. It comes with a one-step folding system. You can use this product for regular commuting and store it easily in a small space.

Safe & Comfortable Riding: The front and rear wheels of Segway Ninebot ES4 is shock-absorbing. The big solid tires help the user to enjoy stable and smooth riding. This one is equipped with a mechanical and electrical anti-lock braking system. The product comes with additional features like Bluetooth capabilities, cruise control, customizable light colors, and mobile app connectivity.

Manage Your Every Trip: It has its mobile APP. It enables you to manage your ride anytime and anywhere only using a quick fingertip.

LED light: This one comes with LED Front and Rear Light. These help to drive safely in low light conditions.

Superior Technology: What makes it very unique is its built-in LED display. In the display, you can see your riding speed. Even you can see how much charge the battery has. It helps you to keep updated regarding battery life. There is a power button on it. You only need to turn on the headlight with one quick click. Moreover, you can customize the color of the lights as per your style and demand.


  • Built-in LED display
  • Bluetooth capabilities
  • Mobile app connectivity
  • Portable
  • One-step folding system


  • Screws get loose after a few usages.
  • Not long-lasting.
  1. Swagtron Swagger— Lightest Electric Carbon Fiber Scooter 

Best Electric Scooter for Kids Swagtron SwaggerDescription: If you prefer elegant but straightforward models, then this one is for you. The Integrated Battery Management system makes the product exceptional. Swagtron Swagger usually takes about 3.5 hours to get fully charged. These come in black color. The weight of the product is 17.26 pounds, whereas the frame material is carbon fiber.

The tenacious wheels of this product allow the riders to enjoy smooth rolling. The highest speed of Swagtron Swagger is 15mph.

Awesome Features:

Easy to operate: You only need to press the power button first. And then, move it by pressing the throttle. You need to use hand brakes to slow it down.

Shock absorbing: The electric hub motor of power 250W allows for speeds up to 15 miles per hour. It comes with a shock absorber. The absorber helps in tackle bumps and gravel.

Smart battery management: Swagtron Swagger comes with a smart battery management system. This one can monitor and protect against overvoltage, overheating, and over-current.

LED display: The product offers a backlit LED display. It helps you to see your speed. Moreover, it can set the cruise control and display battery life. You can see here an ultra-bright LED headlight.

Frame: Swagtron Swagger uses a carbon fiber frame that can support up to 250 lbs.

Eco-conscious: These ones are 100% electric. It also saves the environment from pollution by making zero emissions.

Safe enough: It is UL 2272 certified. This one comes with a few redundant safety mechanisms.

Control panel: The control panel of the product allows you to check the battery life and speed.


  • Backlit LED light
  • Durable enough
  • ultra-bright LED headlight
  • Carbon fiber frame


  • A few users reported that the back foot brake gets broken off suddenly
  1. Ninebot ZING E10

Best Electric Scooter for Kids Ninebot ZING E10Description: The 150W powerful motor allows you to reach up to 10 miles per hour. You can travel up to 6.3 miles carrying a max load of 132 lbs. The brand that offers a three-month warranty on several parts are perfect for kids and teens with a height of 4’3″- 5’3″.

Awesome Features:

Brake:Ninebot ZING E10 comes with both an electric brake and a mechanical brake that make it very useful. This one has a 6.2 miles maximum range, whereas the highest speed is ten mph.

One-Click Switch: It has three riding modes— sports, cruise, and safety. You can click the button after riding.

Reflective stickers: The 3M reflective sticker of the product offers high reflectivity, a wide reflection angle, and strong adhesion. These offer the rider more safety and security.

Cool Light: This Ninebot ZING E10 comes with colorful chassis lights that seem very eye-catching when gliding.

Thumb-Throttle: This feature helps the riders to control the driving speed. Therefore, they can enjoy their riding.

Shock Absorption System: The product comes with a spring shock absorption system that offers you a more comfortable and mellifluous riding experience. The high elastic rubber tires help you to ride smoothly.

Sturdy construction: The slim body of the product is equipped with aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. It can load up to 1320 lbs that is 600 in kgs. This one has passed the 1200 miles endurance test also. Compared to other products, the load capacity of this product is far superior.

Safe & Comfortable Riding: What makes Ninebot ZING E10 most demanding is its high-performance handbrake system. The system contains the EBS energy recovery brake function also. There is a brake function even in the rear fender. Front wheels include a spring damping system, and the damping system offers you a smoother ride.

Foldable: It comes with a slim and lightweight design. You can fold it easily. The weight of Ninebot ZING E10 is only 18.7 lbs. Its exceptional design and portability make the product most-demanding. However, these are very compact, easy to carry, and convenient to store in the trunk.


  • Integrated battery design
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Sturdy construction


  • Speed is very slow.
  1. Mongoose React Electric Scooter For Kids

Mongoose React Electric ScooterDescription: Mongoose React comes in both Blue and Grey colors. This product is equipped with tenacious polyurethane wheels. Aluminum constructs the frame of this product.

To get fully charged, it takes five hours. At the same time, the highest range of this product is 7.5 miles. It contains a full-coverage deck. These are perfect for kids eight years old or more than that. It can support weight up to 120lb. The dimensions of Mongoose React is 30 x 14 x 13.5 inches.

Awesome Features:

Powerful Motor: It comes with a low-maintenance and ultra-quiet kick-start-belt-drive motor. It has a maximum speed of 6 miles per hour. When you need the speed, you need to kick to start the scooter. And then, you have to push the button throttle to accelerate.

Battery: It is equipped with a long-lasting lead-acid battery that allows you to travel up to 7. 5 miles on a single charge. The Mongoose React contains a Charger also.

Wheels and Brake: The size of the urethane wheels is 145 mm. These wheels allow users to enjoy a smooth and stable ride. Besides, there is a rear foot brake, which ensures that you can stop it safely.

Other features: The lightweight aluminum frame of the Mongoose React makes it very easy for transportation. You can store this product easily.


  • Lightweight frame
  • Rear brake system
  • Urethane wheels
  • Long-lasting lead-acid battery


  • A few users reported that Mongoose React doesn’t work correctly.
  1. Viro Rides VR 550E

Viro Rides VR 550E

Description: The Viro Rides VR 550E comes with an impressive design and reliable technology. The maximum speed is up to 10 miles per hour run time of the product is about 40 minutes.

Viro Rides VR 550E is equipped with durable polyurethane tires. The tires offer enough grip while riding on bumps surface. There is a hand-operated front brake also that helps to stop the scooter. It comes with an emission-free chain driver motor. Besides, this product has high visibility LED lights that offer cool “ground effect” lighting.

Awesome Features:

Performance: The running time is 40 minutes, which allows you to explore up to six miles with a full battery charge.

Brakes: Hand-activated rear safety brakes allow the users to slow down the speed or stop whenever required.

Safe Design: It has a fully-enclosed motor and a chain drive. Both of these can keep the fingers safe.

LED Lights: With the help of the LED lights, you can roll in the darker area.

Kickstand: The kickstand of the product allows it to stand whenever you need it. This one contains a durable spring-loaded foldaway mechanism.


  • Kickstand
  • Fully-enclosed motor
  • Thumb-control throttle
  • Stylish Cruising
  • Hand-activated rear safety brakes


  • Adjustable height and mini bike mode are absent

 Buyers Guide

When choosing any product for your child, you need to ensure that you have checked all the product’s necessary details and the buying guide before purchasing. In this case, you need to make sure that your buying product comes with proper safety techniques. This one is the main thing that you need to consider.


The motor is the one that gives power. But it varies from one model to another. Heavier ones have a higher power. Therefore, you will get more speed. These ones are either brushed or brushless. Brushless engines are better in this case. The watts usually varies from 250 to 550 Watts. How better the performance you will get depends on how you use it. Lower power is beneficial for an 8-years old toddler.

Chain Drive:

It is also a vital factor that you need to consider. Moreover, these drives are very reliable and last for a long time. But these ones make noise. A belt drive is a perfect option in this case. Those who don’t want noise can go for belt drive. But when it comes to performance, chain drives are the exact one.


In most cases, the batteries are lead-acid or lithium-based. Lead-acid batteries are very cheap and last for 3-5 years. On the other hand, Lithium-based batteries are much costlier. But these weigh lighter than lead-acid. These can offer consistent performance during the rides.


It is the primary part that you must not overlook. Usually, a low-quality frame doesn’t last for a long time. That’s why, before buying, you have to consider this factor. The product constructed with high-quality tubular steel can last long and durable enough. You must check the quality of the deck and handlebar also before buying.


People often ignore this factor while buying the best electric scooter for kidsHowever, before choosing the right one, you should consider the braking system. The product you will buy should definitely have an effective brake system. With its help, the users can slow down the speed or stop in a controlled manner. Both the front and rear end wheels is equipped with Disc brakes and V brakes. But the brakes located on the front wheels are not so useful. Because while applying these, the ride stops abruptly. Therefore, the rider loses his balance and may get injuries also by falling. Models that have hand-applied brakes are very safe and convenient.

Charging Times: 

Usually, these products take almost 12 hours to get fully charged. But a few models are there that have very powerful batteries. These take a maximum of eight to ten hours.

Foldable or Not Foldable: 

Most of the motorized scooters are large. And due to that, these can’t be folded. However, a few brands are there that offer an easy folding mechanism. It helps you to carry the product from one place to another. Therefore, you don’t need to park them. The folding mechanism allows you to fold it within a few seconds. By folding, you can save space also.

Maximum Weight Capacity: 

Which type of scooter you will choose usually depends on the rider’s weight. It is seen that most of the models can carry a maximum weight of 220 pounds. It is above average human weight. However, a few are there that have a lower capacity. So, you need to choose those ones that come with heavyweights. Those models which have a lower capacity might not last long. Moreover, you will get disappointing performance in buying those ones.


Electric ones are costly. Most of the high-end brands are over $500. But Razor e-scooters are budget-friendly. Even a few of them cost less than $200. This brand offers cheaper items without compromising durability and style. Those who have a limited budget can go for the Razor brand.

How to choose the best electric scooter for your kid

There are three things to consider before buying an electric scooter for your toddler.

Weight of the kid: Plenty of options are there that have a weight limit of 120 pounds. In case your kid weighs less than that, the school bag pushes it over the limit.

Age of your child: These are suitable for kids ages eight and up.

The distance your kid will cover: When you buy, choose that one which can cover a longer distance. A scooter covering better range is always the right choice.

Safety tips for children

 Always wear safety gear: 

59% of parents said that their child wears helmets while riding a bike, skateboard, or scooter. It is imperative to wear a helmet as it protects your head from serious injuries. The Woom helmet is a perfect choice in this case. It can cover the back part of the head and offer full coverage to your head. Make sure that your toddlers have put on pair of elbow and knee pads. These can protect the knee and elbow portion and offers additional safety to your kids. Your kids should wear a set of wrist guards also.

Add bells, horns, and lights: 

Many scooters don’t come with bells, horns, or lights. You can buy all of these things online or at a local bike shop. Always keep a bell to the handlebars.

Check local laws and regulations: 

A few people are not aware of the traffic laws. Before starting your ride, make sure that you have gone through the traffic rules properly. You can map out a route that doesn’t have heavy traffic.

Learn to use hand signals: 

Your kid should know how to use hand signals. DMV-mandated signals instruct to turn left, right, and stop while riding an e-scooter.

Avoid hauling extra weight: 

Your child usually goes to school with a backpack. Ensure that you are not hanging a bag, or even a sweater, on the handlebars. Otherwise, the scooter will throw off balance.

Check for defects: 

While installing the product, you need to perform a visual inspection first. Make sure that everything is connected correctly. Then, you need to charge the battery. Then, you need to check the brakes and throttle.

Teach your kid how to ride correctly:

You should allow your children for a few test runs. It helps them to learn how to take off while riding safely. They can know when to hit the brakes. The user manual can let you know about the safety instructions.

Electric Scooter Safety

You should use those ones that allow the users to adjust the speed. Always wear a helmet and other safety gear. And you must not ride by drinking alcohol.

Electric scooter weight limit

This product’s maximum weight carrying capacity is from 220 lbs (100 kg) to 550 lbs (250 kg). In case you are an adult, then you need to look for the large ones. Although, a few brands are now manufacturing electric scooters that can carry up to 250 kgs (550 lbs)

Finding the Best Electric Scooter for Kids

Maximum speed: A few models are there that can go fast. Those models that come with large motors are usually expensive. These can go up to 15 miles per hour usually. However, a few models are there that can run up to 20 miles per hour. But the speed is not suitable for kids younger than eight years old. The maximum speed of 5 miles per hour is ideal for toddlers. If your child has previous experience, then ten mph is perfect.

Maximum weight: Make sure that your scooter can carry sufficient weight. But the cheap ones have a less weight carrying capacity.

Charge time and range: An electric scooter doesn’t usually need too much time for charging. However, a few are there that require up to twelve hours to get fully charged.

What Kind of Safety Equipment Is Needed When Riding Electric Scooters?


It is the heart of any scooter that helps to power the wheels. But the power usually varies. The heavier ones have more power. A scooter having more power allows driving fast. A powerful one can carry extra weight too. But these are not ideal for young kids. Instead, these are suitable for teenagers who prefer fast riding.


Battery is also another vital component because it is the one that powers the motor. These are always rechargeable. A few batteries can last for years and don’t need to replace. On the other hand, a few can die or under-perform within a few months. How long a battery can hold the charge depends on the quality of the battery. However, you can buy lithium batteries. These are costlier but can last longer.

Chain drive:

The motor connects to a wheel using a chain. It is called a chain drive. But it is not available for all cases. A few brands use the belt that is fine for occasional use. Usually, those are chain-driven is more reliable. Even these ones have greater longevity. But these ones make noise, which is their most significant drawback. If you don’t prefer noise, then go for a belt-driven one.


It helps to stop and slow down the scooter to a comfortable speed. The electric ones come with disc or V-shaped brakes. Rear brakes can give you a more controlled, gradual stop.

Frame and fork:

These are the things that hold the scooter. If these are of low quality, then the life span is short. You should use high-quality steel and a sturdy deck. A durable frame and fork mean the higher weight can be carried with ease.


Electric scooters can offer great fun to your toddlers. But it is necessary to teach your kid how to use it safely. They need to wear a helmet and other protective gear. And they must not ride in heavy traffic areas. But before choosing the best electric scooter for kids, you need to check whether the product comes with a powerful motor, a durable frame, and a good battery.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What Age is Appropriate For an Electric Scooter?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, known as AAP, kids under sixteen should not have a driving license. They are too young to have it. Those should not ride or drive on motorized or e-scooters. In case, they have learned all the safety factors and are ready to operate the product, they can start riding at the age of 8.

  • Are Electric Scooters Safe For Children?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), kids under sixteen should not operate e-scooters. Otherwise, they can get injuries like severe fractures and head injuries.

  • What is the Best Electric Scooter for 8-year-old Kids?

The best electric scooter for eight-year-old kids are as follows:-

  1. Razor E100
  2. Pulse Performance
  3. Gotrax GKS
  4. Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro
  5. The Razor Power Core E90
  6. Razor E100 Glow
  7. Swagtron Glide SK3.
  • Is an Electric Scooter Suitable for a 5 Year Old Kid?

Yes, these are suitable for the age. Kids can ride because these are safe and easy to handle. But before buying, you need to consider some factors— weight, height, and speed.

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