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8 Best Audio Player for windows 10

8 Best Audio Player for windows 10

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Are you a music lover who is searching for the best audio player for windows 10?


Are you striving to find out the best music players for windows 10?

Then you have come to the perfect place. In this post, you’ll find out the Best Audio Player for windows 10 in 2020 to enjoy your music.

Generally, most people love listening to music and spend a lot of time enjoying the music from Audio player apps in their office, home or at public places. Some people might even spend a lot of money on buying the curated music collection and store them on their Windows device.

Even after storing the music collection, people need to have a great Audio Player or music player to play that music file with ease. Best music player apps always help users to add the playlist of their favourite songs, Add song to favorite, organize them in their library and so on.

With all these features, people love to check out the best audio players for windows 10 devices. If you’re in search of the Best Audio Player for windows 10? Then don’t worry, in this post, you’ll find 10 Best Audio Player for windows 10 in 2020.

Generally, finding the best music player apps is a daunting task, particularly after having a wide range of Audio players in the market. So, we have made this process simple by our research. We’ve done our research and picked the best music players in 2020.

Let’s check out the Best Audio Player for windows 10 in 2020?

Best Audio Player for windows 10 in 2020:

We’ve checked different Audio Players and tested their features and performance to find out the Best Audio Player for windows 10. Let’s get into the post of best music players for windows 10.

Music Bee- Best Audio Player for Windows 10:

Musicbee is one of the Best Audio Player for windows 10 in 2020 mainly because of its features. This software has been on the market from the past decade, and it works pretty well with all versions of windows.

Musicbee is built using the BASS Audio Library and its a freeware media player for windows 10, 8, 7 users. This specialized software makes it easy to manage music files and play them on your computer. Apart from that, this exclusive music player app also makes it easy to find all the music files on your computer.

It supports podcasts, SoundCloud integrations and web radio stations as well. Musicbee is simple, powerful and blazingly fast so you can play music the way you want. You can even use auto-tagging to clean up all the messy music libraries.

The clean and simple user interface makes you fall in love with this best Audio player. It supports various audio formats such as Mp3, Mp2, AAC, WMA, WAV, FLAC, M4A, OGG, APE and more. The other attractive feature you should be checking out is its appearance change feature. You can choose from the available skins or even download add-ons as well.


  • Highly Customizable Options
  • Fine-tune your sound with 10-band or 15-band equalizer and other DSP effects.
  • Use high-end audio cards with ASIO Support.
  • Listen to music without interruption with its gapless playback feature.
  • Supports Winamp Plugin and all other music formats.

Foobar 2000:

When you are looking at the simple and clean music players for your windows 10? Then you should consider Foobar. This audio player has formed its cult following since its inception mainly because of its additional features. The modular design of this simple audio player for windows 10 makes this software more accessible than other software to play music and use its features.

This Foobar is available for all windows platforms, and you’re lucky enough to use it freely in windows 10 as well. You can install this audio player app by portable installation and can even find this app Microsoft store. Apart from that, it’s also available for Andriod and IOS users as well.

Lots of people love the Foobar2000 apps minimalistic interface. This app supports a wide range of audio formats such as Mp3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, WAV, AAC, Opus, Speex and more. Besides, it supports automatic meta import and CD ripping as well.

You can access compressed archives like 7z, WinRAR, gzip and more through foobar2000. If you love to use keyboard shortcuts then you can use foobar2000 default shortcuts, you can even customize them as you wish. With all these features you can call this software the best audio player for windows 10.


  • Play continues music with its Gapless playback feature.
  • Quickly customize user interface layout according to your wish.
  • Use advanced tagging capabilities of foobar2000.
  • It supports Cd ripping and transcoding all supported audio formats by using the converter component.
  • Easily customizable keyboard shortcuts.
  • Use ReplayGain Support.


Dopamine is a famous open-source music player for windows. This is a classic app that looks clean and has an excellent user interface. It’s best for organizing and listening to music hassle-free.

This app isn’t available on the Microsoft store you have to download it from the official site or other sites like filehippo. Dopamine is one of the best alternatives to the windows media player. The best features of Dopamine keep this app among the best music player apps for windows 10.

This music player supports a wide range of audio formats such as Mp4, WMA, FLAC, OGG, AAC, M4A, WAV, APE and more. Besides, these features you will find other features such as meta-tagging, displaying lyrics, last.FM scrobbling and more. With all these features, Dopamine can be the best music players for windows 10.


  • It supports Wav, mp3, mp4, Ogg, Vorbis, WMA, ape, opus, FLAC and aac formats.
  • Choose appearance from the pre-built themes, or you can even follow the colours of the window.
  • Simple setup wizard.
  • Automatic updates
  • Smart playlist option.
  • Find music through its smart finder option.


iTunes is one of the most famous music players for windows in 2020. Usually, it is a renowned music player for Mac users but its features and performance has gained lots of popularity in Windows users as well.

However, it won’t work as good as it worked on Mac Os. But, still, it has a pretty handy audio player when compared to other audio players. It’s growing demand and love has made me include this audio player in this list of Best Audio Player for windows 10.

Almost all people know about this software because it’s that famous. Most of the people choose this iTunes to solve their different types of music needs. With this, you can play your music that is locally stored. If you do have a subscription, then you can take full advantage of it.

This audio player supports all popular formats such as Mp3, WAV, AIFF, AAC, and Apple Lossless. Along with that, it provides an easy way to organize your songs in the library.

iTunes lets you stream music from other devices on your local network using a special feature called “home-sharing”. This player has an equalizer, compact mode, metadata import and more options. Unlike other software, iTunes gets regular updates as Apple backs it.


  • Compact mode and metadata import options are helpful.
  • It has the ability to crossfade songs.
  • iTunes has a sound enhancer.
  • Stream music or share it with the help of the Home Sharing option.
  • iTunes has a parental tab that can disable podcasts and other shared libraries.
  • Play favourite artists’ latest songs on iTunes.
  • Simple setup wizard.
  • Regular updates


Clementine is other opensource software you should consider while you are looking for Best Audio Player for windows 10 in 2020. This app has some decent following because of it’s easy to use interface and neat navigation structure.

Although this might not be a good looking app like iTunes and Musicbee, but it offers some great features and library management aspects to the users. In this music player, there is a built-in file manager, that gives you access to the audio content in lots of online streaming services like RockRadio, SoundCloud, RadioTunes and more.

With this tool, you can configure Clementine apps to give access to your owned music that is stored on cloud drives such as Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive, Box and more.

If you’re searching for the free audio players for windows 10 that comes with all handy features? Then Clementine is the perfect fit for you as it has all features such as equalizer support, and even support all kinds of audio formats. The best part is you can use the Android device as a remote control for Clementine as well. This app works on cross platforms so you can use it on Android, Mac, and windows as well.


  • Cross-platform audio player with standard features.
  • Easily search and play your local music library.
  • Stream Internet radio from Spotify, SomaFM, Grooveshark,, Jamendo, Soundcloud, Icecast, and more.
  • You can search and play songs the music you have uploaded from Box, Google Drive, Dropbox and OnedDrive.
  • Create Smart Playlists and play audio CDs.
  • Supports a wide range of audio formats and transcodes music into Mp3, Ogg Speex, Flac or AAC.
  • Remote control app using Android device.
  • You have a Queue manager as well.

Media Monkey:

Media Monkey is another smart free music player software that can help you organize and play your music. This audio player has lots of features you love and particularly its performance is excellent. You can easily manage 100,000+ music and video files without bogging down. That’s why people love to choose this best audio player for windows in 2020.

Media Monkey can play numerous audio formats and can be called as the perfect alternative to the Windows media player. This player can tag audio files, and help you sync your files with other devices as well.

With Media monkey audio player you can stream audio over your networks or even rip CDs and burn music to DVDs to CDs. Besides these, there are many other features in MediaMonkey you have to check out.

Media monkey’s free version is more than enough for music lovers if you want to use more features than you should choose its premium version. With all these features surely this is the best fit for this list of Best Audio Player for windows 10 in 2020.


  • Media Monkey can effortlessly Manage 100,000+ music and video files without bogging down.
  • You can record CDs and download music.
  • Quickly manage any audio or video according to genres such as classical, rock, hip-hop, podcast and more.
  • It can show lyrics and use other metadata to simplify your organizing work.
  • You can sync music with MediaMonkey for Android via Wi-Fi Sync.
  • Share files via DLNA and Convert Mp3, Mp4, M4A, and other data to supported devices.

Best Audio Player for windows 10- VLC Media Player:

VLC Media player is one of the popular audio players which most of the people love to use. I think I don’t have to say about VLC players as most of us are already using this media player to watch videos on our desktops and Android devices.

VLC tops almost all lists of best media players for Windows 10 but coming to the audio players they are other software that can be handy. However, VLC can still be the best audio player for windows 10, so I’m listing it on my list.

VLC is an open-source software that can handle all the people’s needs. You can create song playlists out of your local music collection and even stream it over other networks as well.

VLC also has access to online radio services that users love to access. Apart from these, it has a built-in equalizer that is used for advanced audio management. People like this particular app because it plays all the audio and video formats. So, you don’t have to worry about the audio format at all. With all these best features, you can easily consider this app as the Best Audio Player for windows 10.

All platforms support this software such as windows, macOS, Linux, Android, Chrome OS, Apple TV and windows phone.


  • VLC plays all files, discs, webcams and streams.
  • All audio formats are supported in this software.
  • It’s supported by a different platform such as Windows, Mac, Android, ChromeOS and more.
  • VLC play has advanced control that controls the audio correctly.
  • Play local music collection or even stream it over other networks.
  • It has an equalizer and an audio management feature as well.

Best Audio Player for windows 10 Spotify:

Spotify is another best audio player for Windows in 2020. A lot of people love to install the Spotify streaming service on Android devices and iOS. But, a few might not know about the Spotify’s windows app that can be a great windows player app.

This app not only brings a wide range of collection but also allows you to play all the local content similar to the other apps. You can find this app on windows 10 store or even download it on its site. This app can sync your account and also adds “friends activity” on your desktop.

Besides all these features it can help you opt for a private session and play offline songs or listen to a podcast or do more. This is literally the best app where you can stream millions of songs and play saved music. It’s entirely a free audio player for windows 10.


  • Plays local music that is stored.
  • You can stream millions of songs online because of its wide range of songs collection.
  • Download songs and listen offline.
  • Create Private playlists.
  • Share friends’ activities with the help of “Friends Activities” feature.


These are the Best Audio Player for windows 10 to watch in 2020. Although they are other music players such as AMP player, windows media player, Grove music player and so on, I mentioned these because these are the best music players for windows 10.

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