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Best 10 Student Laptops 2019

Best 10 Student Laptops 2019

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Any student out there knows how much a laptop means to them. Students need laptops for their studies, entertainment and much more. So getting the right laptop is key. But how do you select which is the right one for you? There are a number of laptops out there catering to every need and fancy out there, suiting various budgets. So in the end how do you know which one is the best for you. In this list we have compiled the best 10 student laptops 2019 to meet your every need and of course, budget. Without wasting further time let’s see what 2019 has in store for us in the laptop department.

First in the List- Dell XPS 13:

This laptop is one of the best student laptops that you can ever possibly get your hands on. It’s fast, efficient and gets the job done without much hassle. What more can you ask for in a laptop? It comes with an 8th gen Intel core i5- i7 processor and a UHD graphics 620 gaming card to meet all your light gaming needs.

Dell XPS 13 Student Laptops 2019

To get all your streaming and vlogging done just add in a webcam and the 13.33 inch Full HD display and you’ve got a powerhouse at your fingertips. While it may have all this going on for it. It is more on the expensive side. While you do have to spend more on it, this investment will be more than worth it.

Acer Chromebook 15:

This laptop may be cheap but its functioning is anything but. While it may not come with a slew of features it still has Chrome OS running through out, giving you high performance guaranteed.

Acer Chromebook 15 Student Laptops

The 15.6 inch display screen is the real eye catcher here. While the display is something that you’ll really appreciate, we can’t say the same about the speakers though. They sound weak and trebly. But getting a laptop at this price means everything goes as long as you get the job done, right? This is the best laptop in 2019 for those sticking to a budget and who don’t really need the extra frills.

Huawei Matebook X Pro student laptops 2019:

Huawei Matebook X Pro

The Huawei Matebook X Pro is not only fast but one of the most powerful machines out there. If you’re going to start your career then why not start it with a blast with this Huawei Laptop? This laptop not only scores in the looks department but also has a lot going in within that’ll make you whistle in appreciation. It comes with a solid GeForce MX 150 2Gb GDDR5 GPU and a 13.9 inch display in 3K. This laptop also comes with a battery that will meet all your all-nighters.

HP pavilion 14 on this list best student laptops 2019:

HP pavilion 14

This is your no nonsense kind of laptop. While it may not come with all the best features it still is your go to get- the- job- done laptop. It has sturdy quality and decent specs that would fit any studious student’s kit.

Samsung Notebook 9 the 2018 edition student laptops-

Samsung Notebook 9

Samsung’s latest 2018 edition laptop is one of the best laptops out there. It combines impressive performance with the very latest in specs. No wonder it is pegged as one of the best student laptops of 2019. The Intel Core i7 CPU gives you some top end performance while on the gaming side of things you have the Nvidia GeForce MX150. The 15 inch Full HD LED display will make your mouth drop. Plus it’s a Samsung machine what could go wrong anyway?

Best 10 student laptops 2019- Lenovo Yoga 530:

Here you’ve got a laptop cum tablet. With today’s student you need to be versatile and flexible and this laptop meets all those requirements superbly. The great thing about flexibility and this laptop cum tablet is just that- its flexibility. You can take it in tablet form in a lecture or seminar or even put it in mountain mode to watch movies. Every student needs their break once in while don’t they?

Best 10 Student Laptops 2019

As for specs this laptop will handle anything you give it with ease.

Best 10 student laptops 2019- Dell XPS 15

This Dell is much like its older sibling the Dell XPS 13 but only better. It is a powerhouse of sorts. This laptop comes with an InfinityEdge display that is soft on the eyes especially for those long and grueling hours spent in front of it.

Dell XPS 15

Plus to make it even more easy on the eyes the display is in 4K. The Nvidia GTX 960M can handle just about any game you throw at it as long as it’s in 1080 p.

MacBook Pro 15 inch (2018):

MacBook Pro 15

If you’re a graphics design student or anyone studying on that end of the spectrum then this is the laptop for you. It has some of the best specs on the list and can handle hard tasks with ease. The Intel Core i7 –i9 processors ensure that your programs run with ease. The AMD Radeon Pro 555X GPU will handle your most demanding graphic needs.

Microsoft Surface Go:

Microsoft Surface Go

This is your lightweight sought of laptop. It great for simple everyday tasks plus it doubles up as a tablet to meet all your entertainment needs. This laptop is great for those shopping on a tight budget.

Another Microsoft on the List of best 10 student laptops 2019- Microsoft Surface Pro:

This laptop is a sure step up from the last one in terms of performance and capabilities. This laptop comes with an Intel Core m3 i7 CPU and a fan-less cooling system for silent functioning. This two in one laptop is the go to laptop when it comes to working in-transit. It can flip easily back and forth without missing a beat.

This is our list of best 10 student laptops 2019. These laptops are capable of meeting every need and budget out there. Hope it helps!


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