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Top 5 Best Smart Air Conditioners of 2018

Top 5 Best Smart Air Conditioners of 2018

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Best Smart Air Conditioners of 2018

Summer is finally here and while it may spell a cool vacation, poolside parties and holidays for some, for most it is the most dreaded season ever. Between sweat pouring from us and feeling drained we just miss those winter months. All we can think of is coming home to a cooled  AIR CONDITIONERS house or office and being out of the heat. So From summer to us we bring you our Best Smart Air Conditioners for the year 2018.When we think of buying an  Air Conditioners we think of our the high electricity cost and decide then not to go in for an  Air Conditioners after all, but let me tell you there are some really good models out there that help you save on your  Air Conditioners bill and we’re here to let you know of the best  Air Conditioners that not only help keep that bill in check but also those you can connect to the WiFi.

Topping the Best Smart Air Conditioners list is the Frigidaire FGRC1044T1 10,000 BTU Smart Window Air Conditioner:

Frigidaire FGRC1044T1

You can keep cool this summer with this smart  Air Conditioners. It has 10,000 BTUs which basically means it has enough power to cool a room the size of 450 feet, so that means most bed rooms and halls will be covered. Since this  Air Conditioners on the best  Air Conditioners list is smart, you connect to it through your WiFi. It does not matter whether you’re an android or iOS person either, both work with this smart  Air Conditioners.

You can change modes, adjust the speed of the Smart Air Conditioner or even switch it on or off all from the luxury of your phone. If you’re still not sold on this  Air Conditioners then we have to say it is even compatible with Alexa, so now there’s no need to lift a finger too.

Coming to the electricity bill, these smart Air Conditioners are the best for not nothing. It comes with a 12 star rating and is the most energy efficient window Air Conditioners so far. The Air Conditioners also comes with an antibacterial removeable mesh so you don’t need to worry about hygiene too much. This smart Air Conditioners on the best smart Air Conditioners list will cost you $399.

Second on the Best Smart Air Conditioners list is the LG Electronics LP1415WXRSM:

best smart Air Conditioners LG Electronics LP1415WXRSM

So you need an  Air Conditioner that will cool down a larger space and fast, well we have for you the LG smart  Air Conditioners while on an average you may not need an extra powerful  Air Conditioners since most  Air Conditioners can cool down bed rooms and such but what if you have a larger space, then you can opt in for the LG smart  Air Conditioners that has 14,000 BTU that can keep a space of above 500 sq. ft. cool.

It is rollable and can easily be placed in any corner of the house you so wish. From the LG smart  Air Conditioners app you can control everything form humidity settings to fan speeds from anywhere in the world. This smart  Air Conditioners will cost you $600.

Something Quirky for the Best Smart  AIR CONDITIONERS list- Quirky Aros:

best smart Air Conditioners Quirky Aros

While most air conditioners in the smart range have not much to differentiate it from another smart  Air Conditioners, leave it to Quirky to come up with something new. This smart  Air Conditioners takes into account your location and how might you ask? It connects to the GPS in your phone and knows when you leave the house or office and switches the smart  Air Conditioners off or on accordingly thus, keeping your house cool and ready for your arrival.

This is not all either, this smart  Air Conditioners on the best smart  Air Conditioners list keeps track of when you use you’re  Air Conditioners the most and for the next month switches the  Air Conditioners on or off depending on past usage. Besides this, it checks the weather outside and decides when you might need cooling and powers on automatically. For all this smartness you can get this  Air Conditioners for $1,299.

Another Frigidaire on the best smart  Air Conditioners list- Frigidaire Cool Connect:

best smart Air Conditioners Frigidaire Cool Connect

It is no surprise that Frigidaire appears twice on our list, the brand is known for making the best Smart Air Conditioners in town or maybe in the world, with their quality being of the highest range possible.This smart  Air Conditioners can be switched on even when you’re on your way back from office, so that your room is cool by the time you turn into your driveway.

This one is for the small spaces in your house, it cools spaces of 350 sq. feet or less. You can get this smart  Air Conditioners for $349.

Best Smart  AIR CONDITIONERS list- Frigidaire Gallery Smart Window AC:

best smart Air Conditioners Frigidaire Gallery Smart Window AC

It looks like the Frigidaire  Air Conditioners have taken over this list and for good measure too. This one is truly smart. You can schedule you’re  Air Conditioners to cool for different times in the day and at different temperatures. You can even switch the smart  Air Conditioners off or on from anywhere outside the house as well and if that is not enough, this smart  Air Conditioners is Google assistant or Alexa compatible. You can change the settings of this  Air Conditioners with a click of a button or with your voice too.

This unit can cool up to 350 sq. ft. of room space and also dehumidifies the air as well. With this smart  Air Conditioners you can save up to 15 to 20 percent of your electricity bill too. Isn’t this  Air Conditioners truly smart? You can get this  Air Conditioners for above $300.

As the Summers get hotter and hotter year after year, it makes sense to invest in a good  Air Conditioners and this best smart  Air Conditioners list helps you in doing just that. Taking into account, room space, energy consumption and price, the best smart  Air Conditioners list of 2018 helps you in making your decision.  Getting a smart  Air Conditioners too is not a silly move, it may seem frivolous to some but the feeling of getting your room cooled before you step into it is something that cannot be taken for granted after coming home from a hot and tiring day at work.

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