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PuBG Mobile Lite is now in India

PuBG Mobile Lite is now in India

access_time August 14, 2019 remove_red_eye 4115 views

PuBG from its very beginning has started spreading its wings across India. We don’t know who told us first about the game. We don’t know where it came from. But from the second We installed the game we got addicted to the game. Every other guy you saw on the streets were playing PuBG. Well, PuBG developers had announced their new update a few months back. They were calling it PuBG mobile lite.

And Tencent games have recently launched this new version of the game in India. This app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store app for free. The size of this application is around 400 MB, and it is now compatible to run in the entry-level smartphones with less than 2GB RAM too.

The new version of the game contains a smaller map than the original version of the app and will have 60 players competing for 10 minutes now.

Well, this article is everything you will need to know about the new version of the game. So, let’s start.

What is PuBG mobile lite?

Well if you were playing the earlier version of PuBG mobile, you know what it is. But if you are downloading it now after reading this article then in simple words PuBG Mobile Lite is the lighter version of the PuBG Mobile.

The earlier version of the game was using excessive resources to give a console0-quality gameplay experience to the players, but it was making the game slow on the lower end smartphones.

In India where smartphone manufacturers mainly focus on the budget smartphone sales, the developers of PuBG Mobilewere wise enough to make a lighter version of the game to make it compatible with lower-end smartphones and tablets to reach to more audiences. PuBG Mobile lite was beta in some south-east Asian countries, and it has finally been introduced to the Indian gaming market.

Installation Details:

  • PuBG Mobile Lite now can run on lower-end smartphones with minimum RAM of 2GB.
  • The download size of the game is only 400MB and can be easily downloaded on a standard 1 GB data pack.

There are still a couple of optimizations that the developers are still working on. Such as the poor internet connection in rural areas as well as on the lower-end smartphones. The developers are saying that the proper and authentic PuBG experience has been retained in this PuBG Mobile Lite version of the game in a more optimized way.

  • The PuBG Mobile Lite, unlike the earlier version, hosts only 10 minutes of classic matches with 60 players. They made this small change for the lower-end devices keeping their weaker network conditions in mind.
  • The map quality is more optimized, and the parachute loading screen in the new update offers smoother experience with old devices or lower-end smartphones.
  • The PuBG Mobile Lite has brought some new features like auxiliary aim assist, increased bullet speed, trail adjustment of bullets and weapon recoil suppression and an extended time to kill.
  • When an enemy shoots the player nearby, the mini-map will be showing his/her location on the mini-map. Players now will be able to heal themselves while moving.
  • The winner pass has replaced the royal pass, the faster the achievement unlocks, making the game more interesting. The rewards are fantastic now.

The difference between PuBG Mobile Lite and PuBG Mobile:

Although the developers of the game have launched this optimized version of their games to reach to more audience. There are still some differences between PuBG Mobile and PuBG Mobile Lite. Here are some of the differences between the PuBG Mobile Lite and PuBG Mobile.

Number of players:

The regular PuBG Mobile game features up to 100 players whereas the new PuBG Mobile Lite has 60 players. This is going to make the game faster, and the players are going to have more intense gaming experience.


PuBG Mobile features the same map that is on the PC version of the game. It features Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and the new Vikendi map with the latest update.

However, there is only a 2kmX 2km mini-map. This mini-map feature helps resource consumption and also goes well with the developer’s idea of providing a faster PuBG action for mobile.

PuBG Mobile Lite Graphics:

Both the tiles of the games (PuBG Mobile and PuBG Mobile Lite) has been built using the unreal engine 4. However, the new and literversion features just a little drop in the graphical part of the game.

However, because the developers have made the game to make it run in the lower-end smartphone devices with 2GB RAM, the lite version of the game has passed the exam with great marks.


Despite the drop in the game’s graphical content, the gameplay in PuBG Mobile lite is not any different from the PuBG Mobile. This ensures that the players are not missing anything out on the PuBG experience no matter what version of the game they are playing.

Easier to loot:

The loot on the map in the PuBG Mobile Lite has become a lot easier compared to the PuBG Mobile version of the game. This might be something intentional by the developers of the game, and the reason is pretty clear.

The new version of the game contains a smaller sized map and faster and intense gameplay. However, this also means that the players in PuBG Mobile Lite will be battle-ready faster than in the PuBG Mobile version to engage the enemies in the game.

Other features:

Among other differences between the two versions of the game, crew and clans are missing in the new PuBG Mobile Lite as of now. Also, the game includes a new Winner Pass feature that has replaced the royal pass in PuBG Mobile.

Irrespective of the differences between PuBG Mobile and PuBG Mobile Lite, the PuBG Mobile Lite has become a faster version of the game, and it offers fantastic and intense gameplay to the players. It has specially developed for the lower-end smartphones, and the game gave the same PuBG experience to the older and the lower-end devices too.

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