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SpeakEasy by Como Audio with the Google Assistant Built-in

SpeakEasy by Como Audio with the Google Assistant Built-in

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SpeakEasy comes with the in-built Google Assistant

The American company, Como Audio has come out with its latest smart speaker, SpeakEasy with an in-built Google Assistant. A couple of years ago, Como Audio introduced speakers with new technology that included screens, modern technology such as Bluetooth and even streaming services.
This time around, they have built a smart speaker with the smart Google assistant technology. The contemporary design of the speaker has been retained, but the SpeakEasy smart speaker now comes with an add on feature that includes the Google Assistant.

The Features of the SpeakEasy smart speaker

The SpeakEasy speakers too have the same design as the previous Como speakers. There is an option between the wood veneer or glossy finish models. The speaker has aluminium control knobs, a three-quarter inch tweeter, a 3-inch woofer and a rear port for increasing the bass and enabling sound to reverberate out. The Speak Easy speaker has been designed to operate as a stationary or portable speaker. There is also the battery which has been built into the smart speaker.

The Speak Easy smart speaker is currently selling at $200 to $250 and once the Como campaign is over it will retail at $349.

With the smart speaker you can play music with voice commands. Set up can be done via the free Google Home app for iOS and android compatible devices.

Sound Quality of the SpeakEasy speaker

The SpeakEasy comes with a three-quarter inch tweeter and three-inch woofer that produces a high-quality sound. The rear port enhances the bass and a 25-watt digital amplifier gives plenty of volume. All this is assembled within a 1/2’” MDF cabinet.

The multi-room control by the SpeakEasy smart speaker

The Speak Easy can link with other Como Audio Music systems to create a multi-room streaming. You need to connect Google Chromecast Audio devices to other units and with the help of the speaker you can play your music either in one room or all the rooms in the house.


Digital Clock Display of SpeakEasy

The SpeakEasy speaker comes with a digital clock display showing the time continuously. There are display icons for indicating the time the alarm has been set, when it is in snooze modeand when the sleep timer is active.There is also a photocell sensor on the front panel that automatically adjusts the red backlight based on the surrounding light conditions.

Manual Control knobs of the SpeakEasy

In the front panel of the speaker are manual control knobs for controlling the volume, play/pause and Bluetooth.

Charging devices with SpeakEasy

On the rear panel there is a 5V/1A USB output that enables you to charge your smart device when it is running low on power.

You can get free automatic software updates from Google and Como Audio to update your Speak Easy whenever new features are added.

The SpeakEasy by Como Audio is specially designed for people who want to get the best sound quality of music, those who want to mange their daily tasks by voice commands andalso enables one to control their home environment by controlling the various compatible devices present in their home.


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