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Sites Like Humble Bundle for Best Deals

Sites Like Humble Bundle for Best Deals

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The Humble Bundle is a well-known website or online store for gaming, where you will find unique games at affordable prices. If you are a true ardent gamer, then you must have heard about it. If you are a gamer and want to play AAA titles games, then this site is excellent to fulfill your gaming desires. It has everything to serve you, but if you’re going to explore more sites. We have the list of ten best sites like Humble Bundle, which are also intensely competitive.

For a gamer, it’s a great desire to build its Library of favorite, new games. For this, we have listed ten sites that offer great gaming deals from a fantastic collection of games.

We have done a intensive  research and shortlisted ten great alternatives to the Humble Bundle. Without further due, let’s dig in!

What is a Humble Bundle?

It’s a popular and respective online gaming store. On this website, you will find bundles of games with affordability. It offers bundles in various categories like theme games, software bundles, and comic books, etc. Along with this, they also provide AAA titles that are popular and individual as well. For this, they work with many publishers.

Also, the primary reason for its popularity is its consistent efforts towards supporting charities and sharing profits with developers.

Is it safe? 

From game publishers, all its keys come directly. And there are very low price bundles found on this site. You can pay the amount as per your choice above the minimum price. It also supports charity and donates some of its earnings. From the very beginning, it has contributed to many charities and organizations up to $185 million. If you purchase any game from this site, then you can also support the charity by donating from your side.

Is it legal? 

Yes, it is legal. The company has been there since 2010. It’s loved and thriving because of its satisfied customers and positive reviews. All the content provided by this website is protected by copyright and follows all laws & treaties.

How trustworthy is it?

Yes, it’s very much Trustworthy! Thousands of subscribers and reviewers verify this website.  It’s a legitimate game store. Keys provided are also legit and share revenue with developers.

Best alternatives to Humble Bundle

There are many reasons why it’s a well-known website as it shares some portion to charity and profits developers etc. But still, if you are interested in looking at more sites like it, you will get more options and significant collections apart from this website. You will be happy to hear many alternatives serve fantastic purposes in providing an incredible array of games.

We have handpicked ten alternatives that will amaze you. These are affordable and help you in expanding your gaming collection and do some charity. All these alternatives are worth looking at, and you may find useful as well.

These are the ten best alternative sites like as below:

  • Green man gaming
  • Groupees
  • India gala
  • Fanatical
  • Bunch keys
  • Gamers gate
  • Epic bundle
  • Itch
  • Is there any deal
  • Lazy Guys Studio

Best Sites Like Humble Bundle:

Let’s discuss each of them in detail.

#1.Green Man Gaming

It’s incredible and one of the best websites to find many individual games with reasonable discounted prices. Here bundles are not the priority so that you will find them in fewer amounts.

A preorder facility is available to preorder. And there is a massive collection of games, out of which some are discounted.  Besides, some of them are at the original price. For your mystery interest, it also offers a pack of mystery games. It’s a site worth visiting where you can select action, RPG games, indie games, and more. There is also an extensive blog section where you find giveaways, new topics, opinions of other games, etc. Overall, it’s a great website that has an extensive collection of game titles with low prices.


  • Best for providing individual games and discounted prices on many games.
  • Bundles of mystery packs are offered to mystery lovers.
  • The preorder facility is there.


  • Its Library is not as good as its competitors
  • Sparse browsing tools


Another alternative site is groupies; you will find it, more different from others and very much similar to humble bundle. It also does charity etc. It offers an incredible collection of eBooks, comic bundles, and music, etc. Every kind of game, from small, indie to large, is there. Another thing is here; you can create your bundle and have messaged with a community of groupies. Creating your bundle of games is very straightforward, just by picking titles and the number of games. All the games are of low price. If you want to support charitable causes, then even donate before buying games. The minimum amount for buying about one to eight games is approx $1.


  • Provide exploring new games with fun and ease.
  • Support and offer to support charity.
  • Get knowledge about trendy games, music, and more.

#3.Indie Gala

It’s a video game website that majorly supports indie studios, small game developers, independent game studios, and small developers. Therefore, bundles here are small but also with affordability. The good thing is here; you will get four to six games with 95% off. It’s a perfect platform that provides some indie-free games, bundles, and even a quiz to earn some money. One can visit the site regularly as they do giveaways very often. It has lots of features, making it one of the best alternatives and operates alike. It has the most suitable games for Windows PCs and stream bundles. There are many hit games like Elite dangerous, Doom with highly discounted prices. As a customer, you can divide your purchase between site owners, charity organizations, etc.


  • Apart from video games, equally focus on music, eBooks, and software bundles.
  • You can divide your revenue split between organizations, charities, etc.
  • To support individual developers, it has launched Galafund.


  • After purchase, sometimes your game key shows an error, and to resolve it – you need to contact customer support.
  • Regional Restrictions are not stated clearly.

#4.Bunch Keys

Another site like the Humble Bundle is Bunch Keys. You will find great discounts here. It has almost all the favorite games, and one can buy 50 games for a low amount of about $1.49. 1.5 million games sold on the site till now. Don’t forget to check out the site daily, as you will find new discounts every week on bundles. This site is famous majorly for inexpensive stream games. For stream titles, gamers can buy games bundled with crucial tags. They also do giveaways almost every day, so win games, items, stream keys here.


  • Offers a minimum amount of $1.49 for about 50 different games.
  • Games are inexpensive.
  • New discounts are provided every week.


It’s a fantastic website that majorly focuses on gaming bundles at huge discounted prices, like some games at a 99% discount. Most of the bundles have a seasonal theme. You even purchase mystery keys at a low price and get a mystery games bundle. The site interface is very intuitive and has categories like latest deals, top sellers, and more. It has excellent game deals but, along with it, also offers eBooks and software bundles. And some of them are free of charge. It has many things to serve and more than 6000 games and over 1000 publishers, which assures you will find incredible games here to make a collection. This site also supports charitable causes and donates some part of its earnings.


  • Cheaper bundles of games than other websites.
  • Exclusive offers and discount coupons are there.
  • Have excellent customer support to solve customers’ queries.


  • It has Purchasing limits.
  • Sometimes after an order, you need to wait for delivery.


Games on this site are for Mac and PC users. One finds lots of options here as there are 6000 plus games at low prices. There is a feature named blue coins, which are easy to earn by ranking, buying, etc. The site is safe as no third party is involved. It’s a unique online store for buying video games titles. Also, there are many individual games rather than bundles. A great mixture of old and new games is found here. You will enjoy a considerable discount on your favorite games up to 90%. From indie games to more giant games, everything you will find here. It’s worth considering an impressive site like a Humble Bundle.


  • Provide games for different platforms like Linux, Mac, PC, and android.
  • There is a beneficial policy for customers.
  • A huge discount of up to 90% is provided.


  • Sometimes you need to do manual transactions via customer support
  • It has limited payment options
  • It also comes with purchasing limits

#7.Epic Bundle

This website is never going to disappoint you as it has great deals on your favorite games. It offers new discounts, vouchers, and even some free-of-charge games. The primary focus of this site is more on bundles. It acquired fortunes from many well-known popular distributions like groupies etc. Apart from piles, it also offers eBooks, music, and software at low prices. There are many amazing offers on bundles that run for a limited time; this checkout website daily grabs the offer before it ends. If you are an avid and ardent gamer and wish to increase your bundle collection, you must consider this website.


  • Offers selection from a large variety of bundles, eBooks, and music, etc.
  • Exclusive offers are made available.

#8. Itch

Another impressive website is Itch which offers you to try many indie games and supports small developers. Many games are at low prices and even free to use. And get expensive ones in more significant sales. We assure you we will find something to interest you here. If you are an itch user, then you are allowed to share and host games online. A game developer can upload games, set the price per choice, and even offer them free. If you want to explore indie games and help small developers, then do check this out.


  • Supports small developers, indie developers, etc
  • Game developers can upload games and set prices. Users are also allowed to host the games.
  • It offers an excellent way for you to support new individual developers.

#9. Is There Any Deal

Another excellent site like the Humble Bundle is this one which offers incredibly epic deals. Its interface is intuitive and well arranged, user-friendly, not at all messy. The details about bundles, like when they will expire, etc., are found on the home page. Visit the site for winning giveaways and sales, which are offered quite often. There are many sellers from small sellers to Amazon and offers both games and bundles. You can find here AAA studio games and indie games. Enjoy epic deals on notable titles; get all the details like hours left, number of games, etc., on the page.


  • Quickly often, sales, discounts, giveaways are made available.
  • Have a fantastic variety of games from small to large, from AAA to indie games.
  • User-friendly interface.

#10.Lazy Guys Studio

The primary focus of this online store is on offering bundles of games, and these bundles have different themes like feels like home, etc. You need to visit the website often as bundles last for a limited time, for a few hours to a few weeks. If you missed it, then wait for the next pile to come in sight. Besides, if you contribute or buy specific bundles, then get access to absolute deals. If you are one of the top contributors, then you can win additional gift items. They also choose random customers to win free prizes.


  • Themes bundles are provided.
  • Epic deals to offer.
  • Win prizes and items, be a top contributor to get additional prizes.


Hopefully, sites like Humble Bundle attract you, and these are great to consider; expand your games library at affordable prices here. Many of these sites support charitable causes, small developers, so you get a chance to help small developers and do charity. We all know being a gamer is not easy but expensive. Therefore for your gaming love and to expand your collection, we have listed these ten best alternatives and cheaper sites.

Undoubtedly, the Humble Bundle is the primary choice of many gamer, but many places are similar and expensive. We mentioned areas that offer great deals on games, individual games, eBooks, comic and software bundles, etc. Exploring these sites will benefit you as you get more options to have different games collections that will not affect your budget. These sites, like Humble Bundle, are worth visiting and have a look at.

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