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Letting Molecular Robots Swarm Like Birds

Letting Molecular Robots Swarm Like Birds

access_time February 5, 2018

The World’s First Molecular Robots Scientists from a UK University have developed Molecular robots. The robot is so small

Features of Android 9 Pie: Biggest Features of New Android Pie You Should Know About

Features of Android 9 Pie: Biggest Features of New Android Pie You Should Know About

access_time August 10, 2018

Google’s next version of Android: The Android 9 Pie Finally, the ‘P’ in Android P is known to us.

Wi-Fi Extender Vs. Repeater

Wi-Fi Extender Vs. Repeater

access_time January 22, 2023

We all know that Wi-Fi enables us to connect to the web from homes, offices, and so on. It is


OpenStack Vs AWS- What are the Differences?

OpenStack Vs AWS- What are the Differences?

access_time June 28, 2021 remove_red_eye 2540 views

What is OpenStack?

It is a platform that is mainly used to Run tasks given by AWS. It’s an open-Source Platform means you have access to create and customize your Cloud based on your requirements. And if we specifically want to know the use of another cloud platform, this Platform manages Big Storage, Computation, and Network resources via system. This Platform supports almost all Technologies and can easily run all enterprise Softwares.

What is AWS?

Amazon-Web-Service, it’s a Cloud system. This system is used to run most processes like Storage, Big data, ML, and many more. But It is not an open-Source Platform, and that’s why inside how its Functions we don’t know. We can use this platform as a User only. It come with cloud solutions like laaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service). This is the Most Unique and Strong Difference between both platforms & Amazon Web services are Affordable for almost anyone.

OpenStack Vs AWS – Which is Better?

These both are giant cloud computing platforms having a big Customer Base globally. But Amazon web services are more popular. If we talk about picking the best one, then it’s dependent on your company Requirements. But for Short Summary – OpenStack is used to manage application data storage, Computation, Network, or command line. Another hand, Amazon Web Services offers Web services with infrastructure.

AWS Vs OpenStack (Detailed Comparison)


Services AWS OpenStack



Virtual Server


Business Productivity Tools




Work Management


Billing System


Enterprise Messaging


Serverless Framework


Cach (InMemory)


RDB (Database)


Domain Name


Content Delivery




Cloud Storage




Job Scheduler


Big Data


Identity Management


File Sharing


Hosting Platform




Text/Speed Tool


Voice Assistant


Application Development Platform




Streaming Data



Auto-Scaling is a Part




Amazon WorkDocs



Simple Workflow


Elastic Load Balancer


Amazon Web Services Usage


Elastic Search








Route 53










Amazon Web Services Batch








Elastic BeanStalk




Amazon Polly




Mobile (HUB/SDK), Cognito



Amazon Web Services IoT




Auto-Scaling with Heat


Based on Instance in NOVA





Mistral Workflow


Load Balancer as a Service


Ceilometer – Telemetry Billing




No Serverless Framework


No (InMemory Cache)





































After reading this complete Comparison between both cloud computing platforms, I hope you can select the best one for you.



Let’s see the Difference between AWS and OpenStack.

#1 Computation

The actual meaning of Computation is, Where you can run any application on Virtual Server. But it would help if you had a CPU and Other necessary Hardware with an OS.

Amazon Web Services comes with Unique Virtual Network EC2 work on Xen & EMR.

Another platform has laaS infrastructure to Scale horizontally. It means this Platform can scale horizontally. Mainly designed to scale on Hardware without any requirement.

#2 Storage

If we talk about storage, then Every Cloud platform comes with two types of storage, i.e., Block Storage and Object Storage. Both storages have different purposes. Means Block storage act as a Virtual Server that Increases capacity, and on the other side, Object Storage contains media files like Images, etc., for block storage.

Amazon Web Services has S3, and Another has Swift for Block storage. Whereas Amazon Web Services has Cinder, and Another platform has EBS for Object Storage.

#3 Networking

Networking plays an important role in Cloud Platform. Where these cloud platforms can connect from server to other Virtual Server. The very understanding of this Function is when a user can connect with Virtual Server to share data.

And for this Networking, both platforms come with their best system, i.e., Amazon Web Services have DNS scalable Route 53, Amazon ELB & Amazon VPC. With these, a user can easily connect with Virtual Server.

Other hand, It has LBaaS (Load Balancer as a Service) and Flat Network VLAN enable together to give you access to manage automatically or manually IP addresses and Networks.

#4 Monitoring

For monitoring all Function working properly, track what they’re doing on the Platform. Everything will be monitored easily. And for this, Amazon Web Services has CloudWatch, and otherside has Ceilometer as a Monitoring Service provider.

Both Monitoring Service providers work similarly, but the unique Difference between these providers that you can control better by using Ceilometer. The reason behind this, because Amazon CloudWatch Specially Design to Fulfil Amazon’s needs.

#5 Security

Security comes as Controlling Virtual Server and machines by these platforms.

If we talk about Security, then Amazon Web Services is a leading platform. Because this Platform focuses more on Security and Privacy comes with instant lock Access given to Users. So Amazon Web Services is the winner in terms of Security compared to another platform.

#6 Identity

For identity, first, we talk about OpenStack having Keystone and Amazon Web Services have IAM identify Function. These identity Functions allow you to track who can access your Cloud because these platforms come with multi-factor authentication.

#7 Private Cloud Architecture

This point should be considered a Major Difference between both cloud computing platforms if we talk about private cloud functions in both cloud computing platforms. Then Amazon Web Services has public cloud services in on-premises data centers. By using a similar Framework, services can be run on a public cloud (Amazon Web Services EC2).

OpenStack also does not rely on the public Cloud. Because its main focus is on building infrastructure by using its components. But this platform for organizations, it costs higher that’s why Amazon Web Services is more preferable.

#8 Management

A Huge Difference between both cloud computing platform you’ll see in its Management system. OpenStack is an open-Source Platform. That’s why it doesn’t provide any management support. Other Side, Amazon Web Services provides in-built management support. That’s why Amazon Web Services is Costlier than another platform.


We’ve covered an in-depth Comparison between both cloud computing platforms. Along with its features, differences, and in-depth Comparison. In this Comparison, after Reading the complete article, I hope you find the best cloud computing platforms for you. In General, if we find our winner based on Some strong points, then my vote is for Amazon Web Services better Platform. But another platform has its uniqueness, i.e., it’s an open-Source Platform. But in terms of Customer support and many other features, AWS wins.

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