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Vanilla JavaScript

Vanilla JavaScript

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JavaScript, a programming language, is used for the client-side & server-side. It allows you to create interactive sites by implementing complex features. For example, while visiting Amazon, you can find a search bar at the top of the site developed by this programming language. It is a recommended programming language that is essential for web developers. The more you know about the programming language, the more you come across frameworks and libraries. These help you in learning your lives easier. But before learning about frameworks and libraries, it is better to know correctly about Vanilla JavaScript. Our article will let you know everything about it. People use this language on more websites than jQuery, Prototype JS, MooTools, YUI, and Google Web Toolkit – combined.

What is Vanilla JavaScript?

Vanilla JavaScript is the plain Js without any extra library. But people can find it a joke sometimes. Recently, you can do many things except using any additional Js libraries. Remember that vanilla script is a lightweight framework which is simple to learn and use. In addition, it allows you to make influential applications and websites. Its developers have been improving and making the language handier for web developers.

What’s the Meaning of Vanilla JavaScript?

It means using plain Js without extra libraries or frameworks. This term became famous when Eric Wastl made the Vanilla JS site in 2012 as a joke. You can use it in multiple cases.

Learning this indicates learning the basics of Js. Frameworks and libraries can help you to be abstract and simplify a few features making writing code quicker, but you should know if the basics of JS can assist you in learning the use of new frameworks faster. Ensure that it helps you to decide if you need a framework.

We have named a few sites which use the programming language.

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Yahoo
  • Wikipedia
  • Windows Live
  • Twitter
  • Amazon
  • LinkedIn
  • MSN
  • eBay
  • Microsoft
  • Tumblr
  • Apple
  • Pinterest
  • PayPal
  • Reddit
  • Netflix
  • Stack Overflow

Several people don’t believe that more websites use this language than the number of websites using JQuery.

When Was The Term Vanilla JavaScript Coined?

It poses as a “JS framework” site. Eric Wastl made this in 2012 with trolling and confusion. Besides, you may use plain Js instead of extra JS frameworks or libraries.

Why Should You Learn Vanilla JavaScript Before Frameworks?

If you can master Js basics, the challenge while learning new JS frameworks will be scoped to the particular syntax. It is now a web programming language. That’s why you must understand the core engineering principles to produce a decent web career, mainly if you want to aim at the front of the pack. When you know the programming language, it will let you understand JS frameworks. Besides, it helps to select the correct one while you require it.

While many strong frameworks and libraries are available, why do you want to learn and use them? These are a few reasons you might want to learn and use it in your projects. The three major reasons are as follows:-

  • Web-Performance:

It is far better for web performance than other frameworks and libraries. The reason is that the language is the most expensive and vital part of the front-end stack. Moreover, unlike HTML and CSS files, you must compile its code.

However, you can use HTML and CSS files only after downloading them. A js file with a 50kb size has a larger impact on web performance than the size of HTML and CSS files.

  • User Experience:

The language can offer an effortless but user-friendly developing experience. While building any app or website, as a developer, you only need to open the text editor and start coding. You don’t need to perform troublesome steps like npm install, compilation steps, no build, etc.

  • It Makes Working With Frameworks Easier:

If you are willing to use any framework, it can make working with them more comfortable. We know how difficult it is to begin working with a framework. Plenty of assumed knowledge is in the documentation. Therefore, if you know how all tools work, it can make the task simpler to learn. Multiple beginners with little knowledge want to learn a framework. If they feel comfortable, they can try focusing again on the basics after quitting. Thus, it is possible to begin learning frameworks. Now, it is possible to get things much quicker.

Where And How Can You Learn Vanilla Javascript?

You should follow these things:

  • First, ensure to be curious and read the source material.
  • Read sources whenever any new JS lib or framework is trending on Echo JS, Hacker News, or GitHub.
  • If you are willing to write some code, think of a simple Js solution to meet your requirements rather than immediately seeking a lib to integrate.
  • Go on Stack Overflow to challenge yourself to answer these questions.

Vanilla Javascript vs. Javascript:

We use js to make interactive effects within web browsers. Netscape developed it to add dynamic and interactive elements to websites. You can insert it anywhere, like PHP and ASP, within the HTML of a webpage.

This programming language comes with some default frameworks and Libraries, including:-

  • React JS (Leading and Most Popular)
  • Angular
  • Vue Js
  • JQuery etc.
  • Backbone
  • Node
  • Ember
  • Meteor

If you write any of those frameworks or libraries, it means you are writing in higher or mixed Js. So you can categorize it as Non-Vanilla or Diluted.


An instance in an HTML file includes:-

<p class=”blog-title”>Vanilla JavaScript</p>

Now, let’s see how you can access or choose it in jQuery (Diluted Js) and Plain Js.

// jQuery, select all instances of .box


// JavaScript syntax to select first instance of .blog-title


// JavaScript syntax to select all instance of .blog-title in our HTML file


It is a code you should follow in choosing elements through their class name in both jQuery and Js.

More Example:

Now see how to change elements styles in jQuery and JavaScript.

// With jQuery

// Select .blog-title and change text color to #EF3100

$(“.box”).css(“color”, “#EF3100”);

// With Natural JavaScript

// Select the first .blog-title and change its text color to #EF3100

document.querySelector(“.box”).style.color = “#EF3100”;

Vanilla JavaScript vs. jQuery:

Vanilla JavaScript


It is a dynamic programming language. It is a lightweight and simple-to-use Js library.
This one is a scripting language people use to make dynamic websites for user-friendly interfaces. It can handle AJAX requests, manipulate CSS, and make animations such as slide, hide, etc.
You must do coding from scratch. If you are a novice programmer, you might find it hard and time-consuming. It comes with multiple pre-written functions and can save plenty of time.
Developers must take care of multi-browser compatibility. It supports all recent browsers. Therefore, no compatibility problem exists with any browser.
You don’t need extra plugins to run it. In addition, you don’t have to add extra plugins as all browsers support it. You must add its library script link inside the head tag of the webpage.
It has long code lines. This one needs less coding.
This language is not simple to learn. It is easier to learn.
You can access DOM quickly. The language is ideal for complex operations where they make mistakes and write poor lines of code.

Merits and demerits of Vanilla JavaScript:


The benefits of the language are as follows:

Interoperability: It is possible to insert this language on web pages. But you are unable to do so for other scripting languages. PHP is one example hence. However, you can use it in different applications as it is compatible with other languages like PHP and Pearl.

Server Load: Its execution is done on the client side. Therefore, the language can help to decrease the overall demand for server use. In addition, the simple application does not need the involvement of the server.

Rich interfaces: It allows you to make different quality features like drag & drop and components like a slider. The language can impact the user experience on the site.

Speed: As the execution occurs on the client side, it doesn’t need external resources. In addition, calls to a back-end server can’t affect the speed of the language also.


  • Client-side security is one of the major drawbacks, as we know that its code is viewable on the client side. Therefore, anyone can use it to do malicious work.
  • In addition, it lacks off Debugging Facility.
  • You can’t use it for network-based applications as no support is available.
  • It doesn’t come with a few capabilities like multiprocessors, multithreading, etc.
  • The language does not allow you to read & write files for security reasons.


Vanilla JavaScript is another term we use for plain Js. Nowadays, libraries and frameworks have become famous. These exclude several repetitive codes but are not a requirement. Facebook, Twitter, and other renowned web apps use it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Vanilla script means pure JavaScript without an extra library.

  • Is vanilla JavaScript the same as ES6?

ES6 is a version of JS, while the other is a coding technique.

  • Is Vanilla JS front-end or back-end?

You should use it to make the front end with HTML and CSS. Besides, it enables people to log in, create new groups, invite friends, and trade messages. You must use a working application where many participants can send messages in a single group.

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