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Night Vision Glasses: How to Select Your Best Night Wear

Night Vision Glasses: How to Select Your Best Night Wear

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Night Vision Glasses are nothing but an yellow tinted lenses of various shades. Here we are going to discuss various aspects of these night vision spectacles. In addition, the merits and demerits of it.

What are Night Vision Glasses? 

These night vision glasses refer to mainly the yellow-tinted lenses. And the lenses come in light yellow to amber color. Besides, a few glasses are there that come with an anti-reflective coating. The main function of these glasses is to reduce the glare. And to do it, these ones firstly scatter and then filter out the blue light. The blue light has the largest amount of energy. Similarly, in the light spectrum, blue light has the shortest wavelength also. For the last few decades, these goggles are trending in the market. Especially, hunters buy yellow-tinted glasses. They use these goggles for shooting. Even these are perfect for use while the sky remains overcast or cloudy.

What is Meant by Night Vision? 

Impaired vision is a type of disease that we know as night blindness also. It is known as nyctalopia. In case you suffer from this disease, you will still be able to see at night. While suffering from this disease, you may face difficulties while driving. Similarly, you are unable to see properly in the dark ambiance as well as in dim lighting. Sometimes victims of this disease may face difficulties while they see oncoming traffic at night.

How it Works?

People use this type of night vison glasses in multiple ways. But the use of the product depends on the brand. The best night vision goggles can help you to remain safe while driving.

This type of glasses has become more effective because of the yellow hue. These ones help those people who don’t see the headlight glare properly. It acts as the normal lens does. However, it is unable to reduce your vision. Polarized night driving glasses are useful in this case. These polarized lenses help to decrease the reflections that a driver may face.

How to improve night driving vision(various methods)-

These decrease the amount of light falling on your eyes. It works similarly as the sunglasses, night driving glasses, and the mirrored lenses work. Here, we have given some tips that you can follow to improve night driving vision.

Always try to update the eyeglass prescription. That’s why you need to get a regular check-up.

You can consult with an optometrist or ophthalmologist also. Ask the doctor if you need any anti-reflective coating on the glasses.

Sometimes, smudges cause the amplification of glare. To get rid of this, you need to wipe down the goggles. An eyeglass cloth can be useful in this case.

Before using the windshield, you should clean it properly both inside and outside. If you don’t do it, dust can get accumulated.

You should change the windshield wipers every day.

Besides, you can also dim the dashboard lights. It will help you to avoid eye strain while driving at night.

Always clean the headlights and remove the grime.

What is Night Blindness- 

Night blindness indicates a night vision problem. It can happen due to many reasons. Aging is one of the causes of night blindness. You can see changes in the eyes when the age becomes 40 or more than that. This disease will weaken the muscles.

However, a few other conditions are there due to which night vision can occur. Nearsightedness, retinitis pigmentosa, and macular degeneration cause this disease. On the other hand, deficiency of vitamin A is also a reason for this disease. Besides, people who are suffering from diabetes can also undergo this disease.

How to Overcome:

Multiple health conditions are there that can affect your eyes. That’s why you should consult with a doctor. The doctors can assist you by boosting your mobility. Even, they can help you to get your lost night vision. When you go to an ophthalmologist or optometrist, they will see your medical history. The doctors also examine your eyes.

And by doing so, they diagnose the original causes. However, a few conditions are there, like cataracts. They can rectify it with ease and help you to restore your vision.

Uses of Night Vision Goggles

People use these, especially for driving at night.

Besides, you can also use these for hunting and fishing. Moreover, these help you to observe natural animals. These enable you boating in the foggy weather. You can use the goggles for camping and paranormal investigations too.

How to Test the Night Vision Glasses- 

Many people are suffering from degenerative retinal diseases. For example, they suffer from retinitis pigmentosa, and so on. Here, we have tested advanced night vision goggles for helping them.


42 people with pigmentosa, choroideremia, cone-rod dystrophy, or Bardet Biedl syndrome, and suffer from night blindness were clinically tested.

We have tested those people in two different places— a dark room and a 1 to 2 h outside course night area. In this case, we take the help of an experienced mobility trainer.


As per the evolution of mobility trainers, 23 among 42 people get improved mobility. On the other hand, 19 has not improved. According to the ophthalmic data, people can get benefits from the goggles. But they should have both visual acuity and visual field more than 20/100 and 5 degrees, respectively.

In conclusion, we can say that these goggles can improve poor night vision. But it is for those who have visual acuity over 20/100 and a visual field over or equal to 5 degrees.

Types of Night Vision Glasses- 

CLIP-ON: You can use night driving glasses. But what if you are wearing any eyeglasses already? Then, using these glasses won’t work for you. Instead, it can be dangerous when it slips off during the driving time. These are available in a clip-on form. Now, you don’t need to use a prescription pair. It is because these glasses work by a magnetic process.

FULL-RIMMED: This type of glasses come with such lenses that remain closed entirely with the frames. These consist of metal, plastic, rubber, as well as titanium. These ones can be stylishly fitted on your face. The glasses come in different colors, sizes, and styles. Usually, these are heavy. But not so heavy that it will hurt your head.

RIMLESS: Rimless type of glasses usually don’t come with any frames. And because of it, these weigh very light. However, this frame comes with arms, a nose bridge, hinges, and so on. People who want to use lightweight and modern goggles can choose the rimless ones.

SEMI-RIMLESS: This semi-rimless type is a perfect option for those who want to wear a rimless and full-rimmed combination. In this case, you will find the frame above the top of the lens. Compared to the full-rimmed ones, these are very light. But still, these are bold and stylish too.


BLUPOND: The company is in the United States and Hong Kong. They manufactures from sports equipment, glasses to different accessories—This brand offers superior quality products. You can choose the eye-wear products of this company to get better protection for your eyes. The products come with polarization, shatterproof, and UV protection lenses.

SOXICK: Dick Wright is the founder of the company. He set up this brand in 1989 in Munich (Germany). During that time, the company helped the militaries by offering night vision devices. But now, the main focus of this company is to produce night vision glasses only.

Key Features of Night Vision Googles

Flexible Arms:

It comes with flexible arms that wrap around ears—this helps to hold the glasses properly. But before buying, ensure that it is properly fitted. A perfectly fitted glass doesn’t need to be adjusted again and again. Glasses having short arms easily slide off. On the other hand, those models that have long arms usually do not fit quickly. That’s why you should choose such models that come with arms of length between 120 mm to 150 mm. You can find various brands that offer arms of different lengths— 135mm, 140mm, 145mm, and 150mm. But it completely depends upon you which size you need.

Nose Pads:

While purchasing, try to choose such a model that comes with nose pads. It makes the product comfortable to use. These pads are very soft and pleasant. But you must not use plastic pads. It is because these will put pressure on the nose. Moreover, it can cause bruises and a headache. In this case, rubber pads are beneficial as they are very soft.


It is an essential part of the goggles. You should go for the polarized lenses. These types of lenses help to decrease the ablaze from reflected surfaces. Besides, the polarized ones help to reduce the glare from the harsh blue light. However, you can use Polycarbonate lenses also. Compared to the polarized ones, these lenses are even more impact-resistant. If you want to get clear vision, then the Progressive lenses are the exact option for you. These lenses permit the user to get a clear vision of whether the item is near or far.

On the other hand, people who don’t have peak eyesight can use Prescription glasses. The anti-reflective coatings can decrease eye strain from reflections and glare. You can use scratch-resistant lenses too. UV protective lenses prevent the sun rays and don’t allow the rays to hit your eyes directly.

Other Considerations- 

Carrying Case: A carrying case will help to keep the goggle safely when you don’t use it. Besides, these cases protect the glasses from getting broken.

Style/Color: These types of goggles are available in different colors and styles. Therefore, it may be difficult for you to select the right one. However, you can use a vintage glass having cat-eye frames.

Night Vision Glasses Army

The soldiers usually use the most advanced night vision goggles. The devices they use are Enhanced Night Vision Goggle-Binocular, known as ENVG-B also. These ones come with the universal helmet mount that gives the soldiers ultimate protection.

The soldiers were given weapons and these kinds of glasses. With the help of these weapons and the goggles, the soldiers can shoot from corners, hip. ENVG-III will launch in the upcoming months. However, the soldiers use the ENVG-B first. They use it both in the day as well as at night.

The brand Gone offers a white phosphorous vision that comes with better contrast and clarity. As soon as you push the button, these will provide thermal vision. There are about 10,000 goggles that are going to roll out within 2021. Out of these 10000 glasses, 3,100 will go to the marine field.

The additional sensor fusion capability makes these models very impressive. You can also get protection from dust, dirt by using these models. Besides, the ENVG-B allows you to connect it with other optics. The soldiers can get benefits from the magnification of these optics. It helps them to investigate targets with ease.

Night Vision Goggle Price Ranges and Quality

These are available in different ranges— from affordable prices to professional grades. You can get a cheap product at a few hundred bucks. But you won’t get the advanced features in it. On the other hand, professional glasses cost about ten thousand dollars. And in this case, you will get a quality product for sure.

The night vision glasses price depends on the generation. All the factors— image quality, durability, and overall performance— need to be considered while picking the best one. If you want to see a person within 100 yards, then a cheap glass will be a perfect option for you. But a product of top-quality enables you to see the activities of those persons also.

Advantages and disadvantages of using it


Reduce Light Glare: Most of the time, you will get a distraction from street lamps and the vehicles’ lights. Even these lights can make you blind at that moment. In this case, the night driving glasses can come to your help. These products play a vital role in terms of decreasing the glare from lights. Therefore, you will get a clearer vision.

When you wear these glasses, you can see more clearly. These make others’ lights dimmer. And thus, it will help you while driving at night by giving you better visibility.

Reduce Stress on Your Eyes: You can feel stressed while driving at night. The Night Vison Glasses are beneficial in this case. It helps to decrease stress.

Fight Against Headaches and Fatigue: Our eyes are sensitive at night, especially when the light is low. That’s why you should wear night vision glasses. Otherwise, it may cause photophobia. People who are suffering from this disease usually have headaches, vertigo, or dizziness. The night driving glasses are advantageous for them.


The drawbacks of these goggles are as follows:-

  1. Not so many colors are available.
  2. These have limited areas of vision.
  3. You need to take the help of an additional power source.

Top 5 best night vision glasses reviews:

Polarspex Polarized Night Driving Glasses

Polar spex PolarizedDescription: Among the Polarized sunglasses, this one is the most demanding. This one comes in several colors and designs. However, the price of this model is really budget-friendly. It comes with metal reinforced hinges, a plastic frame, and plastic polarized lenses. These lenses help to keep out the UVA and UVB rays.

The height and the width of the frame are 48 mm and 146 mm, respectively. On the other hand, the length of the arm is 145 mm. And 15 mm is the length of the bridge. The width and height of the lens are 52 mm and 43 mm, respectively. The product features a protective storage case of premium quality.

Awesome Features:

Several Lenses: What makes the product special is that it offers 60+ lens combinations. You can choose any of these as per your style and choice.

Perfect for Outdoor Activities: These polarized lenses are ideal for outdoor activities like sports, day-to-day activities, etc. It is suitable for fishing, jogging, running, driving, hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, etc.

Ideal for Children: This product is available for two to seven years of kids also. It comes with twenty unique and elegant styles. Also, this one is suitable for both Men and Women. Teenage girls and boys also love to use it.


  • Ideal for both men and women
  • Perfect for sports, hiking, camping, etc.
  • 60 different lens combinations.


  • The frame is not durable at all.
  • Poor customer service.

BuyWorld EyeShield Hunting Night Vision Goggles

BuyWorld EyeShield Hunting Night Vision GlassesDescription: It is one of the best night vision glasses for hunting. It is ideal for three to eighteen years old teens.

This one comes with a battery of 1.5v design. The ergonomic design of the product makes it exceptional and demanding. It offers the user safety and clear vision. Besides, it comes with an adjustable nose pad that is very soft.

Awesome Features:

Color: It comes in green color. The design of the product grabs the mind of the users easily.

LED Light: This product comes with LED lights that make it special.

Dimensions: The dimensions of the product is 7× 0.6×0.3. It has an eye shield that makes the product perfect for hunting.


  • LED lights
  • Adjustable nose pad
  • Used for hunting purpose


  • No drawbacks

Optix 55 HD Night Vision Glasses

Optix 55 HD Night Vision GlassesDescription: The wrap-around style of this product makes it completely different from other models. The main purpose of its design is to decrease glare. Thus, you will get a clear vision. Besides, you can use these glasses over prescription lenses. It comes with plastic polarized lenses and a plastic frame. The width of the lens is 62 mm. The lenses have an anti-reflective coating on both sides.

It comes with a microfiber pouch and an EVA protective case made of rubber. These prevent the product from having any scratches. People who wear prescription glasses can use this one. It is a great option for them.

Awesome Features:

East to Fit: The product allows you to use it over the prescription glasses. Besides, it enables you to see clearly. This one decreases glare from lights also.

Perfect for Nighttime: Now, you can see easily in the dark ambiance. The AR coated part of the tinted yellow lenses makes the product exceptional.

Polarized Lenses: It can reduce glare with the help of its polarized lenses. By doing so, it can boost the clarity that makes the product ideal for sunny days. You can drive easily in the dark ambiance also despite having the disturbance of bright lights.

Design: The product comes in a stylish and sleek design. It consists of resilient materials that are durable enough. If you want to use it for outdoor activities, then it is the perfect option for you.

Easy to Use: This one has two holes at its end. These holes allow you to insert a chain so that you can use it with ease. This chain allows you to both puts on or takes off the glasses.

Comfortable: The product weighs very light. It is designed in such a way so that people can wear it the whole day.


  • Durable enough
  • Easy to use
  • Stylish and sleek design
  • Polarized lenses


  • A few users reported that the product is unable to offer the kind of performance that is advertised.

Clear Night Original

Clear Night OriginalDescription: This one is used as anti-glare glasses. It features a sturdy metal frame along with TAC polarized lenses. Besides, the lenses used by this product are durable enough. It comes in a 66 mm × 36 mm dimension.

The polarized lenses make the product scratch proof. Moreover, the design of it also gives it 100% UV protection. This one weighs too light. The compact design and adjustable soft nose pads of the product offer the user comfort. It comes with a protective carrying case. And the most special feature is that it offers you a 100% money-back guarantee.

Awesome Features:

Safe in The Dark: These driving glasses are beneficial in decreasing the glare coming into your eyes. This product offers you the optimal vision that reduces the risk of accidents.

Wear for a Long Time: It features soft nose pads that can give you the ultimate comfort. This one allows you to adjust it with ease so that it can be fitted effortlessly.

Portable: The compact design and lightweight feature make the product portable enough. It comes with a robust metal frame and carrying case

100% Risk-Free: If you face any issue with the product, you can return it and get the full money back within the guaranteed period.


  • Full money-back guarantee
  • Easy to carry
  • Optimal vision
  • Adjustable nose pads


  • Not anti-reflective

RIVBOS Polarized Sports Night Driving Glasses

RIVBOS Polarized Sports Night Vision GlassesDescription: These are very stylish driving glasses. It features mirror coating lenses which can protect UVA and UVB rays. It comes in a stylish and eye-catching design. Moreover, the soft rubber nose pads make the product long-lasting. The lenses come in 64 mm × 40 mm dimensions.

The length of the arms is 140 mm, whereas 30 mm is the nose bridge’s length. Above all, 140 mm is the length of the frame. It consists of flexible TR90 material.

Awesome Features:

Protected Against Harmful Rays: The TAC Polarized lens with Mirror Coating makes the product 100% protective against UV-A and UV-B rays. These give you protection even against harmful Blue Lights. It removes the scattered and reflected lights.

Breakage Warranty for a Lifetime: Besides, both the lens and frame come with a lifetime breakage warranty. That’s why if the product gets broken anyhow, you will get a replacement.

Money-Back Guarantee: If you don’t want to replace the product, you will get your money back within thirty days.

Additional Accessories: The product includes a hard case with a buckle that is long-lasting. Besides, it features a cleaning cloth and pouch, a polarized test card, sunglasses strap, as well as an instruction manual. This model is perfect for those who are looking for stylish sunglasses. The fantastic lens of the goggles can protect your eyes from dirt, dust, etc. That means the product is ideal for any outdoor workout.

100% Polarized: The premium quality material of the product makes it very durable enough. These glasses are 100% polarized also.

Designed for Athletes: Athletes and fitness enthusiasts especially use it.

Comfortable: This product is very reliable. People who are hikers, runners, skiers, snowboarders, cyclists can use it. It is ideal for fishing, tennis, motorcycle driving, etc.

Wrap-Around Design: The wrap-around design helps the glasses to fit perfectly.

Build Quality: The build quality of the product is robust that makes it unbreakable. The sturdy design of the product makes it long term usable.

Casual Wear: The sensational style of the product makes it perfect for casual wear. It is ideal for both men and women.


  • Includes polarized test card and sunglasses strap
  • Comes with Cleaning cloth and pouch
  • Wrap-around design


  • Unpolarized yellow lens version

Buying guide

While choosing the best night vision glasses, you need to consider a few factors. Here we have discussed a few points. Check out those points to know in detail.


Always consider this factor first as the glasses depend on the generations, especially.

Generation 1:

This one is ideal for learning and casual observation. If you are a paintballer or airsoft, then you can use it for generation 1. The resolution power of this kind of model remains low. As a result, it becomes unsafe for you to drive properly. You will face difficulties also while shooting because of the low resolution. It can cover a maximum range of 75 yards. These come at reasonable prices, and the number of light amplification is up to 900 times. However, these models consume battery power too fast.

Generation 2:

People use this type of shooting, hunting, driving, and so on. Optics that comes with generation 2 and 2+ have a huge resolution. Compared to the generation 1 models, these require less ambient light. With the help of the Gen 2 optics, you can boost the level of your game in night vision. These can amplify lights near about 30,000 times. Besides, these kinds of models can offer auto control distortion. The longer battery life makes the models long-lasting. It enables you to detect objects up to 200 yards. In this case, you don’t need the IR illuminator.

Generation 3:

If you want to use such ones that offer you high resolution, then these models are perfect for you. This generation’s products offer sufficient power and high resolution that allows them to see and recognize almost every person at a proper range. The militaries use these ones. Tactical patrols also use these for clearing rooms. However, these are ideal for hunting, shooting, driving, etc. Gen 3 products offer the highest battery life. You can identify objects from 300 yards distance by using these models. Besides, there remains a microchannel plate that offers you control.

Generation 4:

If you want to get the clearest images, then this generation is perfect. NV technology can make your job easily done. These are similar to the Gen 3 products. Moreover, you can use it in daylight also. The only drawback is that these models are costlier than others.


While buying, you should consider the weight of the product also. The glasses are usually designed in such a way so that you can mount them on a helmet. If the product’s weight is heavy, try to avoid buying that model because a heavy product can be the reason for your discomfort. Multiple models are available in the market that are below two pounds. Even, nowadays you can get professional-grade models that weigh below 2 pounds.


You need to consider the size of the product also most if they will use a firearm. A high-rise optic mount is essential in this case.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why is my vision worse driving at night?

Along with age, the cells grow and die. That means the life cycle of the cells inside your eyes continues. When the cells die, these will cause debris. It can result in cataracts. These won’t hurt you, but these will cloud the lens. Worse night vision is the first syndrome of it.

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