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Free Open Source Software in 2020

Free Open Source Software in 2020

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When it comes to developers open source software are great. You can change it and make it the way you want. Not only that, the various versions of a program, means that many more can find a program useful for their different needs. Free Open source Software  has become the backbone to the creation of much of the internet. Speaking of all things on the internet, it has also contributed to the development of LAMP configuration servers which run from Linux, Apache, MySQL as well as PHP.

When it comes to source code many are owned by the company itself, this means basically that you won’t be able to see or edit any code. But when it comes to open source code you can not only see it but also make tweaks to it, to suit what you want it do. That’s why it’s so great. Open source programs basically by their very nature invite scrutiny from people having a variety of skills and knowledge base to better the program. You know as they say when more minds are put together…. Open source programs become a brain storming session which leaves the best at the very end.

Many of these free open source software have huge communities of developers backing them. Which when you look at the other side of the coin is bad. This is because sometimes these communities split up and form coding that is in completely opposite directions. This has been termed forking. The most notable example is Linux which you can now get in many different forms.  Ok before I get ahead of myself let’s begin this list of Free Open Source software that you can check out….

LibreOffice as the first on this list of Free Open Source software:

With this program in tow you don’t need to pay for MS Office anymore. Oh and by the way this list does not begin in any particular order. This free open source software is available on Windows, Mac as well as Linux.

It has all what an Office program has to offer- spreadsheets, documents, presentation and databases and you name it, it has it.

Yes Microsoft Office is the most popular but the attached pricing model isn’t. Then there are alternatives like Open Office and G Suite. While Open Office can’t hold down on Microsoft files formatting, G Suite just doesn’t have what it takes to call itself a full- fledged Office.

That’s where LibreOffice steps in. while on one hand it is feature rich on the other hand it also supports Microsoft Folder formats. The only negative about this Free Open Source software is that it is a program that needs to be downloaded rather than a file on the cloud.

This open source program even has a built up community of supporters that could give you a hand when it comes to using it. This hand comes in the form of a live chat and a forum.

GIMP an open source Photo Editor:

We all know how expensive Adobe can be right? GIMP is the closest thing you’re going to get to Adobe Photoshop. Like all the best photo editing applications it has layers and has all those advanced tools that you’d normally see on Adobe.

You can customize your photos either manually or use the multiple filters and effects to achieve your desired look. There are numerous user- made plug- ins with more on the way.

If GIMP is not really your thing then there’s always Paint.NET which is another amazing Free Open Source software that you could check out. Of course it does not have just as many features but its lightness is just what is needed to getting started.

VLC Media Player- It supports multiple File Formats:

This is one of the most popular Free Open Source software when it comes to media players and with good reason too. It supports any file type you can think of- audio file, media file, video file and you name it. This all without the need to tinker at the coding, let me tell you. With this program in store you have superb control over playback. This lets you customize video and audio settings to suit the hardware you have.

The best things to stream on VLC Media Player are podcasts and internet radio stations. There are also extensions and skins which allows you to make your very own designs. However the newest addition to the Player is something that will get you downloading it right away. VLC Media Player has now got 360- degree playback which gives you a really immersive experience when it comes to using a VR headset. Not only that many other features are soon on the way.

Shotcut- moves over Movie Maker:

This is a great Free Open Source software to give a try when it comes to video editing. It may seem a little dry on the outset but add a few toolbars here and there and you will have yourself one of the most powerful video editors at your fingertips.

The best feature it has is video and audio filters which can be layered to achieve various effects. It has also advanced white balancing, other transitions and wipes, click and drag import and color grading, straight forward trimming as well as composting of clips.

Audacity on this list of Free Open Source software to use:

This program comes with all tools needed for editing audio files for a more immersive experience. Besides you can also record using this program too. What’s more is that anything it lacks can be added using extensions. For extensions too there is a huge catalog to choose from.

Audacity is the program of choice when it comes to audio-book narrators, musicians and podcasts, because it gives you professional results.

These are some of the best Free Open Source software that you can give a whirl. There are open source programs to suit your every need from Office needs to photo editing to video editing.

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