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Drinking Game Apps

Drinking Game Apps

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Several drinking game apps can be found for iOS & android devices on the App Store and Google Play Store. If you are drunk, these games can give you a lot of fun. To have more fun, play this game with your bar partner when both are drunk. Like other games, these come with a few sets of rules which you should follow. In this article, we have covered the best drinking game apps that you can find on both platforms.

Drinking can bring fun and excitement to someone’s life. According to the research, people can be happier when they consume alcohol. If you are an alcohol lover, you will definitely love to drink it with your friends. In addition, people who drink usually have friends who like to drink. Remember that the effect of alcohol depends on the amount of alcohol consumed and its type. In this article, we have given all the top drinking game apps which you can use at your party evening while enjoying with your buddies.

Top drinking game apps:

We have mentioned the best drinking game apps which are as follows:-

Picolo drinking game:

It is the best Drinking game app for Android. The simplicity of this game makes it so cool. When you start playing the game, you need to enter the names of three players or more than that. Next, you should read what is written on the blue screen.

You will encounter several challenges that you definitely like. In case you are willing to make the game more thrilling. Then, you need to use the option to add your challenges. It is an exceptional option for minimalists. This app has no complicated details, sounds, or challenges. ‘Getting Started’ is the only mode available for all. There are four other modes, including ‘Getting Crazy’ or ‘Caliente’ mode. People can install this on both Android and iPhone.


Are you looking for one of the best drinking game apps for iPhone? Then this drinking game with cards can be an excellent choice for you. There are many decks of cards to choose from, but you can get only two at free of cost. The app comes with some small games written on the cards. In most cases, these cards will ask you to drink some amount of alcohol.

King of Booze Drinking Game 18:

It also includes cards and challenges. Hence, the rules are quite the same where the players need to choose a card one after another and do whatever is written on it. You, as a player, will not find easy challenges. In this game, a player chooses a card from a circle of cards to create a great impression.

Seven Drinking Game

It possesses three levels of complexity, where only one level is available at free of cost. This level has many cool cards with mad requests. It is a bunch of cards connected with drinking or doing something awkward. There exist two extra decks to buy, but the standard one is enough to have fun.

iPuke: Drinking Game

This one is a fantastic drinking game app. It includes cards which tell you what you need to do. The game’s most bizarre requests will certainly break the ice despite opening the app and viewing many decks of cards to select. Only one card is free among all. Therefore, you need to select the free one. After that, select several players. However, the number of players can be unlimited. This game lets you play with over a hundred people at a time. Then, the game starts. Every player gets two options— drink some amount of alcohol or do something crazy. The winner will be the person who gets the maximum score.

Game of Shots:

This one is an ideal game for Android. It comes with 17 cool drinking games like Truth or Dare, I Never have, The Bottle, Guess or Drink, etc. All games are simple, but these get real spice if used correctly.

English and Spanish are the two available languages in this game. The interface design and the sounds are clear & understandable. Therefore, if you plan to go with a drinking game app, you may use this one.

Drinking Game by EvilBit:

It is a very simple game. However, there are a lot of twists and confusing challenges, because of which it is recommended to play the game at the start of the party. When you start the game, you must add many players and select their looks. Each person can select their look for themselves. It is very funny because you don’t know which image will come. Once you begin the game, you can see a deck of cards. As a player, you must guess which card will be next. If your guess is true or false, the app will give a challenge to one player or all. In these tricky challenges, the winner will be the person who has the maximum score.

Kings (Drinking Game):

It is another app with a deck of cards for people using Android devices. Each card is assigned a small game or any challenge. A player has to click on a deck and perform whatever is written on the card as instructions. As the time passes, the players starts remembering the cards’ meanings. Therefore, the game becomes more exciting.

Drink or Doom:

It is a hilarious game app where you don’t need to deal with cards. Rather than that, you will face alternative gameplay in the app. Hence, players need to roll the dice to move their characters and go to the next challenge. These challenges come from ‘drink or dare,’ Truth or Dare, I have Never, The Bottle, Guess or Drink, etc.

Drinkie – Drinking game by VALIPROD:

If you are looking for a drinking game app for parties, it is the one you should choose. Almost all favourite games will be available in this app. The game has four major unique game modes like Tipsy, Ridiculous, Sexy and Macho. The app is unique because it enables you to create your rules. The game can be tried on android and iPhone.

Heads UP:

This one is an entertaining drinking app game for android and iOS devices. Hence, players must guess words and answer questions on topics like blockbusters and superstar movies. The unique thing is that the app can record videos of your stupid mistakes or your drunk buddies during the game. It allows your friends and you to watch them later. Playing this one of the best drinking game apps for friends is very exciting and will allow you to have fun. Hence, the mobile screen must be held to a pal’s head to allow all to see the game. Players need to guess a missing word one at a time, even as time counts down. When you cannot find the missing word in time, it is essential to take a shot of liquor before you take up the challenge.

Drink and Tell:

This one is a new drinking game app made for iOS. The game can entail different questions grouped into seven categories, including- life & death, personality, sex, love, ethics and user-generated. The seventh category is not free. Questions under this have to be paid for to get access. This exciting game can easily let you and your friends have a lot of fun and play at the same time.

Never Have I Ever:

This game app is mainly designed for both iOS and Android platforms. It includes up to five games, like card games, to choose from. Along with getting the opportunity to choose with that freedom of choice, it is possible to select what is the most suitable one for you. Additionally, the unique festive & bright design of the game can easily make you feel happy.

Circle of Death:

If you are looking for an excellent android cum iPhone drinking game, it is the best one that you should select. This one is very simple to play. When players get their turn, they need to tap a card and carry out whatever task is written. What makes the game unique is that it is free to play. Besides, as a player, you are not required to play based on the rules, and you can change them to suit the moment. The game app may be irritating as it has uncountable ads on the bottom of the screen which you will not be able to disable.

The King’s Cup:

When you play this game app, you can encounter plenty of challenges and interesting tasks for players. Hence, you should choose a card to carry out what is written on this. If you can’t execute any job as it is embarrassing, you might find yourself compelled by your friends to drink.

Game of Shots:

Drink! comes with a cocktail of various drinking games like a quiz game, card game, reaction game, and tug-of-war game. Although it has ads, it is free to play. You can disable the advertising after playing seven games.

Drink Roulette:

While this drinking game app is interesting, it is full of humour. The game’s humorous tasks can benefit you in this case. It entails four various categories like Classic, WTF challenge, Team Fight, and Hardcore or Dirty. Every category has crazy tasks like answering questions, doing daring stuff, etc., to offer a fun experience. It can be installed on both iOS and Android platforms.


This game has three modes to choose from. “Sober” is the first mode, the right option when the party gets started. You and your friends are still sober. Then, “Tipsy” is the second mode, and it becomes perfect for you when your friends are starting to get drunk. “Drunk” is the final mode when all have gotten drunk. So they are not embarrassed to answer any embarrassing questions. The questions can be more embarrassing with every subsequent mode. Players who are unable to answer a question for any reason or another are forced to be drunk, the result of which the game becomes quite fun.

5 Second Rule:

It is one of the entertaining drinking games, and these are suitable for those people who know how to handle pressure. The game rule of this is very simple and up to twelve players can play the game at a time. Every player will be asked a question. They will get five seconds to answer this. If players give a wrong answer or can not give an answer within time, they are forced to take a shot of liquor.


This game app is designed for Android. It is a very interesting game app which you can play with many players ranging from 2 or 12. When you play the game, you can see several types of playing cards which players won’t get bored of. It is possible to select paired cards, interactive cards or companion cards. Every played card will not get opened again until the players complete the remaining cards.

The Bottom Line:

These free drinking game apps allow you to have fun while sitting with your friends and enjoying drinks. However, circumstances have indeed changed human life after COVID-19. Therefore, it becomes tough to plan a get-together. The drinking game apps have brought entertainment back to human lives. In this article, we have covered a lot of drinking game apps to give you the feeling of your house party with utmost fun. So, if you are planning for a party in your house in the evening or spending your valuable time with your friends, these best free drinking game apps can help you a lot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are fun drinking games?

These are names of some fun drinking game apps, including:-

  • Shot Roulette.
  • Fuzzy Duck.
  • International Drinking Rules.
  • Taskmaster
  • Never Have I Ever…
  • Paranoia
  • Ring of Fire.
  • Beer Pong

What apps are like Picolo?

Blur, Purity Drinking Game and Veck are expected to be the best alternatives to Picolo.

What is the drinking game where you put in names?

In this game, players sit in a circle. A player says the name of someone famous. The next player must say a popular person’s name whose first name begins with the same letter as the last letter of the name of the popular person stated earlier.


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