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New Robots Can See into Their Future

access_time December 18, 2017

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SpeakEasy by Como Audio with the Google Assistant Built-in

SpeakEasy by Como Audio with the Google Assistant Built-in

access_time May 19, 2018

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Best Android Emulators for Mac in 2022

Best Android Emulators for Mac in 2022

access_time January 15, 2020 remove_red_eye 4789 views

You might think this title contrary. In the first place if a person prefers iOS over Android, then they simply get an Apple device or vice versa. So where does getting an Best Android Emulators for Mac fit in in all this?

Well there are many reasons why you might want to get a best  Android emulators for Mac. The first being that you recently transferred from Android to iOS and are now missing out on some solely android apps. The other reasons is that you’re an app developer and are looking for ways to debug your apps. There are a lot of options out there, some of which you might already have tried out and hated. They may or may not have come bundled with Android Studio. Whatever the case may be we have a list of best Android emulators for Mac. These emulators not only work well with Mac but are also faster that your default Android Emulator.

Bluestacks as one of the best Android emulators for Mac:

This is one emulator everyone has probably heard of. Plus it is easy to install too. You simply download it onto your mac and install it and you’re done. There’s no need for further set up. Bluestacks automatically connects to the network that your Mac connected to. It also comes with an in- built Play Store. So as soon as you install it you can begin to install apps from it. If you happened to have apk app files on your Mac you can also double click on it to get the app downloaded onto Bluestacks. Hence there is no tension of transferring files from APK to the emulator.


Besides all that, this Android emulator for Mac allows users to live stream to Twitch. This makes it easier for gamers to live stream their gaming to their twitch followers. Besides that it also supports non- gaming apps too. So you can install your favorite chat apps on Bluestacks and chat with friends and family directly from your Mac.

There’s also the feature of multi- tasking that Android supports that you can get on the emulator too. At present this is the best of the best Android emulators for Mac.

Nox App Player:

This emulator gives you wide support for gaming. You can drag and drop parts in a game much like a joystick would allow. This is similar to what you have in games like PUBG and Garena Free Fireand other FPS games. Besides applying controls to the apps you can also customize the performance settings of the emulator as well. Besides that you can even designate how much RAM or CPU Cores you would like your android applications to take up.

Best Android Emulators for Mac in 2020

You can even customize the resolution as well as use the in- built recorder to record what’s on the screen of your virtual Android device. You can download android apps by side loading APK files with the inbuilt option. This makes this app not only useful but also one of the more preferred Android emulators for Mac.

Genymotion as one of the best Android emulators for Mac:

The emulator mainly geared to developers. Genymotion emulates nearly 40 different types of Android devices and gives you access to almost all versions of Android. Also it allows for unlimited downloads of android apps. The emulator also connects to the macOS ecosystem. This means that you can use you mac’s camera without setting up an additional one.

The emulator features are such as to cater to developers and their work. So it comes with features such as Eclipse, Android SDK tools and Android Studio. Via the emulator you can also change up battery levels to check the response of you app to various battery levels.

The emulator also holds support for multi touch, and other sensors like accelerometer and gyroscope. You can even get unlimited screen casts. This allows for smooth recordings of videos.

MuMu Player:

This emulator is great for both Android apps as well as games. The only downside to this app is that it is in Chinese. However this is not an insurmountable problem as you can change the language to English by going to Settings of the Virtual Android Machine. Just like in other emulators you can assign controls by dragging and dropping them over buttons. You can also designate how much RAM you want consumed by the emulator much like other emulators.

To better control the interface, each app comes in a new tab thus eliminating the need for a recents button. However you can install a custom button on the top to enable the feature. If Getting around Chinese is something you can do, then this emulator becomes an excellent option for an Android emulator for Mac.

Andy for light Android Apps:

This Android emulator is great for testing light Android apps. You get the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen with toggles for microphone access, screen rotation, keyboard controls and the hamburger menu. But as mentioned earlier this emulator is great for light weight apps such as messaging ones. Not so much for others.

Andy does have some set- backs such as it comes with bloatware and not a lot of options to customize a person’s experience. Another major let down with this emulator is that it runs only the old Android 4.2.2 Jellybean which means only the basic of apps will work with this emulator.

The only positive with this app is that it can be navigated using the keyboard which is something the other Android emulators for Mac cannot do.


These are some of the best Android emulators for Mac that we’ve covered. Some are meant for basic use like Andy while others allow you to do more. There are options to suit you if you’re a developer or simply someone one who wants to enjoy Android on iOS. These emulators also enable you to run multiple instances of an app on different devices too.

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