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Innergie 55cc: The Smallest Power Adapter for Everything

access_time October 16, 2017

Innergie 55cc: Universal Power Adapter Innergie 55cc can charge smartphones, tablets, game consoles, e-books and even laptops. Every user has

iOS 13: New Features and Release Date

iOS 13: New Features and Release Date

access_time April 20, 2019

All that iOS 13 has to Offer! From Safari and Mail upgrades to Dark mode and volume HUD, iOS 13

How to Drop a Pin on Google Maps?

How to Drop a Pin on Google Maps?

access_time October 13, 2022

This Google Maps app can monitor your location and let you know the approximate time required to reach your location.


A Few Things to Know about Security Cameras for Residential and Commercial Use

access_time November 7, 2017 remove_red_eye 4494 views

Whether you are looking for security systems for your home or business, there are many choices to make. This is because there are various types of cameras on the market. There are different designs made for different applications. The following is an overview of what is available, and what you might use them for in or outside your home or business.

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Spy cameras

These types of cameras are very small, and they can be placed in inconspicuous places. They have many applications in the home. One example is for use in recording home intruders. You may not be able to stop all possible break-ins, but when a robbery occurs, you can get the thieves’ faces on camera. Another application is to monitor how your children are being treated by a babysitter or a caregiver for a loved one. Often called nanny cams, these cameras have been able to confirm abuse when it was only previously suspected. These cameras are small, yet they have a lot of storage capacity. In addition, they are available inside enclosures that resemble normal items found in the home. Two examples are pencil sharpeners and digital clocks.

Motion activated cameras

This type of camera, as the name implies, begins operation when motion is detected. Although cameras often have a lot of storage space, there may not be enough to record everything for days on end. However, if recording only takes place when motion is detected, then you will be able to record more information. It is sort of the same with motion detectors in a lighting system. They work when motion is detected, thereby saving electricity. In fact, motion activated cameras and motion activated lighting complement each other.

Weatherproof and vandal proof cameras

Any camera that needs to be located outside will be subjected to the elements and will need to be of a weatherproof design. There are many such designs available. The same is true with protection from vandalism. These cameras are enclosed in reinforced housing that makes them difficult to destroy.

Infrared cameras

These cameras use heat to see in the dark, and are a good choice for areas that do not have good lighting or none at all. There are reasons why it is not possible to have lighting for security, but if your business has security guards that utilize security camera, one or more infrared cameras can be used to monitor a particular area of the property with bad or no lighting.

False cameras or dummy cameras

Cameras are a great way to prevent theft and vandalism. The mere sight of them can deter crime. However, because people act differently when they are around them, they do not necessarily need to function. As long as they are prominently seen and out of reach to people, they don’t have to be real. Dummy cameras look exactly like cameras on the outside, but they are empty on the inside. Naturally, this makes them cheaper. Although it is not likely to be a good idea to have all of your security cameras be dummy types, a few mixed in with the rest can bring down the cost of your camera system.

There are many camera designs with various functions available. There is likely more than one that will make a good security camera for your home or business.


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