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CONCEPT-E Electric Motorcycle

CONCEPT-E Electric Motorcycle

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France has a great history of smaller motorcycle manufacturers, and DAB Motors is the most exciting company in recent times. DAB is in the city of Bayonne, in the Basque region of southwest France. The new electric concept becomes a major aspect for founder Simon Dabadie and his colleagues. Developed from scratch, CONCEPT-E electric motorcycle by DAB Motors is a rideable bike with fully functioning.

It will look like anything from a major factory and comes with a position as a lightweight urban commuter. 110 km (68 miles) is its range, whereas 105 kph (65 mph) is its top speed.

A 10kW motor and a 51V Li-ion battery exist, which makes it quite similar to a 125cc commuter bike. You can find the motor output between the 8kW unit and the beefier 14.5kW of the Sondors Metacycle. People use the 8kW unit in Husqvarna’s recent E-Pilen concept. The product provides an instant torque becoming a benefit over conventional vehicles while the traffic lights turn green.

Multiple brands like Öhlins, Beringer, Pirelli, Excel, and Rizoma offer top-shelf components to DAB. The gear is generally for premium editions of mainstream bikes or high-end customs. However, there are no legal niceties like turn signals, mirrors, or a license plate holder.

CONCEPT-E Electric Motorcycle:

He said that they had wanted full freedom in this exercise. Besides, he added that if people looked at our production LM-S, they might find the integration of components not an issue.

His team invented the concept in-house using design partner Outercraft. The relationship is quite similar to Husqvarna and the Austrian agency Kiska.

He said that Concept-E was their signature design for future electric models, and therefore, people may expect more in the future. And he added that bikes mostly consist of carbon fiber, including the frame, swingarm, and bodywork. They had sculpted the bike in foam and managed to get the correct one. After that, they designed and made the components with the help of CAD software and 3D printing.

People used 3D prints to produce molds. The paint comes with a combination of a beautiful ‘racetrack grey’ with matte and glossy blacks, and it looks ultra-modern without being faddish.

DAB has put much effort into keeping the aesthetics clean and concealing fasteners and cables. Besides, it helps to employ unusual materials such as woven nylon Ripstop fabric for the seat. CNC aluminum is used in vital parts like the triple trees, pulleys, rear brake holder, and black anodized.

According to Simon, the distinctive point of Concept-E is the aesthetic approach to its peers. He added that they had been working on a new electronics and automotive inspirations standard rather than a mechanical, aggressive style, with no relation to electric technology. People could also find some minimal lines in the bodywork, and the lines keep a suitable balance between speed and elegance.

All wires are hidden inside the Renthal Fatbar, and it comes with an outfit of custom-designed grips and Beringer controls. The translucent red rear lighting comes in a high-end automotive design.

Rider experience of CONCEPT-E Electric Motorcycle:

It is one of the aspects to consider. Simon said that the riding position needs to be derived from sporty supermoto or motocross. It offers the model security and reactivity in high-density traffic and helps to boost driving thrill.

As the CONCEPT-E electric motorcycle byDAB Motors is narrow and light, it is ideal for weaving in and out of traffic and parking in small areas. The ‘gas tank’ is a storage space, and people can charge mobiles wirelessly.

DAB motors come with carbon fiber features, i.e., Öhlins suspensions, designed for the project mainly. It has Beringer CNC aluminum brakes; and a Gates belt drive are used to run on aluminum machined pulleys and boost power while reducing noise.

The bottom line:

It begins through a mobile app instead of a key. Besides, a simple speedo displaying battery charge is available on top of the tank. It also shows maintenance and geolocation information. The LEDs enable you to display clearly in strong sunlight. The blog lets you know about CONCEPT-E Electric Motorcycle By DAB Motors. We hope you find it useful.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Concept-E?

It is a high-tech mobility tool and the first electric motorcycle of DAB Motors.

  • Which motor is used in an electric motorcycle?

We know Brushless DC motors as BLDC motors. These are preloaded e-bike industries for the smaller size, and a BLDC doesn’t come with brushes that help to improve the long-term durability of the motor.

  • What is DAB design?

It offers a professional website design and hosting service for small businesses. The design has been since 2001 and is clean & fast-loading. Besides, hosting is on the high performance of Dab design and fully managed & monitored cloud servers.

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