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Internet Governance: Who Runs Internet?

Internet Governance: Who Runs Internet?

access_time March 1, 2022

When the internet comes into the world, it has completely changed the way of working. It has given plenty of

Stanford Discovered an Elusive Neutron Star

Stanford Discovered an Elusive Neutron Star

access_time June 9, 2018

New Neutron Star Discovered! New for us but the neutron start may have been there in the sky for ages.

Google Shows off Android P Gesture Navigation, Quickly Deletes Image

Google Shows off Android P Gesture Navigation, Quickly Deletes Image

access_time April 18, 2018

Could Android P have new Gesture Navigation? From the first navigation scheme to the present day, Google has always taken


Graphene Paves the Way to Faster High Speed Communications

Graphene Paves the Way to Faster High Speed Communications

access_time June 27, 2018 remove_red_eye 4882 views

Faster and More data Communication with Graphene

Researchers have discovered a new technology that will not only increase the speed by which data is transferred but also the amount of data transferred will also increase. This new tech will result in ultra- broad bandwith transfers and newer devices. This breakthrough tech was discovered by scientists using graphene as the main ingredient in their dish or experiment.

Graphene is a widely used material in flexible electronics, fast data communications, it is also used in enhanced structural materials and even in the treatment of water. Graphene’s unique properties make it a highly demanded material in various industries.

More about Graphene…..

Graphene is a form of carbon which is only an atom thick. It is a good conductor of electricity and heat and is strong and flexible. These properties make it a highly used material in most industrial applications.

Apart from these properties, it can also capture particles of light known as photons and can produce a more powerful optical beam. This phenomenon is called optical harmonic generation. This technique is being increasingly used in laser technology, telecommunications and material processing.

But this feature is not only unique to graphene, most other materials also demonstrate such properties but not with the same level of efficiency and the process cannot be controlled externally.

Researchers have found that graphene not only demonstrates a good optical response but can also control the strength of the process through an electric field.

Further plans for Graphene:

Researchers of this study belong to a group with the aim of bringing graphene to more commercial applications than what is already there.

Researchers are even planning on making it switches which would allow more data to be transferred over new optical frequencies.

Today most devices that can combine light are used only in spectroscopy. Using graphene as a material with its unique properties could mean a lot new devices for ultra- broad bandwith applications.

As mentioned earlier as it absorbs photons and combines them into an optical beam and that this process can be controlled because of it’s electric field, researchers have discovered that the efficiency of this process can be increased by over ten times by tuning that electric field. Researchers can tune this electric field over a wide bandwith range opening up doors to new technologies that would use increased bandwith for their applications.

The properties of graphene as well as the ability to control the efficiency of the optical harmonic generation process means that it will be high in demand when it comes to a lot of applications using increased bandwith and as a number of devices as well as other technologies are increasingly all optical in their working, means further use of it as a material in these devices and technologies.

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