Twitter Google Search – What it Means for You

Twitter Google Search

Early last month a deal was made to bring back Twitter Google search. Google will now have access to the Twitter “firehose” which will result in more tweets being found in Google search.

These two had an agreement between 2009 and 2011 where Google had similar access.

Twitter Google Search

If you’re an individual or business and benefit from being searched it’s time to start tweeting. This gives you another route to be found. With this deal your tweets can show in up Google search in real-time. That’s big.

While Google already crawls Twitter, having access to the Twitter “firehose” makes it easier for Google to get tweets seen in their search. A lot more tweets. Of course, this means that non-twitter users will see tweets in Google search. This is really good for Twitter, good for Google, and good for your business if you’re tweeting.

Twitter has a similar deal with Bing and Yahoo already.

What you should do so your tweets show up in Google search

If you’re not already on Twitter and tweeting consistently it’s something you should seriously consider adding to your marketing arsenal. If you’re a business you want to be found in search. Well this gives you another route to be found. If you’re not tweeting you will be missing a strong opportunity to be discovered, something at least one of your competitors will likely be doing.

The chances of your tweets showing up in Google search will dramatically increase if you’re active and consistent. This has been a challenge for many individuals and businesses. Tweeting should be like brushing your teeth if you want to show up in search. Do it daily, or have someone do it for you daily.

5 Quick Twitter Tips:

1) Be Consistent – Post 6-8 tweets daily at minimum, every day, throughout the day and evening
2) Include valuable content in your tweets consistently
3) Use Images – visual works
4) Use Video – Twitter native video was recently unveiled
5) Use some level of care when tweeting – Your tweet could end up in Google search

This is expected to start in the coming months, so get tweeting today. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.

A Social Media Wave: The Super Bowl


Football Win_Feb14_Post 1People talk about anything and everything via social media. You can see that from your own newsfeed, I’m sure, but you can also check what people are talking about on social media by looking at hashtags and trending news. And of course, the past few weeks and particularly this past Sunday, the Super Bowl was a big topic of conversation.


I’m sure that it doesn’t come as any surprise that the Super Bowl was a huge topic on social media the day it aired. But you may be surprised at the sheer volume of discussion on social media. Mashable is reporting that as many as 50 million people were talking about the Super Bowl on Facebook during the big game.  I think anyone who watched the game can agree that there were lots of discussion-worthy moments, and people definitely took to social media to be heard.


How about Twitter? Were fans and non-fans talking about the Super Bowl as much on Twitter as they were on Facebook? Mashable also tells us that 24.9 million people were tweeting about the Super Bowl, slightly up from last year’s 24.1 million tweets. Last year, Super Bowl tweeting set a record for Twitter, at 24.1 people talking about the big game. In another interesting development, Twitter reported that a whopping 58% of ads seen during the game featured a hashtag for viewers to use on Twitter or other social networks. That’s pretty impressive, considering that the hashtag has only been a “thing” for a few years. Now, more than half of the most expensive and highly-viewed commercials featured one.

The Halftime Show

The Super Bowl halftime show has been a must-watch for many years now. Ever since Janet Jackson’s infamous wardrobe malfunction, the halftime show has been talked about at least as much as the game itself. This year, the halftime show featured Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Mars, the youngest performer to ever grace the halftime stage, put on a great show that people are calling one of the best in recent history. Mars also used Twitter to get his fans to watch the halftime show – he tweeted before the show that if they used the Shazam app during the show, they could get access to an exclusive video of him performing at a concert overseas. Stars that know how to use social media well are proving to be that much more successful.

So what was your favorite part of the game? The halftime show? A particular commercial? Let us know!

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Nebraska Fan and Brain Cancer Patient Scores another Touchdown


You probably recall the video of a young Nebraska boy, fighting a battle with brain cancer, scoring a touchdown in the Cornhuskers spring game earlier this year. It was all over the internet, and it likely generated a grin when you viewed.

The boy’s name is Jack Hoffman, and the video has been viewed over 8 million times on Youtube. The video of that exhilarating moment is below.


During a time of government shutdowns, world unrest, and endless shootings, here is some actual good news.

Jack Hoffman learned earlier this week that his brain cancer is in remission.

From the Team Jack Facebook page from earlier this week: “After a morning MRI and a day’s worth of medical appointments, we learned that Jack’s tumor is stable (in remission) and that his chemotherapy port can be removed.

While residual tumor remains, it is inactive as he has been off treatment for three months and it has not grown.

While it is likely that Jack will need more treatment in the future, doctors overall feel good about Jack’s case and have told us that it is possible, that he is done with treatment altogether. About 1/3 of all cases don’t relapse and you are done. We are praying that Jack is in that 1/3.

Regardless, we are so thankful to God for this day. Thank you for all of your love, prayers and support. It truly means the world. We continue to be buoyed by everyone’s support.”


To learn more about Jack Hoffman and the fight against pediatric brain cancer check out Team Jack Foundation.