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Best writing tools for students in 2022

Best writing tools for students in 2022

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Are you wondering what the best writing tools for students in 2020 are? Then you have come to the right place in this post. I’ll let you know about the top 10 writing tools for students.

Usually, grammar and writing skills are vital in today’s digital world. No matter what, students should learn writing skills from their school life.

In case if your son or brother or sister is facing problems with writing an essay? Or was he / She terrified of writing their own story? Then you can help them to write better with these smart writing tools.

Generally, there are tons of online writing tools that can make essay writing easier for students. But finding the best writing tools for students in a massive online tool list is a daunting task.

If you’re looking for how to improve writing skills with better tools online quickly? Then these best writing tools for students in 2020 can help you out.

Let’s get into the list of best writing tools for college students.

Best writing tools for students in 2020:

The best writing tools for students in this list are tested and proved worthy. So, you can easily use these best writing tools to improve your writing skills.

Google Docs- Best writing tools for students:

Google Docs is one of the best writing tools for students because of its best features. In case, if you are looking to collaborate with other student writers or working on the group project? Then you can correctly work on it with the help of Google Docs.

This program is similar to the Microsoft word but works excellently while sharing in real-time.

With this tool, you can work on multiple documents anywhere, anytime by numerous persons. You can automatically save your report.

Even students can submit their writing to the professor as well with the use of Google Docs sharing option.

Grammarly Vital Tool for Students:

Grammarly is another vital tool for students. If you are searching for the best writing tools list in 2020? then it’s incomplete with Grammarly because its that powerful tool that helps to correct student’s grammar.

With this tool, you can correct your grammar essays and polish your document entirely hassle-free.

In this Grammarly tool, students can upload their documents or copy-paste the text to check grammar errors. Its free version offers lots of necessary writing edits that are helpful for students.

If you love to be professional in your writing, then you have to use this writing tool. It also has a browser extension that helps you to catch errors in online documents and emails as well.

Best writing tools for students Evernote:

Evernote is another useful tool for students who are striving to improve their writing. Students always get ideas instantly, so to take note of those ideas and be organized, Evernote is vital.

The main benefit of this high-level text editor is it allows students to write and format the files in one place. You don’t have to worry about losing the file because it stores everything you want. Its synchronization option is excellent, so that you can access your information from any of your devices.

Along with these, this unique tool has a bunch of other useful features that help you create quick notes, save images, save content from web clippers and note down the to-do list and do much more. With all these unique features, this tool can be listed in the best writing tools for students in the 2020 list. is another useful tool for students that helps them to mind map and brainstorm their ideas. It’s a unique tool that helps to create colorful mind maps to share and print with others simply.

With this unique writing tool, you can free map your thoughts and ideas. You can make your ideas in structure and even add details and dive into the writing.

In this app, you can even share your map and use it to collaborate with the group as well. This is the best writing tool for students in 2020.

One Look:

One Look is another popular writing tool that can help students. This tool helps you to choose your words wisely. Once you have started writing your post, you can get suggestions and free assistance from this tool.

It offers you a dictionary tool that simply provides you with different words. This helps you to choose the perfect word that is apt for your sentence. Apart from these, this tool offers an intense dictionary from the thesaurus.

Best writing tools for students -Thesaurus Tool :

Thesaurus is a great platform that helps writers to choose perfect words. This tool is the world’s largest online dictionary that helps students.

It is used to improve student’s vocabulary and helps them to search for appropriate terms and even learn word definitions and meanings. The best part of this tool is you can find out all the antonyms and synonyms of a special word with ease.

So, its a useful tool to improve your academic work. That’s why this is listed in the best writing tools for students list.


Readable is another excellent writing tool that helps students to write effectively. If you are wondering about improving your writing? Then the readable tool is helpful to check the readability factor and ensure you write quality content.

With this tool, you can check grammar and even check syllables in words, adverbs, and also monitor the structure of the sentence.

This tool correctly decodes students’ writing to help you make sure your writing is suitable for their audience or not. It is also the best writing tool to revamp script.

Pro Writing Aid:

A pro writing aid is another special grammar checker that is useful for students. It’s a premium tool that helps you check out all the grammar issues.

This tool offers google chrome extension, along with app support to help users. Besides these, it also has a grammar checker and style editor that is perfect for all students to edit their documents with ease.

With this tool, students can even check plagiarism and add excellent addition of words. Apart from that, you can even check the sentence stuctures as well.

Word Counter:

Students should have a word counter to be aware of the length of essays they are writing. This exclusive online tool helps you to count the number of words, sentences, paragraphs, and more in real-time.

Along with that, this unique tool also checks the grammar errors and spellings. In this online tool, you can even directly type in the editor and even copy & paste the content as well.

If you have guidelines for your article? Then you have to use this tool to monitor how many words you are writing. This tool definitely increases productivity, as well.


BibMe is another tool that can help students but in a different way. If you hate adding citations to your papers? Then you can use the Bibme tool.

This app makes the process of sourcing your working much more accessible with the hassle-free working process. It helps you to create citations for MLA, APA, and other styles. This is majorly useful for students who are studying in the US, UK, and other English dominated countries.

It also has the paid version, but to be frank, the free version is more than enough.

Stay Focusd:

StayFocusd is another excellent tool you should check out in this list of best writing tools for students in 2020. This tool is an add-on extension that simply helps students to stay focused.

Even though this directly doesn’t relate to the writing, but it’s effective in improving your writing skills as it helps you stay focused on your writing work.

This app helps students to increase productivity by limiting the amount of time that we can spend on time passing or wasting sites online. When you wasted your allotted time for the day, all those sites will be blocked. So, it’s great to stick to the job and get your writing task done effortlessly.


Corectica is an alternative to the Grammarly tool. This tool is a proofreading tool that helps you to proofread your written content.

It generally checks for the sentence structures, adverbs, passive voices, and even spelling mistakes as well.

This is an overlooked tool that has been yet to be discovered by lots of sites. So, I have listed this in the best writing tools for students in the 2020 list.

I believe all the features in this correctica can help students to proofread their content effortlessly.

Popular writing tools for students -Hemingway:

Hemingway is another popular tool among the writing tools. This is the oldest and useful writing tools you can find on the internet.

Students can use this app to precise their write-ups. Apart from that, this particular tool can identify sentences, readability factors, lengths of content, and more.

With this tool, you can break the sentences shorter and crisper to attract the audience. You can even check the adjectives and cliches errors and its explanation as well.


These are the best writing tools for students in 2020. Usually, writing an essay or article or any other academic needs some time, creativity, and concentration. However, with all these, you should have an online writing tool to assist you with the writing process.

Choose the best tool you love and start writing your content. Having better tools to share? Then comment below, we’ll have a glance at it and think about adding that if it suits this post.

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