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How to Use 10 Fingers for Touch ID on your iPhone

How to Use 10 Fingers for Touch ID on your iPhone

access_time March 18, 2019

Apple may have moved on from Touch ID to Face ID in newer models but there are still iPhones out

Most Wonderful Time of the Year Santa’s Village is Back in Business!

Most Wonderful Time of the Year Santa’s Village is Back in Business!

access_time December 5, 2017

Google Play Store brings the annual Santa’s Village back with more surprises and fun Google is all set to bring

SpeakEasy by Como Audio with the Google Assistant Built-in

SpeakEasy by Como Audio with the Google Assistant Built-in

access_time May 19, 2018

SpeakEasy comes with the in-built Google Assistant The American company, Como Audio has come out with its latest smart speaker,


The Best Time to Buy New Gadgets

The Best Time to Buy New Gadgets

access_time October 29, 2018 remove_red_eye 3097 views

So you’re planning on getting the latest smart phone or you plan on gifting the New Gadgets to your dad or perhaps you just want to try out the latest and greatest the world has to offer in the form of a gadget. But when is the right time? Maybe, before your birthday or your dad’s birthday if it is a gift? WRONG!! The best time is when you get the best discount for the New Gadgets possible and this is where we tell you when  that is, so that you don’t go rushing out to buy that gadget that you so wanted just to see its price drop the very next day.

Think about getting your New Gadgets after the Holidays:

This may sound a little absurd to you as everyone goes out and buys stuff at the holidays to gift their near and dear ones and sometimes to give a little treat for themselves too and that is exactly why shouldn’t buy New Gadgets during the holiday season.

As the demand for New Gadgets is high during the holiday season many shops increase prices to take advantage of the fact and this makes it a really bad time to buy New Gadgets during the holidays. But, what about after it then?

After the holiday season, as many shops had built up inventories to meet increased demand for the holidays, some of that inventory lies unsold and to get rid of that increased inventory many shops offer deep discounts or sales. This is then, your opportunity to grab that special device at its lowest.

New Gadgets

Research, Research, Research…:

This where you spend a little time researching the New Gadgets that you are out to buy. Look at tech blogs or podcasts to learn more about your favorite device. By keeping abreast with the latest blogs sometimes you get to know of which site is offering you the best price that is out there.

Don’t be rash and buy a gadget as soon as it is released or you may regret your decision. Reading blogs is a good way to get an independent person’s opinion on the gadget you want to buy. This will save you a lot of time and money later on when you have to buy that gadget.

Check out official gadget websites to plan your next new gadgets purchase:

If you are in the mood of purchasing a gadget it is best to keep track of that gadget on its own company’s website. This will tell you a lot about the gadget, its release price and when it will be sold and where.

You could also take a look at the gadget’s features and what it is supposed to do to decide if you really want to shell out that much money or could you probably wait to get it for a lot cheaper than it is currently available for.

You could even subscribe to an online newsletter from the official gadget company or tech communities that the world wide web is full of to get to know when is the best time to buy a gadget without burning a hole in your pocket.

Coupons to the rescue to help you save more on your next new gadget purchase:

Keep a look out for coupons that give you discounts on your next gadget purchase. By trimming and collecting coupons from your local newspaper you will be able to cut costs drastically on your next gadget purchase.

But be careful to read the terms and conditions of the coupon before trying to use it. In many cases coupons are not available for tech items. But in certain cases, such as the gadget’s official company website, you get coupons that are sometimes even better than the price of the gadget that you can get on sale. Online stores even mention on the terms and conditions that they will be giving the best possible discount even better than what is offered on sales.

Apps  to give you the best deal on buying your New Gadgets:

Download shopping apps to give you the best deals on gadgets. As shopping apps do not have physical stores, they are able to offer much more discounts than what you can get in shops. This is because they do not have expenses concerned with a normal shop like shop keepers or costs in the form of paying rent. What this all translates to, is that you get better discounts on apps than stores.

Some shopping apps even give added sales if you purchase stuff from their apps rather than from a desktop website- “app only sale”.  Shopping apps even tell you when a New Gadgets is about to be released and offers you the opportunity to pre order it. So if you feel that a particular gadget is not going to be available for long after its release then maybe you could try pre ordering it.

Be alert to shopping apps that have sales before the festival season. Many shopping apps go on sale around the same time. So in order to be the best in the competition they also have to offer the best at the best discount and this is where you come in to swoop your gadget at the lowest cost price.

Wait for the next version of the new gadgets to purchase:

If you are still not sure of the gadget you want to buy- Whether it’s worth it for its price or can I get a better deal. If these are some of the thoughts that are swirling in your mind then take the safe route and wait for the next version of the gadget to be released.

When newer versions of a gadget are released, everyone runs for that New Gadgets forgetting the older one and this is where shops sell the previous gadget at low prices to get rid of inventory.  This will help you save money on you gadget purchase.

Whatever methods you choose to buy gadgets remember that there are always opportunities to cut costs and save your money, so be sure to take out the time to make a purchase that you are satisfied with.

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