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Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming- Step By Step Guide

Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming- Step By Step Guide

access_time March 29, 2021 remove_red_eye 3789 views

Are you pondering about gaming seriously? Then, you need to think about Optimize Windows 10 for gaming with at most importance. Both the Xbox and PlayStation are excellent alternatives. But, a Windows 10 PC comes with outstanding gaming functionalities if it is optimized correctly. It comes with a gameplay DVR mode using which you can record the best bits.

How to Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming

Tweak Your Display Options:

Display OptionsAre you using a high refresh rate monitor that can run at 144Hz or higher? Then, enabling the refresh rate in windows is essential for you to optimize windows 10 for gaming .

In this case, you need to first go to the option named ‘Settings.’ Then, you need to click on System. After that, go to the Display option. There you need to choose the option  ‘Advanced Display Settings.’ After that, you need to set the refresh rate at high. Besides, you can explore the built-in gaming options of the monitor.

For example, explore the Overdrive feature, which helps to decrease the motion blur. If you own a specifically beefy graphics card and want to get sharper images, then you can switch on the super sampling option. This option is available in the graphics driver options.  Check whether your display supports HDR or not. If it supports, then you can set up that also.

Adjust Your Mouse Settings:

Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming- Adjust Your Mouse SettingsWe all know how the mouse usually moves on the screen. But a few features are there, which are designed mainly for desktop purposes. If you are a gaming lover, then a few things are there that you may want to change to optimize Windows 10 for gaming.

First of all, you need to go to the Settings option. Then, select the Devices option and open it. Go to the Mouse option, then. After that, choose the Additional Mouse Options. Besides, you need to confirm that you have set the pointer speed to the default 6th notch from the left. Don’t forget to disable the Enhance Pointer Precision.

We know the Pointer Precision as Mouse Acceleration. It enables the cursor to move farther when the user wants to move the mouse more quickly. The feature is beneficial for desktop users. But for gamers, it is not advantageous. If you don’t have too much desk space or you are using a trackpad, then it is helpful for you to get rid of those limitations. However, usually, the gamers prefer to keep it switched off.

Do you want your movements even more or less sensitive? Then, you must adjust the sensitivity level in-game. Don’t do it in Windows. Do you have a gaming mouse that features adjustable DPI? Then, you need to adjust it along with adjusting in-game sensitivity. However, Mouse sensitivity depends on the preference of the user.

It offers multiple configurations which you can try. Therefore, you should try to test different combinations. Moreover, go through what other gamers recommend to find out which is the best one for your play style.

Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming Gaming Mode:

The recent updates of the operating system come with a gaming mode feature. Besides, it features built-in optimizations for those who prefer to play games in Windows 10.

To find more features, you need to tap on the Windows key and the ‘I’ button at a time.

Then, you need to type ‘game mode.

After that, tap on the Game Mode settings. Although turning the Game Mode on can also make your job done.

You need to tap on the Game Mode that is available on your Gaming screen.

If the PC you are using supports the Game Mode, you need to manage the resources. It will help you to get the optimum frame rate. This one is the only process that allows you to Optimize Windows 10 for gaming.

Nagle’s Algorithm:

It helps to bundle the data packets. Although it is advantageous, it may cause latency issues while playing online games if you enable it on your PC.

If you want to disable it and Optimize Windows 10 for gaming, first check your IP address.

Then, you have to tap on both Windows key and ‘X’ at a time.

Then, you need to choose Windows PowerShell.

After that, you have to enter ipconfig.

Next, search for the “IPv4 address” so that you can identify the IP address of your computer.

As soon as you note the IP address, tap on the Start button.

Next, you have to type Regedit.

Then, your job is to select the Registry Editor.

Now, you have to copy & paste the following path in the address bar:


You can see a collection of folders along with letters and numbers in the left-hand pane. Now, you have to access the proper file. To do so, you need to match the IP address with the IP address available against DhcpIPAddress.

More Steps:

As soon as you will find the matching folder, right-click on it.

Then, you have to select the New option and DWORD (32-bit) Value.

Next, you have to name it as TcpAckFrequency file.

After that, you have to tap on the OK button.

Next, you have again to select the New and DWORD (32-bit) Value.

Now, name it TCPNoDelay.

At last, you have to double-click times on each after that, set those parameters to 1.

Thus, Nagle’s algorithm will get disabled. In case you face any problem, then reset the values to 0.

Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming using Faster DNS:

Do you depend on the remote server for Windows 10 gaming? Or do you playing any multiplayer game online? Then, you may face issues due to network traffic.

To make your internet faster, follow the below process:

First, you have to tap on both Windows and ‘I’ buttons at a time. By doing so, it will open the Settings menu.

Then, your job is to search the Network and Internet option. As soon as you find the “Option,” change the Adapter Settings.

Next, you have to right-click on the wireless network.

Then, your task is to select the option named Properties.

Then, you need to click on highlight the Internet Protocol Version 4.

Now, you have to note the two DNS entries.

Next, your job is to replace these with and

Now, you need to tap on the OK button and Close after that.

At last, you have to reboot the default browser.

Disabling Automatic Update and Notification:

If you have windows 10, then you don’t need to update the OS yourself. Because the operating system automatically gets updated by Windows 10, it schedules a restart without permission from the user. It restarts your Windows without giving you any warnings. If you want to decrease the chance of windows Update downloads, follow the below steps:

First, you need to open Settings by pressing Windows key + I.

Then, tap on the Update and Security option. After that, click on Windows Update.

Now, you have to find some advanced options. After that, tap on the Update Options.

If you see any need for restarting to install an update, you need to disable Restarting the device as soon as possible.

Then, you may get multiple notifications and warnings. So, it would be best if you paused the updates.

Thus, you can delay the update installation for up to 35 days.

When you specify the proper time of update, it will stop the Windows updates installing process during active hours.

Disabling Notifications:

It’s The Focus Assist feature that specifies the user how and when will you receive the notifications.

While playing games, you may feel interrupted due to the notifications that are accompanied by the Popups and chimes. Therefore, you need to reduce the notifications impacts with the help of The solution is to minimize the Focus Assist. To do so, follow the below-described process.

First, you have to tap on the ” Windows + I” button to open the Settings option.

Then, it would be best if you tapped on the System option, and after that, click on Focus Assist.

Next, your job is to choose the Alarms Only option for hiding other notifications.

At last, you have to shut down the Settings screen.

Manage Active Hours:

Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming- Manage Active HoursWindows 10 automatically starts downloading the updates and restarting the PC. It is a worrying matter for gamers. If you belong to the competitive gamer category, then if you exit suddenly in the middle of the game, it may affect your ranking or your’s teammate’s game planning.

Besides, if it starts the updates downloading process in the background, it may limit the net connection’s speeds. Being exhausted by this problem, you may want to turn off automatic updates altogether. But we will strictly recommend you not to do so. Keep in mind that these auto-updates will help to protect your System and will make it up-to-date.

Therefore, the best solution should be setting the active hours properly. In windows, you can easily specify the gaming and the working schedules. Thus, you can stop the operating System from downloading updates during those specified times. When you set the active hours, windows will use the non-active hours for updating and restarting the System.


If you want to set the active hours, follow the below steps:

First, tap on Windows key + I. Then, you need to go to the setting option.

After that, you have to click on the Update & Security option. Next, tap on the Change active hours option. From there, you will get the opportunity to set the active hours up to 18.

In case you are a night gamer, then you will be unable to set any specific time. In that case, you need to confirm that you are getting the reminder from the windows whenever it is going to restart if you get such a reminder while gaming, you can easily delay the timing.

To do so, you have to return to the Windows Update. Then, tap on the Advanced options. You can see a switch available under “We’ll show a reminder when we’re going to restart.” Turn on this switch.

Disable Auto-update of Streaming Games:

Do you love to play games using windows? Then, you may be purchasing as well as installing games through Stream. Update specification is one of the significant issues you may face with Stream. Due to this feature, you may not be able to block the auto-updates while playing games. Sometimes, it consumes the memory by updating such games that the user hardly plays.

If you want to stop Stream from updating games in the background, follow the below process:

First, your task is to launch the Stream client.

Then, go to Stream and then open the Settings option. Next, go to the Downloads option.

Now you need to uncheck allow downloads while game playing. Now auto-updates of the streaming game are disabled.

If you want to prevent Stream from downloading the updates ( mainly the unused games), follow the below process:

First, you need to open the Stream library.

Then, you need to right-click on an underused but installed game.

Now, you have to choose the Properties option. Then, search the Automatic Updates.

Keep Your Windows 10 Graphic Drivers Updated for Best Gaming Performance:

GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit. It is the core part of the PC gaming experience. However,  to offer better performance and to work fast, this unit needs the advanced Windows driver.

If you want to check the GPU name and specs, then right-click on the desktop.

After that, choose the Display settings.

Then you need to click on

Advanced display settings.

You can get Display adapter properties at the bottom section of the screen. However, you can follow another process.

First, go to Properties. Then click on Driver. After that, tap on Update Driver. Make sure that the Driver is up to date. To check this, you can visit the manufacturer’s site. Most of the time, the manufacturers offer free gaming and updating software. These help to keep the drivers up to date.

Max Power Plan for Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming:

Most people ignore the power options because of their negligible effect.  Few users claim adjusting Powerplan will deliver high performance, but few gamers claim there is no change in the performance even after changing the PC’s power settings.

That’s why the only way you can follow is to test it out on the PC. In this case, you need to change the power settings. To do it:

First of all, you have to go to the Settings.

Then, you need to type power.

After that, tap on the Power & sleep settings. Then click on the Additional power settings options.

Now, you have to choose the high-performance option.

In case you see that there is no option available, you need to use Create a power plan. Thus, you can configure a new custom power plan.

It enables the PC to offer better performance at the cost of higher energy consumption & temperature levels.

Tweak Windows 10 Visual Effects for Better Gaming Experience:

GUI can serve as an obstacle to the processing power. Games that are running in the foreground can run conflict with the GUI running in the background.

You need to adjust the settings for optimizing Windows 10 to get better gaming performance.

First, you need to go to the settings by tapping Windows key + I.

Then, your job is to type the performance.

Now, you have to select the option named Adjust appearance and performance of Windows.

Next, you can see the option ‘Adjust for best performance’ in the settings box. Select it.

Then, tap on the Apply option.

After that, you have to click on the Advanced tab.

You need to confirm that you have set ‘Adjust the best performance’ to Programs.

At last, you need to apply it again. Then, hit the OK option for confirmation.

Install DirectX 12 to Optimize for Gaming:

DirectX 12 is known as the latest version of Microsoft’s famous API tool. It is an essential element of Windows 10 gaming. It offers support for better frame rates, multiple GPU and CPU cores, lowered power consumption, and enhanced graphical effects. To check whether you have the recent version of DirectX or not, follow the below steps:

Go to the Windows PowerShell first.

Then, type dxdiag.

Next, your task is to hit the enter button.

After some time, you can see the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

Solve Low FPS Issues to Ooptimize Windows 10 for Gaming:

FPS stands for frames per second. Low FPS indicates that your PC doesn’t have sufficient power or memory left. Due to a weak graphics card, old graphics drivers, an outdated CPU, or insufficient RAM – this problem may occur.

You can see the games on the monitor in a rapid-fire series of frames like movies. Here, the number of frames you can see on the monitor each second is known as frame rate. You can measure it in FPS.

Usually, games run from 30 to 60 FPS. At this rate, things will look pretty smooth. But there are a few gamers who want to get a super-smooth experience. That’s why a few modern gaming laptops and monitors are innovated that can be operated at 144 to 360 Hz speed. It will allow the user to enjoy a super-smooth experience as well as lower latency.

In case the computer you are using cannot generate all the frames, then the frame rate will fall down. As a result, the user will feel that the game is running in slow motion.

How to Boost FPS:

Here, we have given a few effective tricks which you can follow to boost fps.

Enable Game Mode in Windows 10:

The main reason behind designing this built-in tool – the game mode is to optimize Windows 10 for gaming.  This tool helps to deactivate background activities. For example, it blocks Windows updates and other app notifications. Thus, it helps to boost FPS in games. From the middle of 2019, Windows 10 makes the Game Mode enabled by default.

Here, we have described the process that will help you to activate the Windows 10 gaming mode and to get more FPS:

You have to go to the Settings first. To do so, tap on the cog icon in the Start menu.

Now, you have to choose the Gaming category.

After that, your job is to choose the Game Mode. Make sure that you have kept the mode switch toggled on.

The gaming mode helps increase FPS and improve the performance level while playing on a Windows 10 PC.

Lower Your Resolution:

People who don’t have any super-high-end gaming PC have to make a few sacrifices to get high FPS. Usually, standard computers are unable to run the recent games at ultra-high resolutions.

When the number of resolutions increases, the number of pixels available on the screen also increases. You can improve FPS by reducing the game’s resolution. It is because FPS won’t support too many pixels with each frame.

Although the graphics may not look clear, the Tweaked display settings will allow your PC to run the game smoothly.

If you decrease the resolution from 1080p (1080 x 1920) to 900p (900 x 1600), it will drop all the Pixels by over 30%. If you reduce the resolution to 720p, it will decrease 50% of Pixels.

You will find the resolution settings in the game’s options menu. You can do experiments to check your machine’s handling capacity and find better FPS for Windows 10 gaming.

Change the Game’s Video Settings:

Are you fiddling with the resolution of the game? If yes, then you can tweak the other video settings. By doing so, you will be able to boost the FPS also.

A few games come with basic settings which can adjust only by level— ultra, high, medium, low, etc. Besides, you can see other games equipped with sliders, numerical settings, or more nuanced controls.

Here we have given a few settings that you can try and boost FPS:

Graphical Details:

You can decrease shadows, lighting, textures, and reflections. If you do so, your game won’t look like before. You may find your game is looking less lifelike. But this will help your game to run smoothly.


The function of Anti-aliasing is to smoothen several objects’ edges in your game. First, you need to turn it off. Then, you have to boost it gradually to that point in which you may see a difference in the graphics. But make sure that it is not affecting the FPS negatively. A few games come with multiple types of Anti-aliasing. You can try each one and check the results.

Draw distance:

If you want to prevent the game from rendering far-off objects, you can decrease the draw distance.

Graphical Effects:

You can get rid of face motion blur, lens flares, and other graphical flares by boosting FPS.


The primary purpose of its design is to prevent screen tearing. VSync helps to synchronize the frame rate using the monitor’s refresh rate when the monitor displays multiple frame parts simultaneously. However, there is a chance of reducing FPS. You can switch it off to check the result. In case you see that the screen is tearing, switch on it. 

Update Your Graphics Card Drivers:

Graphics card is a vital part of gaming. But if you don’t have the proper graphics driver, you will not be able to unleash its good performance. If you want to boost FPS, you can update the graphics card driver. Here, we have given the methods to update Drivers for Nvidia GeForce, ATI Radeon, and Intel HD graphics cards.

Nvidia GeForce:

First, open the GeForce driver website. Then, you have to choose the graphics card and Windows version available in the list. After that, your job is to tap on the Start Search button.

Drivers which are marked as beta aren’t quite finished. But the final release of the drivers can run smoothly. Most probably, those latest releases will help to boost FPS more.

Those who have installed the GeForce Experience tool will automatically get notifications when Nvidia releases a new driver.

ATI Radeon:

First, open the AMD software downloads website. Then, you need to choose the appropriate device. As soon as you will do it, you will get access to the latest official Driver, which can be downloaded and installed. If you want, install the beta driver also. Installing this Driver will offer you better performance or updated features.

Intel HD Graphics:

It is the weakest one on this list. You may find these usually on ultrabooks or tablets. It is not recommended to play any kind of game on the HD 3000 or earlier. But it’s Intel’s advanced graphics chipsets that can handle the latest games. If you want to update the drivers, then open the Intel Download Center’s graphics page.

You can increase FPS instantly and optimize windows 10 for gaming only by updating the Driver. AVG Driver Updater helps to update all the drivers automatically. Thus, it can offer the user a consistently optimized performance. As there remains no need to worry about updating the drivers, you can focus on game playing.

Follow the steps to find out the graphic card’s manufacturer and the correct serial number.

First of all, open the Control Panel. Then, you need to go to the option named Hardware and Sound.

Next, your job is to tap on the Device Manager. When you click on it, you will get to see all the System’s built-in devices in a list.

Now, you need to go to the Display adapters drop-down category.

After identifying the graphics card, you need to confirm that you are using the recent drivers for optimal gaming performance.

Remove Bloatware and Unused Programs:

Sometimes, installing programs on a PC or laptop makes Windows slower. It may affect your games directly. The reason is multiple programs run background activities even when you are not using these. It consumes the memory of your PC.

Programs like AVG Tune Up helps to boost more FPS by uninstalling unused programs and removing bloatware.

First, you need to download them.

Then, go for a free trial.

At last, choose it for Mac, Android, etc.

As soon as you install it, you will get to see all those programs that are not used for a prolonged period on the monitor. Hit on the Move to Trash option to remove those programs that you don’t want.  Besides, AVG Tune Up will display the list of unnecessary programs that are consuming space on your PC.

But the other programs that you need to use regularly may limit the day-to-day performance. AVG Tune up allows these programs to sleep when they are unused and enable them to wake up when they are needed.

Here, we have given the process that will let you know how to keep the unused programs in sleeping mode by using AVG Tuneup:

First, you need to open AVG Tuneup. Then you need to click on the Speed up option.

Removing Bloatware

Then click on Background and Startup programs.

This Tuneup can display the programs that run in the background and consumes the resources of your PC. You can tap on the Sleep next option to snooze the programs one by one. Otherwise, click on the option named ‘Put all to sleep.’ It will help to snooze all the programs at the same time. If you do so, the selected programs will not run in the background until they are used. As a result, your PC can work like the new one, and you can enjoy a faster gaming experience.

However, due to a slow internet connection, you may see extra lags in games. Therefore, if you boost the Wi-Fi signal, it can help to improve the gaming performance by reducing lags.

Overclock Your Graphics Card:

The graphics card chip may be the reason behind stuttering or lackluster Gameplay.

If you want to improve performance and boost FPS, you need to push the graphics card beyond the default speed setting through overclocking.

It was almost five to ten years ago when Overclocking was able to harm the hardware. But nowadays, most of the latest systems get shut down automatically before getting damaged. It is because all the current systems shut down themselves. Besides, 15% of GPU overclock helps you to enhance the gaming experience well.

Overclocking can increase the speed of the GPU and the stress on all hardware. Overclocking can increase the internal temperature because of CPU or G PU and the Overclocking (It can increase the temperature by almost 5° Celsius.) Always You should follow the safe GPU overclocking practices while trying it of your own.

Upgrade Your Graphics Card:

After upgrading to a 4K projector, a few users noticed that the old PC used for gaming could not perform well with the high resolution.

It is Nvidia’s Pascal GPU of the 2016/2017 generation that offers graphical power. It helps render 4K games at a buttery-smooth 60 FPS. However, you still require the latest high-end GPU in the case of 2021 or beyond. For example, you need to use GeForce RTX 3090 or Titan RTX to optimize the gaming PC.

Is 1440p or 1080p sufficient enough to fulfill all your gaming needs? If yes, then you can see a significant FPS boost along with an affordable GPU. However, if you are engineering your own Windows 10 gaming PC, you can select a GPU as per your gaming needs.

Upgrade to an SSD:

Compared to mechanical hard disks, SSDs work faster. It is an excellent way to optimize the Windows 10 computer for gaming. However, if you upgrade to SSD, it will not increase the frame rate of the game. It only helps to speed up the PC and decrease loading times while playing.

Always select an SSD that has a minimum of 250 GB of storage. In recent times, most of the latest games exceed about 50 GB or more than that. On the other hand, you need to allocate at least 30 GB of space for the windows. 480 GB SanDisk Extreme ($395) helps to boast 540 MB/s of sequential read and 460 MB/s of sequential write.

Upgrade Your Computer RAM:

If you have more RAM, your PC can do more jobs at a time. By upgrading RAM, you can optimize the computer for gaming along with making it robust.

You can add RAM if required. But you need to confirm that the new one is matching with the old one. You should not mix or match two types of RAM. However, if you are going to convert all the RAM types into a new one, check which one can be supported by your motherboard. After that, you should buy RAM of the same kind. If you add RAM, it will help to boost FPS.

Disable SuperFetch (SysMain) and Prefetch:

SuperFetch is known as SysMain in Windows 10. Both Prefetch and SuperFetch are built-in Windows features that help you to increase the startup times for apps. When their features remain active, the loading times and background activity get increased. Check the following steps to get better FPS:

First, you need to write services in the Windows search box. After that, you need to choose the Services option from the results.

Then, you need to scroll down till SysMain appears on the screen. Next, double-click on it.

Now, you have to select the Disabled option, which you can get in the Startup type options. After that, tap on the Apply option and then click on OK.

When you are done, you need to shut down this window as well as the Services window.

After that, your job is to hit both Windows and R buttons at a time. As soon as you tap on the buttons, you can see the Run box. Then, you have to write Regedit and hit the Enter button. After that, you have to tap on the Yes option to confirm.

Now, you have to paste the following path at the address bar. Then, hit the Enter button.

ComputerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerMemory ManagementPrefetchParameters

You need to double-click on the EnablePrefetcher. Then, enter the 0 buttons for making the Prefetcher disabled. After that, you have to click on the OK option.

Defrag or Optimize Your Disk: 

Whenever you delete data from a hard disk, files will get fragmented. The hard disk needs to collect all fragmented portions before processing the file.  Disk fragmentation helps to improve gaming performance.

You can get benefits from using SSDs than regular cleanup. Here, the TRIM function notifies the SSD to erase the unused data blocks. It helps to increase the read and write speeds with the help of efficient data management.

Games, mainly the AAA ones, need a ton of space.

For example, both Doom Eternal and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla need at least 50 GB. In comparison, Red Dead Redemption 2 calls need 150 GB. Windows need to access all the data quickly when you are playing the game.

Whether a hard disk drive or an SSD is getting used – you should clean up the drive to speed up your PC.

Steps to Clean-up Disk Drive

You only need to go to the Start menu. Then, type defragment. After that, you will get search results. Select Defragment and Optimize Drives from the list.

Next, you need to choose the Windows disk. Then, click on the Optimize option. It will help to defragment HDD or optimize SSD through TRIM.

For the SSD, you need to enable TRIM by default. However, sometimes it may get power off suddenly. It indicates that the SSD you have will not offer you benefits from regular optimization.

Here, we have given the procedure to enable TRIM on PC.

First, tap on the Start menu.

Then, you have to write cmd into the search bar.

After that, select the Run option from Command Prompt options.

Now, tap on the Yes option when prompted.

Then, in the command section, you have to write Fsutil behavior query disable-delete notify. After that, you need to tap on the Enter button.

Check whether the TRIM is enabled in the Command Prompt or not. If you get to see the result is 0, then it is good for you. If you see that TRIM is not supported, then you need to enable it. Next, you need to enter the command fsutil behavior set DisableDeleteNotify 0. In case it doesn’t work, then an up-gradation of the firmware is required for enabling TRIM.

Clear All Temp Files:

When you use the PC, it will create temporary files. But even after shutting down the PC, these files remain there. As a result, your PC becomes slower. That’s why you need to delete those temp files for optimizing windows 10 for gaming.


Tap on the Windows key and R button at a time.

Write %temp% and then tap on the OK option after that.

After that, you have to choose all the files that you want to delete.

Next, you need to hit both the Windows key and R buttons simultaneously.

Now, your job is to write temp and then tap on the OK option.

Now, you need to switch on fast startup and Hibernation.

You may get to see the ‘Turn on fast startup or Hibernate’ under the power option. In case you don’t find this option there, then you need to enable Hibernation on your PC. Follow the under-given steps to do so.

First, you need to hit both the Windows logo and X key at a time. After that, choose Command Prompt (Admin) or Windows PowerShell (Admin).

When the launched window appears, you need to write powercfg /hibernate. Then, your job is to enable Hibernation by pressing enter.

At last, return to the Power Options window. Now, you can see the Hibernate or Turn on fast startup option in the list.

Disable High Priority Applications:

Disabling high-priority applications is essential. When you power on the PC, a few applications will get started automatically in the background. A few of these applications consume enough power. Besides, these need tons of resources. That’s why you need to make sure that any of these applications are not running in the background. As these are startup applications, it will help boost up the speed if you disable them.

You need to open the Startup Tab first. Then, you have to disable all high-priority applications. Just right-click on those applications and then select the disable option. If you do it properly, that will change the status automatically.

Disable Sound Hardware Background Working:

You may think that the PC uses only single Sound Hardware. But it isn’t true. Whenever you plug any sound device into the PC, it enables the hardware automatically. As a result, the device runs continuously despite being unused by the user.

However, you can disable useless sound devices to improve both sound quality and overall performance.

To do so, first, you need to go to the start option. Then, you need to type Change System Sounds.

As soon as you open it, go to the Playback tab. Then, you have to make the irrelevant Sound Devices disabled. While doing this, confirm that you have enabled your default sound device.

Next, tap on the properties option, which is available above the Apply button.

After that, open the ‘The Advanced Tab.’ Then, it would be best if you disabled those options, which are highlighted in Red color under the Exclusive Mode.

Now, you need to go to the Default Format slide. Then, select the highest option.

You can find the Default Format below under Advanced Tab.

As soon as you have done these essential changes, go to the Spatial Sound tab. You need to confirm that the tab is disabled.

After making all these changes in Headphone Properties, now replicate all these steps in the Microphone Properties.

Then, you have to make the irrelevant Microphone Devices disabled.

After that, you need to choose the default Recording Device. Then, you need to click on the option named Properties.

Moreover, you need to confirm that these three options, available below the Advanced tab, are disabled. Then, choose the highest value available under Default Format.

At last, you have to tap on the Apply option. Then, click on the OK to adjust audio settings.


If you feel frustrated while dealing with Windows 10, you can follow these above-described tricks. These tricks given here can solve your problem to a great extent and optimize windows 10 for gaming. But keep in mind that you should not  go for an upgrade if you don’t have any decent hardware.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • Does Windows 10 improve gaming performance?

Windows 10 helps the user to enjoy better performance and to get a faster frame rate. It enables you to use native games, retro ones, and Xbox streaming along with the Game DVR feature. Besides, it comes with a Game Mode that improves the speed of your PC. 

  • How do you increase your FPS in Windows 10 games?

You can increase your FPS in Windows 10 by:

  • Turning on the game mode.
  • Reducing the resolution.
  • Configuring Vertical Sync.
  • Overlocking the PC.
  • By updating the drivers.
  • How do you optimize Windows 10 to get the best performance?

Here, we have given a few tips to improve the PC performance in Windows 10.

You need to confirm that you have all the recent updates for Windows and device drivers.

Then, you need to reboot the PC and open merely those apps you require.

Now you need to use ReadyBoost as it assists in improving the performance.

How Do I optimize windows 10 for gaming?

Following  all the steps given above in this post will help you  to optimize your windows 10 PC for gaming.

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