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Toshiba Develops Next Generation Lithium-ion Battery with New Anode Material

access_time October 12, 2017

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With Prism Headset, Students-Turned-Entrepreneurs Have Augmented Reality in Sight

access_time August 14, 2017

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Best writing tools for students in 2020

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How to Remove Text from a Picture

How to Remove Text from a Picture

access_time April 12, 2018 chat_bubble_outline 0 comments remove_red_eye 3294 views

Movavi Photo Editor Software

Often while on a tour one may find it difficult while taking images with the other tourists hovering around the place particularly in crowded spot of interest.  It tends to be a bit difficult in getting the image one would prefer with an amazing view with someone being clicked in the background in the image intended to be kept as cherished memories.  When the need of eliminating unwanted text and stamps from photo arises, there are solutions which are helpful in removing any text from your images.  Presently the cameras tend to portray the precise date as well as the time of an image taken on the digital images.  Often the user may have the tendency of overlooking in switching off this feature.  However this can be resolved with the right software.  Movavi Photo Editor Software has the solution to this issue.  With the help of the software, users will get an understanding on how to remove text from a picture. The Helpful guidelines provided to delete the date stamps, together with captions as well as any non-essential elements from your images with the aid of this software.

pic 2

Applicable for Windows/Mac Versions

Detailed guidance is applicable for Windows as well as Mac versions of the software wherein the user needs to download and get the installed version needed and adhere to the instructions provided.  You could follow their instructions to get added information pertaining to the Photo Editor Software. On utilizing this software, one will never face any glitches of having unwanted elements in your images.  The following guideline could be helpful in obtaining the image one would desire on eliminating the objects and images which are not of much significance:
pic 3

  1. Use the Program and enhance your image

To get started, you could click the Browse for Image in order to open the file one would desire to clear on utilising the Windows Explorer.  In the case of Mac, one could use Finder. Or else one could just drag and drop the image in the editing area of the program.

  1. Mark and Delete the caption of the date stamp

On opening the Object Removal menu, you could paint across the date or text with the Brush tool and get the desired results on highlighting the element accurately.  The Magic Wand would make the option much simpler. Thereafter on clicking `Start Erasing” you could proceed to delete the date stamp.  By utilising the Stamp tool you could delete whatever unwanted matter needs to be eliminated where you could erase text, watermarks from photos or caption which may not tend to cover an important aspect of the image.

  1. Save the Modified Image

After performing the required changes, you could use the `Save’ option to save the modified image.  You could select a name for the image from the several formats such as JPEG, BMP, TIFF PNG or any well-known format.

This is the best way to alter your images wherein the quality of the image is enhanced and imperfections are renovated.  Besides it tends to provide special effects and filters.  It helps in changing the background of the images eliminating the non-essential elements in the images providing you with the desired images without the glitches.


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