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Best Professional Data Recovery Software in 2020

Best Professional Data Recovery Software in 2020

access_time February 16, 2020 remove_red_eye 1467 views

Very often we come across instances in our working system wherein files and data tends to get deleted through default and often we are unable to retrieve the same.  Deletion could occur on clicking delete, or pressing `Shift+Delete or on emptying the Recycle Bin.  These are the main functions for loss of date while working on your system. This results in the data getting deleted and we lose data which could be of great importance to the user. However we can recover deleted files with the help of EaseUS free data recovery software.

Solution – Recover Deleted Files

This is considered to be one of the best options for speedy and complete recovery of file from Windows desktops, other Windows-compatible devices and laptops.   It assists 100 plus real life data loss solutions such as formatting, deletion, RAW and much more.  It has a success rate which is impeccable.   The said free data recovery software is a combination of user-friendly approach featuring handy suite that is supportive of recovering files which have been accidently deleted form the system.

Data Recovery Application

Various choices are available in recovering deleted files irrespective of them being deleted by moving to the recycle bin or by emptying the recycle bin.  Utilization of options of Windows built-in tools or the deleted data recovery application can be used in retrieving lost data.  This data recovery software has been specialized in restoring permanently deleted cases or loss of data without any backups. This software enables 100% recovery of deleted files.  Whenever a user faces data loss, the first option is to refrain from using the computer or any external memory storage device. When the user uses the right click for a file to delete it, the system tends to conceal the data by removing the file directory, marking the space free for use,    At this point of time, one can retrieve the file by reconstructing the file directory.  The content or data in that space does not get deleted till the same space is utilized by fresh data.  The fresh data has a tendency of over-writing the earlier erased file.  This would hinder the successful recovery of data. It tends to get dangerous if there is limited space in hard drive, USB drive or memory card.

Options for Recovery                           

Whenever data has been accidently deleted from a device, it is suggested to stop the device and begin the data recovery process at the earliest.   You could choose the below mentioned options for recovery of your data files:

  1. Recover Deleted Files with Deleted File recovery software – Should you desire to retrieve the precise copy of the deleted file and not the earlier saved file, then you can utilise the third-party data recovery software – EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.  This is a stress-free recovery tool which has been aimed in supporting all complex data loss scenarios, such as deleted recovery, format recovery, system crash, data recovery after it has been attacked by virus etc.  The software has provided the much needed solutions in retrieving deleted files from the system.
  2. Partition Recovery – Recovery of partition recovery is essential when the partitions tends to get lost, inaccessible or deleted.  EaseUS recovery software has the provision of recovering files from the partition with ease.
  3. Formatted File Recovery – Irrespective of the storage device being accidently or intentionally formatted, the end results tends to be the same.  The files in the storage section can be deleted or lost.  With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, the user has the option of retrieving data from a formatted partition, hard, drive, memory card, USB drive or any other storage device.
  4. Storage Media Recovery – It is very disturbing whenever the external storage device or HDD gets affected, inaccessible or corrupted. EaseUS assists in providing a solution to this issue in retrieving files from impossible situations to possibility, from internal/external HDD, SD card, USB drive, video player, digital camera and other supported devices.
  5. Emergency Data Recovery – Though this scenario is seldom, tragedies such as file affected virus attacks, unexpected system crashes and boot failures, could result in loss of data.  An apt solution is to apply the pc data recovery tool to get back the files hidden and deleted by data loss or malware, due to accidental shutdown of the system.

Another amazing feature of EaseUS is that it enhances its process with its scanning modes, namely the Quick Scan and Deep Scan.  The Quick Scan has a shorter duration while the Deep Scan requires additional time to search the drive for intensely concealed files. User can also recover any data loss showing in the result during the process of the scan.  The need of waiting to complete the scanning process is not essential.  This helps in saving time tremendously.


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