How many of your 100K+ Twitter Followers are Real?

I often marvel at Tweeps that have a follower count north of 100K. I’m talking about non-celebrities of course. This is quite a feat no matter how one arrived at this number. While there are hundreds of Twitter tools out there that can assist in getting followers, it still takes time. You could use every trick in the book, including automated services (usually a no-no which violates Twitter’s TOS), and it would still probably take a year to get over the 100K line. While I’ve always found it to be an impressive number, I know it’s not a real number. Our followers include Bots and inactive users. Everyone has their own definition of an inactive follower, but I would say someone that hasn’t sent a Tweet in an over a month to be inactive. So how many inactive followers do you have?

SocialBro is a tool that allows you to manage and analyze your Twitter Community. It helps in getting your arms around the question in the title, and plenty more. Other Tools include monitoring a hashtag, analyzing your lists, Best time to Tweet, and analyzing competitors. SocialBro also provides a dynamite filtering system where you can isolate certain groups of users.

The chart above from SocialBro shows number of followers and when they last sent a Tweet.

Twitter Followers – 12,018
Tweeted in the last Month – 9,047 (Active)
Tweeted over a Month Ago – 2,971 (Inactive)

So based on my definition of an Active Follower (Tweeted in last month) my percentage is 75.3%. It is actually a bit higher than I anticipated. However, it also means that almost 3K or 24.7% of my Followers are dust. Valuable information that gives you a better grasp of your Twitter account. There isn’t any reason to follow these inactive Tweeps. If you’re serious about your Twitter account, this Tool in SocialBro gives you the foundation to do some cleanup.

Real-Time Analytics – Drum roll please…Earlier this week SocialBro unveiled a Real-Time Analytics feature to its Tool set. This allows you to view active users, and shows their total number of followers, that have tweeted in the last 5 minutes. The screen updates automatically every 10 seconds. This is some great stuff. The picture a below is a screenshot from Tuesday.

Damn, only 86. I actually watched over the last two days, and 97 was the highest it reached. So with over 12K Followers (yes I know about 3K are inactive) there are only 75-97 actively using Twitter at any one time. Ugh. Just to give you some perspective, my 2nd Twitter account started a month ago and just shy of 300 followers, was running between 15-20. This account is primarily filled with people I know. So 86/12,018 versus 17/291. Well, you can do the math. While you can’t control who follows you, being more selective of whom you follow should lead to a more efficient Twitter account.

So do you really have 100K followers? Well not really. Go over to SocialBro and find out your real numbers.