Attention All Bloggers: Why aren’t you on Triberr???

I wrote a post last year that included Triberr called 5 Social Media Favorites from 2011. Today I wanted to take a deeper dive and try to undercover why more bloggers are not using this valuable platform. Triberr is self described as a website for bloggers interested in increasing their reach. This reach is increased via tweets on Twitter. Triberr is so much more. It all starts at the top with Dino Dogan and Dan Cristo. Dino is the entertaining and charismatic voice of Triberr, while Dan is more technical in nature coding away and continuously answering questions. These guys care. They care about you and your blog getting more exposure. They continue to work feverishly to provide a great environment and community. So, why aren’t you on Triberr???

Getting Started – Triberr had been by invitation only until a couple of months ago. Now you can stroll over to Triberr and be registered in minutes.

1) Join for free at Triberr
2) Connect your Twitter account(s)
3) Connect your RSS Feed(s)
4) Find a Tribe or start your own
5) Start Posting (Well not so quick, but close)

Find a Tribe – A tribe is a group of users that make up a team. While you’re able to start your own tribe I highly recommend that you find a tribe to join, and ease into the platform. For the newbie, starting your own tribe and building an efficient group is extremely challenging and time consuming. The first thing you want to do is click on “Bonfires” and then “Looking for Tribes” to start your search. “Bonfires” is an internal messaging area for different discussions. Post on “Looking for Tribes” and communicate what your blog is about and give your site address. You will also see Tribe leaders looking for bloggers in this forum. While Social Media, Marketing, and Mommy Blogs are very popular, you can find many other areas of interest. Some of these include: Food, Travel, Health & Wellness, and Finance, etc. With Triberr open now, the number of topics are growing, and you should be able to find something that meets your needs. Just about all tribes are topic specific, so all members write about the same topic. There are not many hodgepodge tribes that I’ve seen.

1) Click on “Bonfires”
2) Click on “Looking for Tribes”
3) Post your message on “Looking for Tribes” on what you write about and your site
4) Be Proactive
5) Feel free to contact me @sbhsbh if you need some direction

Game Time – So let’s say you’ve landed in a tribe with 15 members. Each time one of the members in your tribe publishes a post it hits your Triberr stream for review. You can either approve or delete from your stream. Unless something is total garbage or just not your taste you can delete the post, and it will be removed from your stream. The posts you approve will be tweeted in 20 min. intervals. Below are a few that I tweeted earlier today. Your mindset should be I’m going to approve all posts, unless your tribemate(s) give you a reason not to. Publish solid original content and you’ll be in good shape.

Sharing, Sharing, Sharing – I hope you heed my advice and share. That is the heart of Triberr, and in many ways Social Media. If you want to make the most of the platform you need to share. You’ll also be amazed on how many relationships you can build within Triberr by sharing. Under Each post there are share buttons that allow you to send to Facebook, LinkedIn, G+, and StumbleUpon. There is a ton of great content that comes through my stream from tribemates, and I want to share that on various platforms. This is seamless when using the share buttons. It’s another form of content curation. On any given post of mine I’ll get 20+ StumbleUpon thumbs up. There are a fair amount SU fans in Triberr. I’d highly suggest for current and new Triberr members to take advantage of SU. You can learn more about Stumbleupon here, Bloggers – Make StumbleUpon your Best Friend in 2012. SU drives traffic to your post.

Reach – The number of Twitter followers you have can play a part in being invited to certain tribes. In some tribes a minimum following of 5K, 10K, or 20K may be a requirement for that tribe. Those are the facts. However, there is good news. There really is a Tribe for everyone. The big follower tribes are more the exception. So don’t let that deter you from joining Triberr. You will find a Tribe. So let’s talk about reach within Triberr. Reach is defined as the total number of followers from all your tribesmates. For example, I have 296 tribemates within the 13 tribes, and those 296 tribemates have over 9.5 Million Twitter followers. Now, this number is skewed as it includes duplicates. This is something that should be fixed in the next 30 days to give accurate numbers. I’d say the true number is closer to 160 unique tribemates with a reach of 6 Million. Can you see the power? You can really expand your current reach by being part of the Triberr community. This really helps the little guy like myself.

Exciting and New – I mentioned above that Dino and Dan are always moving forward and looking to make Triberr stronger. Well, earlier today Triberr launched a Global Comment System that allows users to comment within Triberr, without going to the actual blog. The comment will appear on the blog, and this feature expedites the commenting process. Triberr will also be delivering a Reblog Function where you have the ability to pull a post from a Tribemate and put it on your blog. A Guest Post if you will, where the original author gets full credit. This will only be available to self-hosted WordPress users through a Plugin for now. I could probably create another post on these two new features alone, but you can check it out yourself on Triberr.

So why aren’t you on Triberr? – Back to my original question, why aren’t you on Triberr? Is this your first time hearing about Triberr? Did you think it was by invitation only still? Oh I know, you don’t have a Twitter account. If you post once every lunar eclipse then it’s not the platform for you, but if you post at least once a week you’re missing out on something special. As you might have noticed, I’m somewhat passionate about Triberr. I think I’ve missed logging in two days in the last five months. If you’re serious about your blog, and want more viewers, I can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t try Triberr.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, it’s always appreciated. I would love to hear from bloggers that are part of the Triberr community and those that aren’t today. If you’re not a part of the community, I would like to hear the reasons. Maybe there are some misconceptions that I can clear up for you, or some questions that you need answered. Please hit me with your thoughts.

This is arguably More Important than Content…

Content is King! Content is King! Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I know Thoreau would be envious of your work. Unfortunately, if no one is showing up to see your incredible content, then what’s the point? Marketing and bringing people to read your blog posts arguably trumps content, at least in the beginning when you’re building an audience. The “Build it and they will Come” mentality doesn’t apply in this world. Over the last year I’ve viewed hundreds of solid blog posts, and I’m always shocked on how many have little or no shares and no comments. They are not getting the exposure that their writing deserves. Are you getting the exposure you deserve? If not, you have to take it upon yourself to bring readers to your blog.

Facebook Groups: There are Facebook Groups out there where it’s all about sharing and reciprocation. Many FB groups are about helping each other. I’m sure many of you reading aren’t even aware of these groups. They work. If you’re interested in joining a FB group, ping me or leave comment. I’ll be happy to assist and get you started.

StumbleUpon: Yes, I wrote a post a few weeks ago dedicated to StumbleUpon. Maybe if you keep seeing the name, you’ll jump on board and take advantage of the traffic SU can bring to your blog. I’ve had over 2K visits from StumbleUpon in January, and average time on site was 1:32. Even from past posts, I’m still getting traffic daily from SU. These articles stay in StumbleUpon, and do not go off to pasture immediately. Please do yourself a favor and join SU today. The traffic is waiting for you.

Triberr: Bloggers helping Bloggers. Triberr is a fantastic way to get readers to find your blog. While Triberr was by “invitation only” last year, it is now open to all. Triberr is a community where you share posts with other bloggers in your tribe. These posts are sent out with a link through Twitter. A general rule of thumb is to have at least 500 Twitter followers. If you’re serious about your blog and gaining traffic, Triberr is a must. If you blog about Social Media, Technology, or Marketing and are interested in Triberr please let me know.

Empire Avenue: While Empire Avenue isn’t for everyone, if you do decide to register there are communities and missions within EA which are very helpful to bringing readers to your blog. Empire is a Social Network where you buy and sell other players in a virtual stock market. Your Social Media activity influences your score. Empire requires a fair amount time the first 4-6 months as you build up your portfolio.

Share Buttons: I see many blogs that only have Facebook and Twitter share buttons. I highly suggest at minimum you have the following: Facebook, Twitter, Google +, StumbleUpon, and LinkedIn. Other share buttons to think about adding are: Digg, Buffer, Reddit, and Pinterest. Yes, there is a Pinterest share button now available. Update your site, and make it easier for your readers to share to their networks.

Comment on other Blogs: I understand it takes time to read a blog and then put a couple of sentences together, but most appreciate it and will reciprocate at some point. Do not comment with “nice post” or “nice article” and nothing else. That tells me you probably didn’t read a word, and are just leaving a message to leave a message. Start commenting on a few blogs a week to start. Inevitably you’ll be learning something new by reading the blog, and commenting is good practice that will help you get comments in return.

Keywords: Keywords can take on a life of its own, but at least try to come up with some Keywords that aren’t so highly competitive that you’ll have a good shot of landing on page 1 in Google. Social Media is a highly competitive keyword and is not a good choice for most of us, but think niche and chances are your work will show up in some organic searches.

Having a nice new shiny car is fantastic, but if you don’t put gas in the car it’s pretty useless. Go out there and put some gas in your blog.

Bloggers – Make StumbleUpon your Best Friend in 2012

You aren’t even registered are you? Oh, you’re registered, but you never log in? Isn’t that the place that generates the “bad” traffic? So for all those unaware of StumbleUpon or non-believers, please take notice.

What is StumbelUpon? – StumbleUpon is a veteran in the Content Discovery space. SU was founded way back in early 2002. SU has over 20 million users, and a Global Alexa Traffic Rank of 125. Nice numbers, but not exactly Facebook. SU’s platform allows their users to discover new and interesting sites across the internet. SU uses a thumbs up/down grading system and determines what each individual likes and puts similar content in front of the user moving forward. SU loves new content. Earlier today I Stumbled over 50 sites in the topic Technology. Over 75% were articles from 2011, and the remaining from 2010. They just changed their interface and logo at the beginning of December. “Easy” is not the first word that comes to mind when trying to navigate. I witnessed many complaints from super users, with many demanding the old interface, which is still available. That’s the bad news, now for the good news.

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic – Back in August 2011 Statcounter came out with some surprising numbers. StumbleUpon (50%) has surpassed Facebook (38%) in referral traffic from Social Media sites. Wow. Really? Even if you don’t take Statcounter’s numbers at face value, you need to take notice.

Last month it was reported (Fast Company) that StumbleUpon’s Mobile growth rose 800% in the last year. That equates to 200 Million Stumbles alone in December 2011. Expectations are for 40-50% of SU’s volume to come via mobile over the next year. Are you starting to believe?

The Proof is in the Pudding – Until recently, I fell into the “don’t log in very often” group. I had joined years ago, and recall Stumbling on sports and technology topics. I became focused again after speaking with Saul Fleischman, who leads one of my Triberr groups. Saul made me a believer after sharing some of the positive traffic results he experienced to his site OsakaBentures.

Lisa Illman writes a blog called Kritters That Twitter. I was familiar with the blog and noticed that Lisa had over 2500 Favorites in StumbleUpon. I reached out to Lisa and discovered some incredible numbers. Are you sitting down? Lisa’s visitor count went from 2K in August 2011 to over 100K in October 2011. These are jaw dropping figures. Lisa credits StumbleUpon with the dramatic rise. I mentioned “bad” traffic at the start. Sort of like “bad” pizza, even when it’s bad it’s good. Eyeballs on your blog are always a positive. While Lisa admits that many stumblers hit her site for mere seconds, she has become more “social” with many stumblers to improve the quality of the visit and generate comments.

Discovery – If you discover your own blog posts, but never like or discover any other content it is frowned upon. However, if discovering your own post is a small percentage of your participation within StumbleUpon, then it is perfectly acceptable. By doing this, all users have to do is click like or thumbs up. It also allows you to choose the relative topics where it can be found.

Share Buttons – I’ve seen my fair share of blogs, especially over the last few months. My unscientific study shows that far less than 50% of bloggers have a StumbleUpon share button on their site. You’re missing traffic everyday you don’t have this share button in place. We all have Facebook and Twitter share buttons. Heck, Twitter came in under 5% on the report. Do yourself a favor, and get that StumbleUpon share button on your blog. Your blog will thank you for all the extra attention it gets.