Nebraska Fan and Brain Cancer Patient Scores another Touchdown


You probably recall the video of a young Nebraska boy, fighting a battle with brain cancer, scoring a touchdown in the Cornhuskers spring game earlier this year. It was all over the internet, and it likely generated a grin when you viewed.

The boy’s name is Jack Hoffman, and the video has been viewed over 8 million times on Youtube. The video of that exhilarating moment is below.


During a time of government shutdowns, world unrest, and endless shootings, here is some actual good news.

Jack Hoffman learned earlier this week that his brain cancer is in remission.

From the Team Jack Facebook page from earlier this week: “After a morning MRI and a day’s worth of medical appointments, we learned that Jack’s tumor is stable (in remission) and that his chemotherapy port can be removed.

While residual tumor remains, it is inactive as he has been off treatment for three months and it has not grown.

While it is likely that Jack will need more treatment in the future, doctors overall feel good about Jack’s case and have told us that it is possible, that he is done with treatment altogether. About 1/3 of all cases don’t relapse and you are done. We are praying that Jack is in that 1/3.

Regardless, we are so thankful to God for this day. Thank you for all of your love, prayers and support. It truly means the world. We continue to be buoyed by everyone’s support.”


To learn more about Jack Hoffman and the fight against pediatric brain cancer check out Team Jack Foundation.


5 Essential Truths about Social Media


There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that social media is taking over the world – both business and personal. Their immense popularity has caused the networks to grow and change very often. While this is good on some levels, it can also make for a confusing landscape for people who use it for a variety of applications.

Businesses in particular have faced changes to social media platforms and terms very often. Having to adapt to these new requirements and recommendations can be exhausting. But behind it all, there are a few principles that are important to follow when it comes to social media. I’d consider theses some of the most fundamental “truths” when it comes to using these networks. Here they are:

  1. The quality of what you post is so important. The old adage is of course, quality over quantity. The same is absolutely true with social media. Take the time to really figure out what kind of time and effort you can contribute to your pages. Then use that time to post quality information. If you can only make the commitment to post once every two days, but it is quality content, that is the way to go.
  2. Keep your focus on your followers. Don’t forget who you actually joined social media for. While you might be tempted to push your own agenda, make sure that you post things that you think they would like to see. By focusing on the people that you hope to engage, you’re more likely to achieve the results that you are looking for.
  3. Make your pages/accounts visually interesting. The more photos and video you post, the better. It’s a simple as that. On Facebook, changing your cover and profile photo often will make you more visible. People like visuals!
  4. Interaction is key. Use your pages to actually talk back and forth with your followers/customers. Don’t just give a canned reply to a question or comments. It’s important to keep checking back and continue the conversation until everyone is satisfied.
  5. Sharing is a good thing. While you shouldn’t share every single thing that comes across your social media path, your followers are likely to appreciate you sharing content that is relevant to their interests.

We all know that social media can either really help or really hurt a business. Make yours one of the good ones!

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Megan Totka is the Chief Editor for She specializes on the topic of small business tips and resources. helps small businesses grow their business on the web and facilitates connectivity between local businesses and more than 7,000 Chambers of Commerce worldwide.

Popular Social Networks in Other Countries


Facebook and Twitter are two huge forces to be reckoned with when it comes to social media. Both have huge user bases; Facebook has more than a billion users, Twitter has over 500 million. Both networks boast users from all over the world. The same goes for other social media power players like Instagram, Pinterest, and Reddit. Each social network brings in a different crowd that houses a mix of cultures amongst users. This creates an interesting dynamic.

However, other countries also have social networks that are specific to themselves as well. Surprising, right? It can be if you haven’t thought about this before.

Here is a little information about some other big social networks from around the world:

Badoo, founded in Spain

Badoo focuses more on dating and meeting people. The service is offered only to those 18 years and older, contrary to Facebook and its relatively lax 13 and up policy. Badoo is free for a basic profile, but charges for some upgrades like games. Badoo now has a presence in 180 countries.

Weixin and Weibo. China

Weixin and Weibo are two large social networks in China. Weixin is relatively similar to Facebook, but it has the option to share to smaller groups of friends and family rather than everyone on your friend list. Weibo is geared more towards the general public and has a more Twitter-like feel.

StudiVZ, Germany

StudiVZ is a social network geared primarily towards students in Germany and Europe. According to Wikipedia, the network gets its name from the German expression Studentenverzeichnis, which translates to students’ directory. Because the interest of the network is primarily education, users’ profiles revolve around their studies, including what they study, interests, and classes they are taking.

Bebo, based in California

Bebo became popular several years ago. It was founded in California but quickly gained a large international following. In 2008, Bebo had upwards of 40 million users. The network has since lost many users, but is being revamped by its original founder.

While I don’t want to sound like a cliché, social networking has essentially taken over the modern world. More social networks exist than you can even think of. With the amount of social networks nowadays are people going to start getting burnt out? Only time will tell.

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Megan Totka is the Chief Editor for She specializes on the topic of small business tips and resources. helps small businesses grow their business on the web and facilitates connectivity between local businesses and more than 7,000 Chambers of Commerce worldwide.