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Many small businesses have blogs to go along with their more traditional websites. A business blog is a great way to connect with your current or would-be customers. Blogs are seemingly a dime a dozen. There are blogs that cover every topic from food and cooking to news and beyond. So how can your business set its blog apart from so many other business blogs out there? Hot Blogging Topics

The answer is, by choosing interesting and informative topics to blog about. Is it possible that every topic that your blog covers will be completely unique? Probably not. It’s very difficult to come up with topics that have never been touched in the blog-o-sphere before. However, you can overcome this by choosing topics that are relevant to your company or clientele and putting your own spin on them.

Here are some ideas for great small business blog topics:

Current events as they relate to your company and your target audience. Covering relevant current events in your industry, whether local news or national news, and adding your own take on the situation can draw in readers. If you have customers who love your company, odds are that they share similar opinions on things that are going on in the world. They may be interested in what you or the company “voice” has to say about current events.

Giving your clients company insight is another great way to draw attention to your blog. Who doesn’t want to feel like an insider when it comes to their favorite business or product? Most people love to get information or insight about what goes on behind the scenes. Some great ways to do this would be to spotlight a particular product or service and go further in-depth about how that company is able to offer it. Also, having other members of the company blog that readers would not normally expect to see – such as the CEO – can make readers feel like they are seeing further into the business than they ordinarily would.

Offering a Q&A to blog readers makes your blog more interactive and therefore draws more eyes. Asking your readers to submit questions ahead of time is the best tactic for this kind of post. This way, your blog writers and/or editors can sift through the questions and choose the ones that are the most relevant to answer. You could certainly host a live Q&A session via blog comments, but this can put blog writers in a bad spot if irrelevant or offensive questions are posed. Another way to approach this would be to have the blog writer come up with some frequently asked questions to answer.

Featuring guest bloggers from other, similar companies or related industries is a great way to draw in new readers to your blog. Not only will the guest post offer a fresh perspective to your regular readers, the guest blogger may bring their own regular readers to your blog. Swapping guest posts (you blog for them as well) with other bloggers can make the relationship beneficial to everyone involved. The Chamber blog is a good example of how bringing on guest bloggers can offer different areas of expertise to readers.

It is important if you choose to have a blog for your business, to make sure that you address relevant, interesting, and informative topics. It’s also a great idea to make sure that your blog is updated often – two to three times per week or more. This will keep your readers checking back often in order to find new content.

Megan Totka

Megan Totka

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