Loopfuse – Web Analytics and much more

So when I made the decision to launch this site, I searched for an affordable Web Analytics service. While I’m set up with Google Analytics, and it does provide beneficial data, I was looking for something a bit more robust. A friend had told me about Loopfuse that he was using for his business site. So I set it up for this site. The free version includes 25K pageviews, more than enough for me at this time.

The Four Core offerings are: Website Tracking, Lead Capturing, Email Marketing, and Salesforce Integration

Let’s spend some time talking about the Website activity which is called “Visiting Companies” – You’ll see it shows the the ISP or Direct Company name, the country of the visitor, what pages were visited, and how long they stayed on the site. All valuable information.

You can go deeper and see where the visitor originated. What was the search keywords they used or if they went in directly. While I haven’t set it up, this information can moved to Salesforce easily creating a solid lead database.

Loopfuse also includes:
E-mail Marketing platform which shows detailed opens, clicked links, Bounces, and Opt-Outs

Lead Capture Forms which you add to your website page with real-time information on captured Prospects and Lead Capture behavior.

Detailed automated .CSV and HTML reporting

If you’re looking for a great Web Analytics and Marketing System Loopfuse is the answer…