Is Instructor Led IT Training more Efficient? {Infographic}


With global spending on IT set to cross $4 Billion, many organizations still are challenged to train employees properly to meet the demands of growing technology.

There will a high demand for IT professionals in the coming years, expected to grow by 53% by 2020.IT led training

In a recent report by AIM, only 10% of business users surveyed said that the vast majority of their company’s information was search. There is a gap for most organizations.

Over a third surveyed said 25% or less of their information was searchable online. That is a high percentage of companies lacking in a very important area. The need for quality SEO companies remains high. These organizations are leaving a ton of revenue on the table with their search shortcomings. It’s inexcusable not be found in search, it has change for those companies if they are to survive and prosper.

Benefits of Instructor Led IT training

Formal training offers many advantages over self-taught or online environments. For one, completion of the curriculum in a timely matter is much greater when a course is instructor led.

Hands on practice is generally more complex, and ability to ask questions to a qualified instructor is invaluable.

If formal training saves two days for each day of training, it is financially cost-effective for the organization.

Does your company train its employees ongoing? Is this focused with training with a qualified instructor? What have the results been?

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