Does anyone know CPR? – A Klout story

Boy it only seems like yesterday…

Wait, it was only yesterday…then later that afternoon

What the heck happened? What did I do, or what didn’t I do? How could I drop so much on the same day?

Undoubtedly many of the Klout faithful were disheartened about the sudden drop they experienced yesterday. Most of us that follow Klout regularly knew there was going to be a change. We thought it was going to be a tweak, not an avalanche. Listen, I’ve been a Klout advocate for the last 10 months. I’ve even predicted a Klout IPO in 2013. By the way, that’s usually a good thing for a company. I’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid, but you let us down yesterday. We were expecting a little slap here, but instead we got sucker punched. I know people that went down 17-20 points. That’s just crazy. Was the “algorithm” that far off? Is it right now? I don’t think you can afford to change the “algorithm” this severely again without permanent damage. I know you’re trying to put the best service out there, and I love that, but this change was off the charts.

While I saw a few in the happy camp (if you’re going to track “influence” you might as well do it right) most suffered drops and needless to say were less than thrilled. My unofficial unscientific poll of 50 active users showed 42 Down, 3 (-1 to +1), and 5 Up. This doesn’t jive with the graph on your blog showing the highest percentage of users with little or no change.

For graph and full story from Klout – A More Accurate, Transparent Klout Score

What they are saying:

“The new changes to Klout favour people with engaged networks and content on a wide range of places. This makes sense because if you are truly an “online influencer” you should have fans commenting on and sharing your content in more than just one place.” Michael Todd (81 to 73)

“It doesn’t matter. Everyone’s score dropped. I don’t care.” Henk Willems (87 to 74)

“A 17 point drop based on what? Klout needs to be more transparent with what they base these scores on. I had 200 RT’s last week, greater than 1k mentions, been added to 100+ lists and I drop 17 points! Which of my networks added/subtracted to my score? What should I be doing more/less of to help my score? How has my increased activity and engagement with influencers DECREASED my klout? Does activity on Klout (+K’s, visiting profiles, getting achievements, being added to klout lists) count towards my scoring? I log in to my Dashboard and get “Hi Yashvir. Looking good!” — Gee, thanks Klout!” Yashvir Dalaya (74 to 57)

“I just feel a little betrayed. All of our activity on Klout supports Klout – everything that we do mentions Klout on our tweets. I know that people talk about “gaming” the system, but I don’t think that way, so I don’t understand it.”
Sally Witt (72 to 56)

Klout probably doesn’t need CPR, but they definitely took some heavy counter punches from the user base yesterday. I understand you can’t keep everyone happy, but you weren’t even close on this one. The majority of users declined so at least most of us were in the same boat. Heck, even Ashton Kutcher dropped a few points. I didn’t see or hear of anyone going from 68 to 83. Most of the up moves were from users with scores below 60. While Klout has always had its critics, I think that most users are fairly loyal. They’ll weather the storm. I hadn’t planned a third Klout post in a row, but with yesterday’s news I felt the need. This concludes the Klout trilogy.