8 Steps to Building a Strong and Fulfilling Blog

1. Build Content that is interesting and attracts eyeballs. It should generate comments and conversation. Ask for feedback and don’t be afraid to be controversial. Keep writing every day, even when you think no one is reading it. This is paramount to a successful blog/site.

2. Track your traffic. Seems elementary, but do you do it? Google Analytics is great for tracking traffic and free. It will also give you a mental boost to know that people are visiting even if they are just lurking for now. Controversy and questions helps them make the step from lurker to poster which will help bring in more visitors who engage you.

3. Subscribe to Google alerts for your keywords. If you keep writing daily, and your articles are fresh and original, Google may pick you up as an authority. This increases your chances that Google will send out your blog posts to others who subscribe to alerts for your keywords.

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4. Have something to give away. That can be a newsletter or an eBook on a topic. Send communication to your audience once or twice a week, not daily. The key is that you build a list of subscribers. Later on you will use that list to monetize what you are sending with money generating offers.

5. Host contests, and other giveaways as you progress and your blog matures to generate buzz and more subscribers. You want a list that makes money for you when you hit the send button.

6. Go to authority sites in your niche and become an expert commentator and put your link in your signature. Most blogs and forums allow this. Once the people on those sites get to know and like you they will click your link and begin to visit your site.

7. Try to stand out in some way, be unique. Take a different angle/view from the herd. Don’t manufacturer this mindset, but certainly there are areas where you disagree with the masses. Go for a niche within a niche sort of thing and then expand to be more general from there. You have a better chance of getting to the top of search with topics and keywords that are not so saturating, but good content generated repetitively will help a great deal.

8. Monetize, but wait until your content is progressing nicely. Don’t be afraid to put product and services that you find valuable in front of your audience. In some circles it seems to be taboo to make money from your site. Baloney. Promote quality and you’ll be doing your readers a favor. Google will see you as an authority if you are a content first person.

Ken Chiarella is a successful veteran in the internet marketing space, and the founder and CEO of e-commerce site Wormman.com Ken has built dozens of revenue generating sites over his career, and has a strong grasp on the processes of building a winner.

4 Sites Oozing with Killer Content

Sharing content online has become an extremely important part of our online presence. While original content reigns supreme, a high percentage of our output comes from other sources. With Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and countless other networks surfacing daily, there is plenty of space to fill. Companies should have a focus on what they want to share with their audience, but there are so many small organizations and individuals that don’t have a plan. What should we post? Where do I find content to share? It may sound elementary, but you want to focus your efforts on content in your niche. Starbucks is not talking about Healthcare on their Twitter feed, and you shouldn’t get too far away from your core either.

So, where do I find quality content on large range of topics? Facebook, Twitter, Google + are laced with great content. This issue with these three giants is that it becomes a hunt, and it wouldn’t be deemed the most efficient way to curate. Below are 4 sites that give you the key to a quantity of quality.

Scoop.It! – Allows individuals and organizations to create online magazines. As an user you create topics with keywords. So you create a topic called “Social Media Now” and use the keywords Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. When you hit the “Curate” button recent stories will appear that include one or more of your keywords. You can then Scoop-It for your magazine. This content is now a part of your magazine for that topic. You have the option to share any story on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Linkedin at the same time via a check box system. You can also share to Pinterest, Google +, and StumbleUpon through the Scoop-It interface. It’s a fairly open network that allows you to follow, rescoop, and favorite content of others. It’s not going to be confused with Facebook in terms of interaction with other users, but there is definitely a fair amount of give and take that makes the experience worthy. My one suggestion here would be to not exceed 3 topics. It becomes too much to manage when you have too many topics.

Business 2 Community – B2C is a blog syndicate focused on Social Media, Technology, and Business, etc. It also spans to topics such as Automotive, Entertainment, and Sports to name a few. Their content originates from thousands of bloggers that connect to the network. This content is republished on the B2C site by category within 1-5 days of the original posting. There is a ton of valuable content on the site and it just keeps on coming. A new article appears every 10-20 minutes and starts on the front page. After its time on the front page you can find it sitting in a specified category. It would take you weeks to read all the content on B2C at any one time. As with Scoop-It sharing is made easy across all the major networks. As a matter of fact, this article with be on the B2C site in the next couple of days.

Topsy – Is a real-time search engine that really meshes well with Twitter. This network launched almost three years ago to the day, and seems to fall under the radar. You need to get in there and experience, especially if you’re active on Twitter. When you first go to the site you’ll see what is trending today and a small orange number that shows the number of times the story has been posted. You’ll also see a Real-Time Search Box. Below is a search for “Marketing Strategy” with some of the stats. You can retweet a story right from the interface. Topsy also allows too follow users on Twitter by hovering over their picture without leaving the network. Finally, you can search by Photos, Videos, and Experts.

Google Alerts – This last one isn’t exactly a site. Google Alerts updates you via e-mail for the latest relevant Google results. You manage how often and how many results you receive. It’s painless to set up, and your topic of interest is delivered right to your inbox. Most of us have at least one topic we want to keep tabs on, and Google Alerts is your answer.

Check out these 4 sites if you haven’t already. So, what are your go to sites for content? Please share them with us in the comment section. Have a good one.