Klout 101 – Why aren’t you Registered?


Klout has been around since 2008 and measures influence online. If you’re online everyday and active on Twitter, FB or Google + you’ve undoubtedly heard of Klout. There are 100 Million registered Klout users, whether all of them know it or not. While Klout has it’s critics, no one can deny they’ve made an impact on the Social Media landscape in 2011.

I’ve noticed that many of my local friends that find their way to Facebook, Twitter, and Google + a few times a week have no clue about Klout. I usually start with it’s free, and you can get free stuff based on your “influence”. This stuff is called “Perks” in the world of Klout.

Identity Networks You must link to Klout through one of these networks
Google +
(coming soon)

Perks (Some that I’ve received)
Dick’s Sporting Goods $50 Gift Certificate
Subway $10 Gift Certificate
Itunes $15 Gift Certificate
Fox Windbreaker (very nice, although was small on me)
Weather Channel Umbrella (quality)

How to Register

Klout Registration <<< Click here

Registration takes about 20-30 seconds. It is very painless. You’ve registered, and are ready to go…

Below is the profile of my buddy Tony Bennett @SociallyGenius

Yours will look similar, but probably with a smaller score…

Additional Networks:

Once you’re registered you can add other networks that Klout supports including:

Do your thing! Don’t worry if your score is only 10. Just be yourself on your networks. We’ll talk about how scoring works in our next post Klout 200. For now its just about getting set up.