Exchanging Favo.rs and Building Relationships

Favo.rs is a new Network that just went live last week out of San Francisco. I joined for free yesterday, and have found myself on it for the better part of the last 24 hours. Favo.rs provides a platform where users simply exchange favors with each other. What a novel and valuable concept.

Favo.rs is broken up into 5 areas: General, Promotion, Feedback, Advice, and Introduction.
The majority of the favo.rs fall under General and Promotion. The Favo.rs asked are very simple to complete. They generally consist of likes, comments, and tweets of a Page or Blog Post. I did see a survey from someone at Favo.rs that I did complete. I also saw a few questions through Advice, one being on WordPress. There is definitely some flexibility on what Favo.rs you can request.

Creating your profile is fairly painless, and takes about 5 minutes. You have the option of linking your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. After connecting you’ll see your contacts that are registered with Favo.rs, allowing you to easily follow. You can invite other connections not yet registered to Favo.rs without difficulty. Sending your Favo.rs to Facebook and Twitter can be accomplished within the site.

The one thing that really jumped out at me about Favo.rs is that most users are granting favo.rs rather than asking favo.rs In the short time that I’ve been on the activity has been high. I’m seeing many users participating and just not sitting there dormant. Favo.rs has a point system where you collect points for just about all actions on the site. These points are used to give badges (bronze, silver, and gold) to fellow members as thanks for completing a favor.

In most environments where there is give and take, relationships are built. This is the foundation of Favo.rs and I only see the network growing steadily. Enjoy the exchange.