Beyond Digital Video: 4 Other Ways to Visually Connect with Customers

Visually Connect with Customers

2015 has been called the year of the video, and that moniker makes sense. More than 4 billion videos are uploaded and clicked on Facebook alone every day and that’s only one video-friendly site.

Consider the billions of collective hits sites like YouTube and Vimeo, and even Twitter’s new video platform, garner on a daily basis. These sites are just meeting the consumer demand for digital video content that has skyrocketed in the past few years.

Video content is just one piece of a larger digital strategy though. If you want the best marketing tools to grow your business, you need to think beyond a one-dimensional strategy.

There are other ways to incorporate visuals into your online content and by adding some variety, you will appeal to a larger audience. Take a look at four digital visual tools you should be incorporating, alongside video offerings.

  • These easily digestible pieces of content display information in a fun format that combines images and text. Infographs are surprisingly popular too – 62 million Google searches were done on the term in April 2015. It is also 30 times more likely that an infograph will be read over text formats alone. Not sure how to create an infographic? Head to Slideshare, Piktochart or
  • These online visuals are designed to be shared and you don’t have to be funny or snarky for it to work. If creating a Grumpy Cat meme isn’t exactly in line with your company branding, look for a basic backdrop and a quote that will resonate with your audience. The key is to find a thought that will have mass appeal so that your followers and fans feel encouraged to share it with their circles.
  • These “Graphics Interchange Format” visuals are a good combination between flat infographics and longer videos. GIFs are engaging, but don’t require a large time commitment. If you are planning a list-style blog post, incorporating GIFs alongside your points will help drive your message home and keep your readers interacting with your content.
  • Photo galleries. Keep people engaged with a topic for longer than one page view with a photo gallery. If you are writing a how-to article, consider making it a photo gallery of the different steps. Photo galleries also work well for travel pieces and recipes. Have your website visitors choose to click on your site again and again with an engaging and intriguing photo gallery.

It’s important to capture the attention of people online as emerging technology advances and visuals will help you accomplish that.

Small businesses that harness the power of easily accessible technology will see their marketing campaigns succeed. Video content is thriving but offering your audience some visual alternatives is another way to ensure that they stay interested in you and ultimately what you are selling.

Do you have a multi-faceted visual marketing strategy?

6 Reasons Why Blogging is Incredibly Awesome

The previous post dealt with some of the hidden challenges of blogging.  Now it’s time to get super positive, and discuss why blogging is incredibly awesome.  Blogging entails a great amount of work, but with that you get back a myriad of worthwhile experiences.

Blogging is Amazing

Hitting Publish

The act of hitting “Publish” is simple in itself, but the work accomplished to be in that position always tastes sweet.  Each post you publish has some background and a story.  Putting the words and pictures together to bring it home and share with the internet is extremely satisfying.  There is always a sensation of accomplishment and relief.  I usually take a walk around the room to enjoy them moment before the promotion begins.

Providing Value

Providing value to your readers should be a leading reason to create content.  It’s a huge part of what every blog should be about.  Share your experiences and knowledge.  Make it clear, and your readers will come back. Most readers are just looking for a valuable takeaway.  If every reader exits your blog with something new then you’ve done your job.  The immediate payoff of praise is usually found in your comments and tweets.


Connecting with people from all over the world is arguably number one.  Between blogging and social media the amount of people that you can build relationships with is daunting.  Google Hangouts and Skyping (should be a word) with people from India, Australia, Japan, Philippines and countries you can barely pronounce.  Very few outside of this space have had the good fortune of this experience.  You can’t put a price on it.  Listen, nothing beats meeting someone in person.  However, technology has made this possible, and blogging is the catalyst.  Yes, they were all extremely fortunate to connect with some guy from New Jersey.  Smile.

Always Learning

You can spend 24 hours a day for the remainder of your life and not know it all. This holds true even if you’re an expert, guru, or ninja.  There isn’t much that is static.  Blogging itself is always evolving.  SEO which is a spoke in the blogging wheel seems to change almost daily.  Social Media, another spoke, continues to grow at incredible levels and each network has its own quirks and idiosyncrasies.   Putting this all together is ongoing challenge that can never be mastered.  The learning never stops.


As your blog grows you may land on the map.  Time and consistent solid content generation can lead to opportunity.  There are writing opportunities out there, both paid and free.  Consulting, contract work, speaking engagements, and book publishing are some of the opportunities that have found bloggers.


There is so much for free on the internet that we’ve become somewhat tainted.  Even talking about generating income directly or indirectly from your blog is taboo in some circles.  Well, you can make money through your blog.  It’s not simple, but it can be done.  Now you may not make $40K or $50K per month like powerhouses Pat Flynn and John Chow, but there are plenty of ways to generate income.  Generating income includes: Adsense, selling advertising on your site, affiliates, writing gigs, E-Books, or your own products.  That just scratches the surface.


This list could have been closer to 50, but I didn’t want this piece to be bookmarked.  If you blog, we loved to hear why you find blogging to be so awesome.  If you found this to be of value, please share with one of the networks below.