8 Blogging No-No’s

Multiple Blog Posts Per Day – While there are a few bloggers doing this that I highly respect, I’m not a fan of this at all. Why am I not a fan of this? Your content suffers, period. The odds that you’re creating solid content each and every post with this frequency are very low. I’ve noticed the posts generally become shorter (less than 300 words) and the comments are scarce. While comments are not the Holy Grail, the lack thereof is a sign for me that something is amiss. If your goal is to blog daily, work on one solid blog post per day.

Quotes as a Blog Post – I love quotes as much as the next guy, but not as a blog post. Come on, you’re better than this. Your Facebook wall or Twitter account are a nice environment for quotes, but not your blog. Create an area on your site for just quotes, but not your blog.

Unoriginal Content – A quote from Einstein is unoriginal content. Having a link taking you to another site without anything from you is unoriginal content. Copying and pasting an entire article from say Mashable and publishing as your blog post is unoriginal content. Infographics are great, but incorporate with your words and not as a standalone. You’ve spent the time to create your blog, so why aren’t you using your own voice? Start publishing your own thoughts and ideas. You might find you actually like it…

Over the top Advertising – We’ve all seen these blogs. The blogs where you have to navigate through the forest of ads to find the actual post. I’m all for someone making a buck, put don’t punch me in the face with advertising. A nicely placed banner or sidebar widget is acceptable. Banners, sidebar widgets, and Google Ads hitting you from every angle is just plain tacky. Clean it up, and pick your spots for advertising.

All Words and No Pictures – This is just tough on the eyes and not blog reader friendly. Paragraph after paragraph works well if you’re writing a novel, but it doesn’t work as a blog post. Throw in a photo or two. Haven’t you seen how popular Pinterest is today? People love photos/pictures. Keep your paragraphs short and succinct. Create a flow that is easy to follow and enjoyable for the reader.

Grammar and Spelling – I’ve made these mistakes, and you’ve made these mistakes. If at all possible have someone proofread your blog before publishing. You can read your blog 4-5 times and still miss something grammatically incorrect. Have someone else proofread your blog. Ok, this is how “definitely” is spelled. I see that one butchered all the time. Write your blog posts in MS Word (or similar tool) first so you can edit your work. There really is no excuse for spelling mistakes. They should be picked up way before you publish. Poor grammar and spelling bring a negative reflection to your blog post. Make the effort to ensure your posts are clean.

Not Replying to Comments – Treat comments like platinum. Never take them for granted. When someone has taken the time to read your post, generate a thought, and make a comment, it is imperative that you reply. Even if it’s just a simple “Thank You” you must reply.

Don’t hit publish if you know it’s Crap – It seems simple enough. Every post is not going to be a grand slam, but you should feel good about what you’re going to publish. “Oh well, get them next time”, should not be your thought process before hitting the button. The internet is forever. Take pride in what you’re putting out to the world.

Whether you agree or disagree, I appreciate your comments. If you have some others you would like to add, by all means please do so…Have a great weekend…