How Do You Access the Web?

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There are so many different kinds of devices that can be used to access the Internet. Thinking back to all of the different kinds of computers that have existed and how much they have evolved and changed in the past few decades is, quite frankly, mind blowing.

So how do you access the Web on a daily basis? Let’s talk internet-accessing devices and some reasons you might choose to use one kind of device over another.


There are many different makes and models of smartphones to choose from on the market. Some of the most popular smartphones are the Apple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy models, including the S3, S4, and Note. Nearly every cell phone manufacturer offers several different types of smartphones. Many use these phones for casual web-surfing, one of the reasons why businesses need to have mobile websites.


Tablets are of course similar to smartphones, just on a larger scale. Tablets can be much more versatile when it comes to business applications. They have a bigger display and typically offer more accessories than a smartphone. Apple’s iPad offers a Bluetooth keyboard and even wireless printing capabilities. Some other popular tablet choices include the Google Nexus 4 and the Kindle Fire/Kindle Fire HD.


Laptops have made big strides since they first became available. What once closely resembled a portable brick is now a sleek and light machine that can do everything that a desktop computer can. Laptop offerings like the Google Chrome book by Samsung take it one step further – a stripped bare machine that the user can configure however they want.


Desktop computers have also come a long way since the days of slow PCs and Macs with the flying toaster screen saver. Some current choices include all-in-one computers that no longer need a tower. Many offer touch screens as well. The Windows 8 OS has integrated a touch screen layout along with the more traditional look of Windows. Some of the newer models come with gigantic screens – some 27” or bigger – ideal for an office setting with users who need to run several applications at a time.

I’ll admit that in my household, we have 2 smartphones, 1 tablet, 3 laptops, all for 2 users. What kind of technology do you use on a regular basis?

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