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A new weekly post that will feature four individuals that YOU should connect with immediately.  Well at least soon.  This weekly post will showcase four people that exemplify Social Media today.  It will consist of people that share, give, provide value, are consistent, and perhaps most importantly, are approachable.  Yes, these people are communicators.  It is a two way street for them.  A few weeks ago I published a list of 8 people to follow on Twitter that was well received, so I figured a weekly post made sense.  I will go into more detail on each person, and show you several networks where you can connect further with these folks. These 4 and future featured people will not be made aware of the list before being published.

Timothy Snow – Timothy delivers amazing content daily.  He curates spectacular photos delivered to us via Facebook and Flickr.  Timothy runs Mediapeel which provides branding, video production, advertising, and web development.  Timothy is a Klout superstar.  His score currently sits at 81.  He currently ranks 9th in a Klout Red Bull Brand Page contest happening now.  Stop by and say Hi with +K in Red Bull.  This is rarefied air territory on Klout, and yes his score is higher than Red Bull’s.  While Timothy is a Patriots fan, let’s not hold that against him, as he resides in Rhode Island.  His wife Marie is no slouch when it comes to Social Media either.  They’re definitely a Social Media Power Couple (I smell another post). Below I’ve listed some of Timothy’s prominent networks where you can meet and get into his world.  Oh yeah, and he speaks Japanese.

Facebook                                                                          Twitter

Klout                                                                                Flickr

Empire Avenue                                                               Google +

Jackie BigfordJackie is an angel.  Period.  Jackie is all about giving, and making the world a better place. You can feel her passion through the computer screen.  I learned of Jackie from her tireless effort at Global Village Champions Foundation.  GVC is an important organization that provides nutrition to the world’s hungry.  She definitely made her impact felt as their Social Media Director, and inspired many to get involved with the cause.  Jackie resides in Ottawa, and is currently a partner at Savvy Media Marketing which delivers full service website development and Social Media Marketing.  Jackie also heavily supports Dolphins Love Us, and was a key participant for Project: Forgive raising over $100,000.  Always a breathe of fresh air, and a consummate professional, I highly recommend Jackie to you.

Facebook                                                                        Twitter

Klout                                                                              LinkedIn

Empire Avenue                                                             Google +

Adam JusticeAdam is the CEO of Elkhorn Media located in Kentucky.  Adam also successfully launched the site Social Media Sun this year.  SMS is full of valuable content that covers a wide range of Social Media topics, and features an original post daily by some of the most influential names today.  Adam has been designing and developing websites since 1998.  I think he was about 5 when he started.  Adam has also been a Yahoo! featured contributor in the areas of Technology, Politics and Autos.  Another person that is generous with his online knowledge. Adam provides many great services and consistent worthy content. Adam’s enthusiasm and work ethic are second to none.  I know you’ll enjoy him.

Facebook                                                                       Twitter

LinkedIn                                                                       Facebook Page

Adam Justice                                                                Adam-Justice

Saul Fleischman Saul is the voice behind the blog Osaka Bentures which dives into various Social Media topics.  As you might have guessed, Saul resides in Osaka, Japan.  His roots lie in Philadelphia, and that spirit comes out on his blog.  One of the best things about Saul is he tells it like it is.  You don’t always see that online, as many keep it close to the vest. Saul is also the community development guy at IdeasWatch.  This is a site where entrepreneurs and developers around the world discuss startup ideas. I don’t throw expert around often, but Saul falls into that category with Triberr and StumbleUpon.  He’d say otherwise, but trust me on this fact.  If he believes in the content you deliver, who won’t find a better promoter.  Find him on the networks listed and reach out.

StumbleUpon                                                               Twitter

Facebook                                                                       Facebook Page

Empire Avenue                                                            Google +


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