Friday Featured Four 5/18/12

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What a week. Still can’t believe the Facebook (FB) IPO today was such a dud. I guess with 571 million shares it’s hard to pop a double figure percentage, but just a gain of $0.23. Ugh. This market is in trouble. Anyway, onto our Friday Featured Four. This week the FFF hail from Philadelphia, Michigan, Oregon, and Dubai.

Anise Smith – Where do I start? Anise has an incomprehensible passion for Social Media and its peripherals. These peripherals include Mobile Marketing, QR Code Marketing, Web Analytics, and Custom Facebook iFrame applications. Anise loves what she does and it shines through with the work she delivers. If you’re up at 3AM Eastern, you’ll likely find Anise on one of the many networks she frequents. Anise isn’t much of a sleeper. Always moving. Earlier this year she started a site in partnership with her Father Earl Smith Heal or Die Trying which focuses on health and making healthier choices. Anise is constantly giving and is involved with several charitable projects. All Philly, all the time, and a huge Shaquille O’Neal fan.

Facebook                                                                         Twitter

Anise Smith                                                                   QR Code

Facebook Page                                                               Anise Smith Marketing

Brian D. HawkinsBrian is the man behind Hot Blog Tips, and one of the most experienced bloggers you’ll come across today. Brian is from Michigan, and a proud veteran of the US Army. Brian wants to make you a better blogger. He has over 10 years experience and really understands the process of blogging. His site is loaded with great content for all bloggers looking to learn and improve. I pick up something new with every visit, and that’s why I keep going back. Brian cuts through the BS and tells you like it is and what you need to do. If you’re a blogger and/or interested in SEO, get over to his site this week.

Facebook                                                                        Twitter

Klout                                                                              LinkedIn

Empire Avenue                                                             Google +

Ryan J ZeiglerRyan is one of those guys online that knows a lot about a lot. A super talented photographer and very cerebral in nature, Ryan has made his presence felt through the computer screen. Ryan is the founder and manages arguably the best Empire Avenue group on Facebook called Social Empire. There have been many solid relationships built in that group, and the subject matter is diverse. Ryan’s is an accomplished photographer, and consistently delivers breathtaking photographs on many networks. Make sure you check out Ryan’s photography at Flickr, Instagram, and the networks below.

Facebook                                                                       Twitter

Social Currency                                                           Klout

Empire Avenue                                                            Google +

Rami KantariRami is a partner at Meirc Training and Consulting, located in beautiful Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Meirc offers an impressive range of training, consulting and research services in the business field. Rami’s participation in Social Media is nothing short of impressive. He doesn’t seem to miss a day on the major social networks, and he’s always sharing interesting information. By the way, Rami was a swimmer for his home country of Lebanon, and competed in the 1984 (Los Angeles) and 1988 (Seoul) Olympic games. Please take some time to visit Rami’s networks below.

Facebook                                                                       Twitter

Blog                                                                               Klout

Empire Avenue                                                           Google +


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Your Friday Featured Four is a very cool series Steven and it's an incredible feeling to be listed here. Thank you for that. I appreciate recognition but it's really exciting from a social media mentor like you. :)


Very interesting post. Great to learn about new people. Thank you for posting this!