Four Savvy Strategies That Will Take Your Company To A New Level

Virtual Office Services

Business growth is typically the idea that gains and retains primacy in the minds of corporate leaders and entrepreneurs. In many cases, business owners need to access new growth strategies to ensure that their companies remain in a state of perpetual expansion. Here are four savvy strategies that can ensure that your company reaches a new level of power and prestige:

1. Invest In Virtual Office Assistance.

have emerged as an immensely helpful way to ensure that your company grows. Companies that offer these services can assist you in many ways, including by managing email, checking voice messages, contacting manufacturers, providing call-backs, handling credit card declines, and tracking orders. Companies like Solid Cactus offer these services.

2. Run A Blog.

While many business owners realize that having a website is a wonderful way to build their brand identity online, some overlook the immense power of running a blog. Blogs are great because they empower business owners to communicate and connect with their target market in an informal manner that can accelerate the relationship-building process. One great way to facilitate this heightened connectivity is by hosting contests that feature free promotional prizes for the winner via the blog. You can also add Share Buttons to your blog, thereby getting your readers involved as they forward content they like to the individuals in their social networks.

3. Optimize Your Networking Endeavors.

Yet another business-building strategy you can use to get your company growing is the optimization of your networking endeavors. Utilizing good networking strategies is important because doing so enables you to connect with new people who could eventually become loyal buyers and/or business partners. Luckily, there are many ways that you can optimize your networking endeavors. One is to develop an “elevator pitch” which amounts to a 30-second speech regarding the depth and scope of your brand. Perfecting your pitch can help you overcome any anxiety or jitters you have regarding speaking to others about your brand.

4. Emphasize Employee Growth.

Emphasizing employee growth is an excellent way for you to ensure that your business attains a new level of power. When your employees develop new skills and maintain a competent, cutting edge approach to the work they do, you’ll likely find that your daily operations are completed with excellence and expedience. For this reason, you should look into which strategies you can employ to facilitate employee growth. One of the most simple and effective strategies available is having your staff enroll in online courses for ongoing education. The online format is oftentimes better than the traditional, in-classroom learning experience because it enables your employees to study at home and when it is convenient for them.


Savvy business owners need to remain cognizant of the fact that developing strategic plans and thinking systematically is the key to keeping their companies in a state of growth. If you’re ready to take your business to a new level marked by perpetual expansion, utilizing the strategies and systems outlined above can help you make it happen!

Website Trends that Will-Date Your Site

Dated Website

Web design, like all business components, moves in trends. While you may have a perfectly serviceable , you must be flexible to give your site the credibility that comes with an up-to-date image. What are some of the latest trends in website design?

Ghost buttons have become popular. You have probably seen them, though the goal of using them is to let other things show through. They are generally boxes with colored outlines and sometimes dimensional properties. Designers use them to make the website less cluttered and to make certain icons more attractive than others. A ghost button next to a solid block button allows the visitor to choose an option, but fades next to a more important option. For instance, the ghost button may allow visitors to go to a virtual magazine page while the normal button, the more visible choice, offers a trial six-month subscription.

Feature list icons are new, too. These are icons adjacent to small blocks of text. Clicking on the icon opens a list of product or service features. This makes the page less cluttered and allows the visitor to concentrate on isolated data.

Drop-down lists and menus are popular now. The visitor sees an icon or line of text, even a single word, next to a downward-pointing arrow. Clicking on the arrow drops a list of options from which the visitor may choose. You may have seen this on sites that ask for a location. The drop-down list allows visitors to select a state or a country without having to type it in.

Galleries and slideshows are trending in website design. The development of really good, sharp graphics and images allows the photos to display even on mobile phones. They can be viewed full-screen as well. These offer businesses to have virtual showrooms, display steps in a process and even photo albums. The great thing about this trend is that it is easy to apply to your site. There are galleries and slideshow aps that can be added simply by lifting a code and putting it into place on your page.

Fixed sliding navigation is being seen more often today, too. The menu appears as small text, usually at the top of a page, and as the reader scrolls down, the menu stays at the top so that visitors can access any page at any time. The font is plain and easily-read, but still unobtrusive. The other trend in navigation is the invisible menu. The graphic on the page is a “hamburger.” This is a vertical stack of three lines that, when you click on them, drop a menu. The icon is small and easily recognizable.

All of these point to the biggest trend in designing websites: Minimalist style. Designers are losing the headings and footers, borders and other features, and using one or two theme colors with simple font to make web pages cleaner and more esthetically pleasing. The add-on apps must be attractive and functional, but the portals to these pages must be unobtrusive and allow your visitor to access your content easily.

ERP Software Behind the Scene in Tech Manufacturing

ERP Software Behind the Scene

ERP software systems help businesses and organizations run smoothly around the globe. Large, small and , including those in tech manufacturing, heavily rely on these convenient and efficient applications to stay on track. The interconnected apps automate many tasks, which can streamline their operation. ERP Companies like are leading the industry.

What ERP Software Apps Can Do

There are many areas in the tech industry that apps can help companies manage. For example, they can:

• Schedule production
• Manage routes
• Quote online prices
• Convert sales orders
• Manage multiple UOMs (units of measure)
• Keep track of kitting and assembly


Apps can manage the distribution process within a tech-manufacturing facility. There are multiple aspects involved in distribution, including:

• Managing orders
• Manage pricing
• Quoting
• Estimating
• Keeping track of inventory
• Planning
• Tracing lots
• Shipping

Assembly and Kitting

Manufactured kits must be properly tracked and assembled in order to manage labor and routing. Some of the tasks ERP software can assist with include:

• Monitoring serial numbers
• Tracking costs
• Supporting multi-level bills for material
• Assembly and disassembly

Managing Pricing

A fully integrated software system can handle orders, quotes, and customer relationship management. Appropriate pricing techniques can help with customer retention and profitability. Some of the features include:

• Dating price sheets
• Calculating discounts
• Organizing price sheets by customer or groups of customers
• Supporting formulas, matrixes, units of measure, lead-time, and attributes

Inventory Management

An integral part of an handles the management of inventory. This is a multi-faceted portion of tech manufacturing, which includes:

• Planning
• Procurement
• Warehouse management
• Financial management
• Order management
• Project accounting
• Business intelligence

Barcodes in the Wireless Warehouse

Today’s tech manufacturing software can handle barcode tasks and functionality, which can streamline managing the warehouse. ERP systems can take care of barcode printing and reading on:

• Pick tickets
• Work orders
• Packing slips

Apps can also print labels for pallets, license plates, locations, and products.

Inventory Restocking

Another crucial part of managing the tech plants and warehouses is replenishing the inventory. In order to keep customers happy because the products they want are available and ready to ship, there must be efficient restocking practices. ERP software can:

• Provide a complete view of inventory
• Enable greater control over the inventory
• Improve profit margins


Getting products to the customers is a crucial part of the supply chain in a manufacturing plant and warehouse. Some of the ways mobile apps can streamline shipping include:

• Loads can be consolidated.
• Rates can be shopped.
• Routes can be optimized.
• Shipping labels can be automatically generated.
• Carriers can be assigned to specific routes.
• Yards and trailers can be managed.
• Cancellations can be handled efficiently.

Financial Processing

Billing for services, products, and shipping is important in tech manufacturing. Apps can handle inbound and outbound transactions, such as:

• Order acknowledgements
• Invoices
• Purchase orders
• Vendor invoices

can be set up to accommodate cash payments, credit card transactions, and collections procedures, as necessary.

There are plenty of behind-the-scene actions taking place at tech-manufacturing companies. In order to keep track of the products they manufacture, there are multiple steps businesses must move through. If all the details are taken care of, products can be delivered to customers promptly, which is a win-win for all concerned.